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  1. our prayers are with you ,
  2. great compilation , love the old stockers .
  3. Several ways to go here , for the cast part in the kit , use a small file and put grooves on the back side of the belt to simulate the ribs on the belt . Next would be to cut the pulleys loose from the part and file it down to actually look like a pulley and use black electrical tape cut into the appropriate width ( with pieces of .010 rod applied to the sticky side to simulate the ribs) and paint it flat black . Another way is to find the drive belt from an old printer that is the right size and cut it up to the correct length and use it with pulleys cut to fit . I'm the there are other ways but these have worked for me in the past .
  4. I love the tall T rods . Looks like you're coming right along on this . What are you going to do engine wise ? Unless you're using the torque tube to anchor the rear , and it would be marginal by itself , I would suggest a 4 link set up to stabilize the rear axle or at least a 3 link , to stop the rear from rolling on the air bags . You're also going to need some shocks .
  5. Got my 11 Flex back from my son , he was replacing the A/C compressor and associated parts , and got the system charged . MMMM , cool breezes again !
  6. Had floaters since a teenager , I'll look in to the pineapple angle , sounds promising .
  7. Man , I went through prostate cancer a couple of years ago , you've got to hang in there and work for the best outcome , it's frustrating and painful , but you have to do it . You and your wife are in my prayers .
  8. Yeah , we kinda figure this will be our last car purchase , barring an accident . We tend to keep vehicles a long time , they become part of the family .
  9. Aww , the old Binks Wren ❤️ , I have a B model , first airbrush I bought , would rather use it than any other I have , so simple to use and clean .
  10. Picked up a new ride last week to replace the wife's totaled Crown Vic , 2019 Flex , 7000 miles on it . Most we've ever spent on a car at one time .
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