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  1. looks great , please add the line at the back of the fender from the door line down . ( my little pet peave ) 😎
  2. I'm interested , but what kits specifically would you be interested in , I have a large inventory , over 6000 kits , so any help into which kits would make you happy would be appreciated .
  3. Got to spend another wonderful day in the ER , thought it was a pinched nerve in my lower back ( been fighting it since Thursday when it put me on the ground ) , turns out it's a strained muscle . After a CT scan and the Dr telling me I have a back that's worn out 🥵 , I went through 3 rounds of anti nausea drugs , morphine and muscle relaxers , I felt pretty good . 😎 Now I'm waiting to go pick up my new meds and see my GP to see if anything can be done for long term relief . Getting old sucks .
  4. Definitely like the mod on the tires , looks like a nice project , looking forward to tagging along .
  5. I think the latest kit with the 6 is the Pacer .
  6. I really liked that green , do you happen to remember what you used ? Great work on the rebuild .
  7. 3 1/2 hrs at the DMV , arrived at 12:15 , logged in , 9 ahead of me , finally served at 3:25 , took 5 minutes . 😡
  8. Don't know why they can't get the classification right on these older kits with new decals , the car is super charged , it should be BB/GS .
  9. Nice , I drove a 60 to high school my junior year .
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