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  1. 1969 Chevelle SS396

    Nice , I really like that color .
  2. Pics of amt Allison engine detaill

    OK , these are all off the net . and in a hot rod , funny car ,
  3. AMT/MPC 69/70 Charger

    This could be Dodges answer to Junior Johnson's 66 Banana Ford stock car .
  4. Sometimes, it's about more than just the car...

    Wow , That's cool .
  5. Alsa easy chrome on sale at 1/3 the normal cost

    At $49 for 1 oz. of material ( 1 oz. base coat , 1 oz. easy chrome ) , that's pretty steep . The video looks fantastic , but what he has in that little cup would be a couple hundred dollars , and that's at the "sale" price . Hope the price drops , so normal people could afford it .
  6. Roundhouse Boxcab Switcher

    It's a little switcher from Bachman , I have several , it is the drive system for the box cab . I usually buy these on sale , I think I paid $26 a piece for them . I watch Trainworld for sales and pick up things I can convert to On30 engines or cars . I bought 5 powered Alco B units for $20 each , it cost $82 to convert one to sound , so I have just over $100 in a sound engine I can build a body for . The last order I picked up 2 Alco FA2s and an RS3 with sound for $99 each and 2 Plymouth Industrial engines with sound and a remote for $49 each . So I'm good for projects for a while .
  7. Flying VW Beetle Type Bf 1O9 VW

    I really like the style of these , but I think start thinking about everyday use , how do they land with all that hanging underneath and if the don't , how did they get the luggage on top of the car ? And how do they unload it ? It looks similar to steampunk , but further out there .
  8. Roundhouse Boxcab Switcher

    I saw those and started making my own , On30 scale that is . This is "Tiny" , this is "Buster"
  9. Chopping tops like a mad man

    Jesus , you have a fine eye . They all look great .
  10. My own Blues mobile

    My wife drives a black 04 Crown Vic LX Sport ( Ford version of the Maurader with less power ) , bought it in 06 with 28,000 on it . It has 175,000 now and looks just as good as when we bought it ( she takes very good care of her car ) . Rides great , gets good gas mileage ( 23 on the road / 19 in town ) , very reliable and scares speeding drivers who run up on us in traffic .
  11. The listing must have ended , I just looked at the first couple of pages .
  12. Reducing dropped parts loss

    Yep , I have a bad case of fumblitis , I have a grocery store style apron tacked to my bench , about 3' wide . I hook the top over my head when I sit down and it catches 99% of what I drop .
  13. E-bay , GOTRB , just saw one listed for over $150.
  14. Yep , they're already there .
  15. I see what you mean about the rocker , here's a shot showing , the areas of interest , You can see the angle on the upper quarter panel , the angle of the lower quarter and the rocker shape .