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  1. Love it , have a soft spot for these old cars , beautiful job updating the interior and engine .
  2. Thanks , Dave , your efforts are greatly appreciated .
  3. That really turned out nice , love the color combination .
  4. I got you covered Mark , send me an addy .
  5. wow , that turned out nice .
  6. yeah , being retired opens up all kinds of interesting opportunities for modeling , just have to stay focused and not stray to all the other things to do now . I started a big garden and it takes up most of my time now , haven't been in the model room in days .
  7. That's nice , I really like the old stock cars .
  8. Cool looking pair .
  9. Nice , love the color .
  10. Everything in my area has shut down , went out to eat with friends last night to a place usually crowded on Friday night , there were 4 tables out of 50 occupied . Looks like we're all going to have more time to model . (silver lining alert)
  11. sad to here of your loss Don , you and yours will be in our prayers , I have no idea how I would suffer if I lost one of mine . You too , Snake .
  12. Again , this is the best build of this kit I've ever seen , outstanding workmanship .
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