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  1. oldnslow added a post in a topic OK. how about this ?   

    Every time I look at the first one, I hear Mexican music. 
  2. oldnslow added a post in a topic Ford T-model 1912 (Union 1/16)   

    Beautiful work Pavel, I really like the "Mother-in-laws" seat out back!
  3. oldnslow added a post in a topic Warming paint cans.   

    I've had luck heating my paint cans with an old adjustable heat iron, set on it's lowest setting. I turn the iron upside down in my bench vice, plug it in and set the paint I'm going to use on the bottom of the iron. Shake the paint as usual before it's put on the iron and after. The cans warm up to a comfortable temp to hold in your hand and the paint lays down really well with a nice gloss, it also dries faster. To test the temp of your iron place an open can half full of water on it, let it sit for about 5 minutes and carefully check the can to see if you can hold it. Better safe than sorry.
  4. oldnslow added a post in a topic Grasshopper Model kits in the next issue of The Rodders Journal   

    Didn't have the extra seat because it's a "race" show car.
  5. oldnslow added a post in a topic What's your opinion ? The Revell / Monogram Slingster VS The AMT Double Dragster ?   

    I'm going to have to say I like the Revell Nancy kits better just because of the fantastic detail and the triple kit adds the newer chassis to the mix.
  6. oldnslow added a post in a topic AMT 1969 Chevelle   

    That is, by far, one of the best looking 69s I've seen on here. Really like the tail light treatment. Good Job man.
  7. oldnslow added a post in a topic H.O. trains   

    On30 is my fetish,

  8. oldnslow added a post in a topic Why Not ?   

    Only in England! Looks like he took a sidecar and added and engine.
  9. oldnslow added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Went to the train show today at the fairgrounds in Deland and found a stack of resin and some kits for rediculous prices, also went to Tuesday Morning yesterday with the wife and picked a new supply of detail brushes cheap. I like cheap.

    I picked up the Ford pickup at a slot car swap meet in Daytona.

    the resin kits were marked down to $5, then he discounted the 7 pieces down to $30. The roadrunners were $10.

    found these in the craft aisle, they had several more sizes but I only wanted the smaller detail brushes. Size #1 to 20/0.
  10. oldnslow added a post in a topic where to get rear drag tires   

    For what you're going to spend on the tires and wheels ( cost of the parts plus shipping), I'd suggest you go to Hobby Lobby, Michaels, AC Moore, etc. use the discount coupons (usually 40 to 50 % off) and get the kit that has what you need. Then you'll also have a box of spare parts to add to your stash for about the same money.
  11. oldnslow added a post in a topic How many kits do you have in your stash?   

    Stopped counting when they went over 5000, yes 3 zeros, still buy new stuff when it comes out or find rare kits at swap meets and flea markets. I've been building for over 55 years so there is a lot projects that I jump around on, probably 30 or 40. Can you say AADA?
  12. oldnslow added a post in a topic New project, 32 Ford Roadster, 7/21/15... chassis complete, coming close!   

    Looks like you have a nice start on your car. I built one a little while back and used an old Nascar kit for suspension and running gear, The engine fit headers and all, the rear suspension dropped in too, all I had to do was add a strip of styrene to the inside of the fenders assembly to replicate the missing frame rails.

  13. oldnslow added a post in a topic Watch cars fly   

    Wow! Insane camera work.
  14. oldnslow added a post in a topic some corny jokes