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  1. 48 years with the same woman , thankfully , she's my best friend . 😎
  2. Sorry for your loss Rick , we'll be praying for you .
  3. I love the gear call out on the speedo in the last , into 3rd gear at 15 mph . Hope it had more than 4 gears .
  4. Beautiful work , car looks as good as any I've seen .
  5. This is great information , I have a lot of these loose trees and now I will be able to identify where these trees came from . Thanks , to Norm and Tim
  6. Woke up to a nice 51 degrees outside , looks like fall has finally arrived in Florida .
  7. Just google "hydro dipping film" , they're available on Amazon , hundreds of patterns .
  8. My son and I worked in a gun shop and got to do this to customize AR and 1911 frames . The material comes in 24" rolls , there are 100s of designs , just lay the material on top of the water , we used a 10" deep 24" by 36" stainless steel pan , and dip the part as seen in the video above . The films we used needed to be baked on after dipping .
  9. I thought I recognized the voice , Martin Tarnrot , from Sweden , does a lot of tutorials for Model Railroad Academy .
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