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  1. "Knock on wood" supposed to be near 80 for the next 5 days . .
  2. Picked up a 61 Comet ( needs a rear bumper , a Valiant ( not sure of the year , no markings ) and the new Mooneyes dragster kit at a slotcar show in Port Orange ( just south of Daytona ) .
  3. Just think of how "uninformed" the average person is and realize that half of the population is even less so . That's as nice as I can put it . 😎
  4. Boy , this brings back memories , my first car was a 59 4 door sedan , dusty rose/ gray , 6 with a powerglide . Drove the wheels off it . 😎 Yours is beautiful .
  5. Yep , followed a lot of your builds , always impressed . Fantastic cars . I loved when you sliced up a Chevy and Merc to make a Buick . 😎
  6. Hey Steve , the picture I posted is of a 68 Corronet torque box , you can see the bolt arrangement on the wall of the box on the spring side and no provision for a shackle to bolt to the floor pan . I Googled "1968 Corronet Hemi torque box" .
  7. The torque boxes are a nice touch , now the front spring hanger just needs to bolt to the torque box , not the body . A small detail that might not be worth the effort , but noticeable . I've watched too many Graveyard Cars episodes . 😎
  8. We've lost an artist of immense talent , My he and his loved ones find peace .
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