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  1. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic Whoops! Heat and plastic, not a good mix.   

    As one who has painted a very long time, I've also never had the need, nor  urge to fiddle with the drying process;  I really see no point to it. 
  2. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic What did you get rid off today?   

    Good for you - this is the only way to go. I used too have a crazy amount of kits, I don't miss them at all, I have kept a ton of parts to do custom stuff, etc; but at the average rate I'm building & my age; I can't see the point of storing hundreds, or thousands of kits...... I like to keep it at around the 100 range - I think that's plenty for now.
  3. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic Canadian International Auto Show   

    Super photography Howard - thanks 
  4. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic Shirley Shahan   

    Great job John - very slick 
  5. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic The Munsters Koach   

    I built this a couple times, a long, LONG time ago !!!! ........  it really is one of the most basic among all amt kits & I enjoy taking a break from the pressures of detail builds once in awhile also. I decided that if one wanted a true replica of the coach, it would be a full project, not just as simple as swapping the motor. To me, ya, the scale dimensions of the body are also off - not a lot, just enough to make it look odd when placed beside the Dragula. ( That's why I always had mine displayed at least 6 inches in front of the Dragula - to give the perception of proper scale !! ) - I never really stopped think about the reason for it, it just is. It may be a few things, the body height ? width ? roof height ? - who knows ?!! ......  I guess for someone wishing to correct whatever it is, it would be an interesting project..... I guess ? . Yours looks fine the way it is & after all, this was meant to be a fun, easy kit to put on the shelf. I think that as we all turned into adults, most of us tend to have a desire to over think details that we were not too concerned about when we were kids........when we just built & had fun & were happy to do so - this is that kind of kit .  
  6. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic MPC CB Freak.... Rare or what?   

    I never had this one, but I've seen them around ...........  it looks like a blast ..... Build it & enjoy !!!
  7. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic lil' bicycle......   

    I can see where your coming from here Harry, color would give a whole different look to this; although the style isn't to my taste; I have to give TJ full credit for building something off the grid - I could see going many different ways with this; when I see what some of the builders of the 1:1 lowrider bikes put into their creations ; it opens a whole 'nother chapter...... for those so inclined.
  8. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic The Tomkat - '25T with a boat tail   

    Very creative - fantastic styling you've done with this - and your display is right on the mark - thanks Manuel !! 
  9. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic Parts wanted for Revell Chain Gang chopper !   

  10. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic Monogram Long John Streamlined Dragster   

    I tried to get interest going on my site (VDM) for a contest that would have involved entries built with this type of style, ( mish mosh ) .... only (fictitious) ...... no one really seemed into it; but I think it would be a super fun challenge - to just bash parts & come up with "what might have been done back in the day"  - to me, it would reflect the times when invention & imagination were everything & everywhere - sure, a lot of it made no sense, such as two different engines in one car; or real pretty,  but despite all logic;  it was great anyway !
  11. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic MPC Bed buggy   

    ( And after my way too long Rant ) - I agree !!! - it would be nice to have the leopard in either a decal, or a much better printed fabric than they had in the original. & yes, the tires & tinted glass 
  12. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic MPC Bed buggy   

    Good question, they seem to leave at least one important piece out of ALL of these show rods, like the Beverly Hillbillies truck - ( the little decal to allow a builder to make the hot rod version ) , The Raiders Coach - ( the figures ) , etc, etc...... so ..... I don't think it's too far fetched to expect the leopard print rug to be missing from this one. Granted, this sort of thing isn't everyone's cup of tea, but  when they offer them - it may be nice to have it complete - never mind the extra marketing jazz, such as fancy bases, posters, glitter plastic, etc...... just provide all the parts.  
  13. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic Tom McMullen`s: AEE- Big Twin -On The Workbench 11-5-16   

    Nice job on this so far John, I can appreciate all the  work you've put into this.
  14. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic WANTED 1/25/24 FIGURES   

    Hey JC - please check your PM - I changed the message - I'm only looking for standing figures now -  thanks anyway 
  15. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic WANTED 1/25/24 FIGURES   

    I'd be interested in the Carrol Shelby, not so much the driver though. Let me know what your asking - thanks