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  1. Nascar newbie question

    Several years were modeled , which kits do you have ? No , all engines are not painted aluminum . They used to , but not now . yes , scuff the tires
  2. What Pleased You Today!

    , worked around a lot of cranes , both using and running them , over 40 years experience , never understood how this happens . Someone wasn't paying attention to what they were supposed to be doing , understanding load limits and how they change the farther you get from your base , you have to be able to tell when it's getting dangerous and say no , can't do that . Or was this equipment failure , I don't see the end of the outrigger , did it fail , or the ground collapse ? Glad no one was injured badly .
  3. Rock 'n Roll, Dude!

    The mind stays at it's favorite time , but the body doesn't listen .
  4. What Irked You Today?

    Wife and I were over in Waynesville on vacation last year , beautiful area , the heat was about the same , but the low overnight temps were great , mid 60s .
  5. What Irked You Today?

    We always like to share our blessings .
  6. What Irked You Today?

    Yeah , we've ( here in Florida ) only got 3 more months before the heat starts to fade .
  7. What Irked You Today?

    wow , Mike , I also bent tubing for a living for 45 years , almost all in the commercial sign industry . Did a few artsy projects for myself and family , but that's about it . Since the introduction of LEDs , the neon biz has bottomed out , but there's still so much you can't do with the LEDs that is possible with neon . There's probably not half a dozen operating neon plants in the area now , I still have all of my equipment packed away . I use my vacuum pump to evacuate my resin casting tank .
  8. Buddy Baker Torino .

    Dang , that looks good .
  9. What Irked You Today?

    You got it , the drs say it's pretty far along , Gleason scale 9 out of 10 , but it's only in the prostate at this time . I've got 3 months of hormone shots to shrink it and then 9 1/2 weeks of radiation to treat it .
  10. What Irked You Today?

    Got the big C diagnosis last week , starting treatment this week , yipeee !
  11. 67 Charger tail light lense

    Is that the only rear lense in the kit ? or is it a custom option ?
  12. That would probably be up to you , if you're weathering it , the wing could show a little damage . With all that dirt flying around it's bound to get dinged a little . New from the builder , yeah , strip and repaint .
  13. Tire size question

    Day 2 , I'd go with F60s on the front and L60s on the back , get a little rake that way .
  14. Turbocharged Flattie.

    Looks like a Holley 4010 mounted backwards , I had a couple of 650s on my blower motor in my 55 .