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  1. dirifto240 added a post in a topic '57 Chevy cameo pick up   

    right on thanks bro
  2. dirifto240 added a post in a topic '57 Chevy cameo pick up   

    thanks man. Yeah i saw yours last night. it looks like its coming along fairy nice. I like your engine bay. keep it up. hey how would i go about shortening my window for the top i chopped
  3. dirifto240 added a post in a topic '57 Chevy cameo pick up   

    ill definately keep you posted but does anyone know what grit sandpaper i should use for the putty and what for wet sanding the paint
  4. dirifto240 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    '57 Chevy cameo pick up
    So I havnt built anything for about 4 years. I started missing the time consuming love and pain of custom building. So I dug out a '57 chevy cameo. I am almost finished with the "chopped top", this is this first time Ive ever chopped anything. So far everything is going smoothly. I will post pics hopefully tomorrow around this time. Like I said its been a while and this is my first tim using a big amount of putty. What grit sand paper should I use to sand the putty once its dried and also what grit for the paint so I can wet sand?

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  5. dirifto240 added a post in a topic Paint   

    Thank you all for the great ideas!! I ended up deciding to just take a 57 cameo pickup and choppin the top. Im in the semi final stages of that now. Ill try and post pics soon. But as for my wet sand what grit should I use?
  6. dirifto240 added a post in a topic nissan 240?   

    right on thanks so much. Im going to head to a hobby shop 2maro to try and find one of the kits. Which kit is that thats showed?
  7. dirifto240 added a post in a topic Paint   

    Thanks so much so far for all of the input. Im going to go ahead and look at some of the duplicolor paint today, and try and look those books up
  8. dirifto240 added a topic in Auto Art   

    nissan 240?
    Hey so I noticed that harrypri made that coupe in photoshop and let malibu use it as an avatar. Well Im brand new here and want to know if anybody has a 92 nissan 240 that theyve drawn that I can use. I know I know huge Q? to ask but let me know.

    p.s does anybody know if there is a 240 model out there?
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  9. dirifto240 added a post in a topic Paint   

    Right on thanks! Ive tried some rattle cans but I cant seem to get that "REAL" car look from them. Should I wet sand or anything before clearcoat or after clear?
  10. dirifto240 added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Hi everyone!! So first off Id like to say Im a newbie here and love what you guys are doing. Ive seen that someone has already posted on paint, but my question is different I guess. In the past Iv had my buddy at a bodyshop paint all of my cars. Well he dosnt work there anymore and Id like to be able to paint my cars like he did. Where should I start? I dont have a compressor or gun, also I live in the an apt. so not to much room to paint.

    Well any suggestions would be great.
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