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  1. You do the TD kits justice - this is no exception - top shelf
  2. Thanks Bobby - I know your a fan of Newt's designs & can appreciate his fantastic imagination !!
  3. I want them to re-release the King Chopper ! king_chopper
  4. Looking good - keep up the good work !!
  5. Super collection - extra clean & fine !!!
  6. Great work on this - and your diorama is fantastic as well - thanks
  7. I agree 100% Steve - plus ....it is metal - 1:1 trim Is metal, therefore ; of course it is the best "look" possible ... because both are aluminum - BMF remains the only logical option ; period. As far as the markers being " chrome" .... I don't think so. it may be as close to, or better than other products; but if a part is plated nicely; I prefer to leave it - not strip the plating & replace it with some type of ink, or paint; trying to go beyond.... that makes no sense at all to me.
  8. Can't beat Kandy Red man - that looks slick !!
  9. Now your talking Dann - very well done !!!
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