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  1. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic Sinister sectioned 32 Ford roadster   


  2. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic Sinister sectioned 32 Ford roadster   

    I agree, when you come to a PUBLIC FORUM and post a build, expect anything. Everyone's builds are unique to them,  If your happy with it - great - mission accomplished. Harry pointed out a few things before I was going to point out a couple more, such as the odd position of the wheel centers, in relation to the axle & the ill fitting hood also; maybe you rushed it? perhaps you didn't test fit, or plan things? Whatever the reason, there is no shame in it; just make notes & move on - use this info to try better next model; I have many that were built years ago, that I see have many faults & flaws, now that I have a few under my belt & probably at least a couple that look like total  junk & should be stepped on, or placed in the BBQ, but I'll keep them as a reminder to what doesn't work & try to correct in the future. Customs can be really challenging it takes a lot of trial & error & lots of patience to get it all right; at least give yourself credit for trying -  I'm far from a trophy champion, I don't even enter contests - I have zero desire, I'm thrilled just to build for fun & produce a decent shelf model. Building is a hobby for me, among many other interests & day to day projects & commitments, some guys do this to seek glory, & the spotlight ..... their usually the ones that have very little else going on in their life,  ( maybe still live in mommies basement even  ) . ..... THIS is their life; good luck to them, if I did models from morning to night; every day ; I'd be getting bored real fast & would hope they would turn out pretty close to perfect. Don't take it to heart, or take the critique as a personal attack. Do it for fun; if it becomes too serious - something aint right. 
  3. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic Carl Casper`s : Phonebooth: Finished Pictures   

    Very honorable for you to come to John's defense, but I think you read me wrong, I wasn't peeing on the parade, or questioning exactness,  I know  the model is based on a different body ( as pointed out in the "On the workbench" section, by Johnny ) ;  I was well aware of this fact ....... yes, even before reading the "On the workbench" post  (  hey, I guess I'm just naturally gifted, being able to tell one car from another, & models from 1:1 vehicles,  even without seeing John's wife's hand    ) ......  My comment was aimed at "others" here, who seem slightly confused , seemingly having the problem of distinguishing  the difference between a spectacular Carl Casper built 25 T Ford 1:1 show rod , from  a 31 Ford 1:16 car model    
  4. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic Carl Casper`s : Phonebooth: Finished Pictures   

    The actual showrod was based on a different car than this model 
  5. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic Carl Casper`s : Phonebooth: Finished Pictures   

  6. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic Carl Casper`s : Phonebooth: "On the Workbench" 7-11-16 FINISHED PICTURES POSTED 9/9/16 IN THE "UNDER GLASS" SECTION   

    Good question, but I think he meant this more as a tribute, rather than a replica  

  7. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic Luxury in the future?   

    It didn't work - the guy died in it  - so ............................  let's recreate it  
  8. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic STEVE SCOTT ,A.KA . [ UNCERTAIN T ]   

    For those who "missed the boat" to the mainland ( or Fantasy Island ) ..... on our first offering of signed UT kits; don't sweat it !! ..... Jump on board the SS Express !!! - If you leap on this deal within 20 minutes; here's what you'll receive .......... One signed ultra rare exclusive exotic pseudo edition   UT in a Sack; BUT WAIT .... That ain't all !!!! .................. Here, at SS Ltd; we're bending over to please (  - way, WAY Over  ) ........ You'll also be getting  one pair of Steve's own Hand Knitted Hawaiian Socks, in a can   ( Mmm, ya can almost smell the ocean  ) - BUT WAIT Right there, to temp those still ........ "uncertain"  ..... to clench this nutty package or not.......  just for you,  we're also tossing in this musical masterpiece ; yes ........... it's none other than .........  Steve's debut album  ( recorded on 8 track ) ........Yes,  SCOTT SINGS DON HO !!!!   
  9. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic STEVE SCOTT ,A.KA . [ UNCERTAIN T ]   

    Actually ,in a sick / twisted way; this is a sort of interesting tale. The part I've always wondered about; is why no one has come forward with any new info; regarding the UT; I mean someone, somewhere; must know more than just the same old slop being regurgitated from Scott .    
  10. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic STEVE SCOTT ,A.KA . [ UNCERTAIN T ]   

    I think he should expand this empire of his. On even days, strum a banjo in front of the liquor store, and work a squeegee on odd days. Seriously though, he may have got the big bucks for a couple of the original kits on E-Pay, he had stashed, & this is what started this frenzy of his.But, at some point,  if he would stop & think of how much time he's wasted with this whole kooky scheme; it probably works out to .... oh, about  ZERO overall. He continues to self destruct; obsessed by stupidity. If he actual had a real passion for the Kustom car world; then he should have stayed in it. It amazes me,  that he has shut his mind to the truth, that was FORTY YEARS AGO !!!  . As I stated before, the part of this whole thing that fasinates me, is how people could ever believe that he was responsible ( A 17 year old kid )  for the planning, construction, engineering, finishing & gather parts for the  UT 100%; from start to finish by himself .... now THAT - is just plain silly. I would have prefered he just faded away gracefully.      
  11. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic STEVE SCOTT ,A.KA . [ UNCERTAIN T ]   

    And thanks to all that contributed to this genius venture,  you've pitched in & helped with the essential supplies needed for this fantastic investment ........... here's a breakdown of funds ( various living expenses included )  - 2000 bottles of cooking Sherry, 36 cases of Depends, 4 boxes of rubber gloves, 11 turkey basters, 69 Gerbils, 12 pink bunny slippers & one straitjacket.   
  12. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic Help/Advice needed regarding children   

    First off - let go of all of the inhibitions - forget your an adult. Offer various activities, which will help you to see what ones he is attracted to, such as colouring books, playing in a sand box, Tonka Toys, etc. Only commit to as much time as YOU are comfortable with. This may be an awkward situation, but it may not remain as one, you may be surprised to find; the end result could be the opposite as it is now ....... but don't sweat it !! - Relationships take time & some will never happen; it sounds as though your concerned enough to ask for advise; and that is a very important first step toward building the future relationship with your nephew - give yourself credit for this & move onward.
  13. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic Barracuda....Back from the dead   

    I couldn't agree more, the only "taste" left now, is bad taste; I truly hate any & all of this new gunk .   
  14. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic Kits gone at WalMart again   

    I really wish they would do the clearanceing on the other stuff instead  
  15. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic 1913 Model T   

    Nice clean job Bruce, the colors look great & the tires are fine - thanks