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  1. oldnslow

    '39 Ford 3-W

    Looks fantastic , great execution .
  2. I love this color combination and you nailed the build .
  3. Great job on the 55 , my favorite car , but IMHO the wheels and tires (rear) look much better in the first post , the others look like indy car tires .
  4. Great looking Bird , Tommy , I really like that color combo , a couple of suggestions for next time , you need to add the coil on the intake manifold just above the breather on the passenger side valve cover , you have the coil wire running there and down behind the engine and it looks like you used something to darken the panel lines on the doors but the lines are too feint on the rear of the doors , maybe rescribe them next time to get better definition .
  5. Revell 37 Ford coupe , 70 Mustang , Monogram 57 Corvette , 32 Ford roadster and an AMT 57 Chevy Pro shop edition from Facebook Model Car Market Place .
  6. The hurricane track moved off the coast completely !
  7. Oh Geez , I love WW1 aircraft . This one's a beaut .
  8. Good to hear Nick , time to slow down a little and enjoy .
  9. Just hoping it's a lot of rain by the time it gets to us ( Jacksonville ). Where I live on the westside ( the best side ) it hasn't flooded too bad ( not in a flood zone ) , we still get water in the streets , but it runs off quickly , damage from the wind is my main concern . We lost our fence last time and I kinda like the new one . Everyone take the precautions necessary to be safe .
  10. Looks like you have a good start on your version , also need to move the top forward to line up the door lines . I also added a piece of half round to hide the seam and strengthen it .
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