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  1. Got rear ended going to a cookout yesterday , , slowing to turn in and a young fella , 16 , behind us poked the right rear corner with his Forerunner . Got the tail light assembly , the bumper cover , the bar behind it and pushed the quarter just enough to bow it out maybe 1/2" and move the deck lid to the drivers side and jam it and that's just what I can see . Now for the dance with the insurance company , although Geico has been easy to deal with in the past when we were the customer and have already contacted me about an estimate , here's hoping they will be again .
  2. At first I thought that was the real truck you wanted to copy , fantastic job , just one suggestion , sand the tread on the tires .
  3. Wife and I were possibly exposed after having dinner with some friends who were exposed at a funeral . Of course everybody had to be tested , ours came back negative , , still waiting for our friends results to come back .
  4. Looks like maybe you should start doing a little self inspection , those parts look like they came off a sunken ship .
  5. Putting a car with yellowed decals in direct sun light will some times get rid of the tint , maybe it will work for the glass as well ?
  6. work so far is inspiring in itself , this is going to be one of the better builds on here .
  7. Wow , that turned out nice , great choice of parts .
  8. good looking car , where did you get your figures ?
  9. Those are the super heavy duty 10 ton units from Harbor Freight ,
  10. HAHAHAHAHAHA , that's a great Lauryl and Hardy bit !
  11. Wow , that's nice .
  12. , kinda thought that would be the case .
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