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  1. Art Anderson added a post in a topic Bookmobile   

    Jim, I've seen it, and yes, the body shell is hollow.  However, as others have noted, most "Bookmobiles" are at, or nearly the size of a city bus, although here in Tippecanoe County, the public library uses a 35' gooseneck trailer and duallie pickup truck to tow it (Galaxie Ltd. trailer would be a perfect match for that one)
  2. Art Anderson added a post in a topic Donor kit for 48 Ford Sedan Delivery?   

    This sounds like the '48 Ford Sedan Delivery I cast for several years back in the 1990's.  It was done, then, using the IMC/Testors/no Lindberg '48 Fords (either coupe or convertible, and does fit that series of kits.  Not too sure that it would mate up to the much later (and possibly more accurately scaled) Revell '48 Fords.  Hope this helps!
  3. Art Anderson added a post in a topic ROLLS ROYCE PHANTOM   

    The car in question was, however, a one-off, not repeated by the coachbuilder for any other customer.
  4. Art Anderson added a post in a topic Drilling holes in clear plastic parts...   

    For starters, the clear plastic used in model car kit "glass" is pure styrene, which itself is very brittle!  You can drill holes in it--I've done that in years past, but it takes PATIENCE!  I'm not sure just how large a hole you want to drill, but as others have stated, for holes larger than what you can drill with a pin vise, it does take PATIENCE, and drilling consecutive larger guide holes.  This is NOT a job for your Craftsman electric drill though!
    Twist drill bits tend to PULL themselves into the work--pretty simple as their cutting edges are in fact a "wedge".  So, TAKE your time, start with a small bit, do not force it, let it gently cut its way into the plastic, and once that hole is drilled clear through, and you want it larger, repeat the same process, with successively larger drill bits, all the while letting the drill bit do its thing with NO pressure from you.  Doing this by hand will allow you to control how fast the bit drills or enlarges the hole, and trust me, it can be done with absolutely NO cracking of the surrounding clear plastic!
  5. Art Anderson added a post in a topic RILEY HEAD CONVERSION   

    Mark, correct on the clutch and brake pedals!  Those can be had from just about any model kit of a pre-war Ford kit though.  As for Model A Ford gas pedal, that was merely a "button" on a post--with another, smaller "button" to the right of it, that was fixed in position (think a straight pin in 1/25 scale).  This one was the accelerator "foot rest", which allowed the driver to simply "rotate" his right foot to the left to press the gas pedal button!  (I know this, having owned and restored a '29 A Tudor in the mid-60's, and also having owned, at the same time, a 5000 mile perfect original '31 Deluxe Roadster!).
  6. Art Anderson added a post in a topic Lookin for chassis tips..   

    I second that!  With researching to see what the real car undersides look like, GOOGLE is my BFF (Best Friend Forever)!  Simply Google the car you want to know about, and when the listings come up, click on "Images".  If you don't find the exact year of car you searched, search again a year newer, or older, or a different body style.  
    This is how I find my first references for most any car I build.
  7. Art Anderson added a post in a topic A Four Star kit from the past   

    Radiator support rods.
  8. Art Anderson added a post in a topic Did this spoon test of C1's metallizer   

  9. Art Anderson added a post in a topic Did this spoon test of C1's metallizer   

    One thing to consider:  In real life (as on real cars), chromium plating is darker than any aluminum, polished or anodized--as Aluminum is a very whitish if silvery color, Chromium is slightly bluish in color.  Model car kit plating is actually aluminum, plated on by a vaporizing process in a vacuum tank.
  10. Art Anderson added a post in a topic Another '26 Model T Sedan   

    Eric, I did this conversion almost 16 years ago.  If you need any help on it, please ask--I've got some in progress pics still.  
  11. Art Anderson added a post in a topic Lindberg 1935 Auburn Boattail Speedster   

    Something to keep in mind with old kits such as the Pyro Auburn:  Any kit molded from tooling made 50-60 years ago is going to reflect both the state of the art for the year(s) in which it was tooled, as well as reflecting the expected market at that time for such a kit. As such, with the Pyro/Lifelike/Lindberg Auburn, "Suddenly it's 1955 again!".  At that time, just three companies had adopted the multiple sliding core molds necessary for producing realistic model car bodies:  AMT, Product Miniatures Company and JoHan.  Everyone else in the plastic model kit industry was using the basic, simple 2-sided molds which required laying out the kit so as to assemble the body from individual panels.  
    The expected market for plastic model kits in 1955?  Kids, specifically from about 8 or 9, to perhaps 11 or 12 (their older brothers were (if they build any models) more oriented to balsa "stick & tissue" airplanes, with some of them into gas powered control line flying airplanes.
    The predominant subject matter for plastic model kits in 1955?  Models of military airplanes, from WW-II to the then very exciting USAF Century Series fighters; although there were some ship models, notably the highly popular and desired Revell USS Missouri, followed by their liner the SS United States.  Model cars actually started out on hobby shop shelves as more or less an afterthought--definitely in the minority.
    How can I offer this set of observations?  Simply put, I was there, an 11yr old 6th grader in 1955, haunting the two hobby shops that existed here in those years, yearning for anything new in a model car kit (I built aircraft, even a few ships, but cars were what I wanted back then).
  12. Art Anderson added a post in a topic Revell 1984 Olds 442   

    Dean Milano told me yesterday that he's going to bring his built-up test shot of the still-born Revell 84 Cutlass to NNL this Saturday.
  13. Art Anderson added a post in a topic Did this spoon test of C1's metallizer   

    On one spoon test, I used a mix of Tamiya's dark blue with some of their Silver Leaf mixed in.  This went on as a flat finish metallic blue.  Once I hit it with the C1, it turned to a really nice darker grey metallic, pretty close to the color and scale texture of grey cast metal.
  14. Art Anderson added a post in a topic 1925 Ford model T touring car   

    Tom, I had to make the rear doors after all the bodywork, as there is some blending that has to be done, not to mention that on the "Tonneau" part of the body (rear seat area), the doors are positioned differently than they are up front, albeit slightly so.
  15. Art Anderson added a post in a topic Is there any decent kit of 1956 Continental MK II?   

    Yes, there was!  Ideal Toy Corporation did a very nice '56 Lincoln Continental MkII in 1/20 scale back in the day.  It was actually quite accurate, with features not seen in a model car kit from anyone else for several years, such as opening doors, hood & trunk, plated parts.  Trouble was, it was not only too expensive for most kids to buy on their own, along with being probably far too complicated for young hands to build.  I've seen two of this one, both in the collection of the late Bill Harrison of Monta Vista California.  One was the ITC "point of sale" builtup display piece, the other one Bill built up from the kit.  These kits are quite rare today, seldom ever seen.