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  1. Thanks to all the ones that came home and a salute to the ones that didnt come home. Semper Fi
  2. Junkman, Love that destroyer kit. thats AWESOME!!!
  3. i never have posted a work in progress here, but i thought i should start since ive been a member for along time. so here goes. its a blown 427 ford in a golf. it will be a street legal drag car. heres my work in progress. blown ford 427 in a golf, street legal drag car. and my boy helping me!!!
  4. I like chocolate milk!!! all i really got to say is this is crazy. sorta like sturring mud to look at mud. dont know george REAL good, but i dont got a problem with what he posted. i got a problem with somebody jumping high and to the right over something silly.
  5. jarheadndn

    Chat Room Is Pau

    if thats the case, im out. pm me and ill explain that.
  6. close your eyes, point and cicle your hand, then open and build that kit!!
  7. here is one im entering. i got a show here in march and would like to have it finished. named Mt. Dew. more pics here: http://s95.photobucket.com/albums/l159/jar...ndn/deathracer/ and here is one i need to finish, and with this long of a deadline, i hope to!! its getting tank tracks on the rear. oh and thanks for letting me into the build off.
  8. if WIPs are allowed in. then count me in with a monte carlo named Mt. Dew. i started in in the one last year and didnt get to finish. i can get you some pics if you need them.
  9. mine is already started, but no where near finished. if thats okay, ill post the pics and get started on her again.
  10. im in FOR SURE!!!!!! i cant finish the one i started last year, as it dont really fit the profile, but i do have a little monte carlo i named Mt. Dew that i will enter.
  11. Second idea, is Death Race build-off. Again take any car you want and just simply give it armor plating and weapons! Who's on? okay i know we did have the other deathrace builds going, but if we get it started back, or start a new one, you know ill be in. already got one im working on. heres a few shots of it. heres the link to the rest of it: http://s95.photobucket.com/albums/l159/jar...ndn/deathracer/
  12. i cant get a pic of the resin body today. passin a kidney stone. but here is the car in 1:1 doin a burnout. i thank its a 68 HK. if i get to feeling better ill get a pic of the body for you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFYmegN_9Vw
  13. i got a monero, but it is diffrent than that one. ill get a link later that show the one i got. it looks really good in resin!!!!
  14. ive been building some vehicles like this. heres my current build in progress: named Mt. Dew link to the rest of the build http://s95.photobucket.com/albums/l159/jar...ndn/deathracer/ and here is one i started on, and plan to finish as soon as the mt dew build is done. http://s95.photobucket.com/albums/l159/jar...dn/ww3%20build/ they both fit this category. and are fun to build for me. the weapons are from tanks choppers and some i just made. also finished one last year that was from a nascar kit. heres a link to it: http://s95.photobucket.com/albums/l159/jar...ontest%20build/ that one was build box stock so to speak. everthang came from the nascar kit, plus most of the box!!
  15. well if anybody sees this before they head to the show tomorrow, ill have on a big red Marine Corps shirt. id like to met as many of ya'll as i can!!! hpe to run into a few of you.
  16. ill be at the cookeville show too. it aint but about 7 mins from my house. dont thank ill have any builds for it but like to go and look. hope to run into some of ya'll. i aint real hard to miss. hopefully it want snow this year. cuz it was nice and cold, and snowy. but would be interested in meeting some of ya'll!!!
  17. okay, here is the work in progress for Mt. Dew. and for a seek peek at some of the stuff ive been messing around with. dont laugh, in person i looks cool!!!
  18. heres a better pic of one of them small toppers. this is mine, and is still setting within easy access for measurements, if need be, cuz i loved the little thang!!!!!!! also another regular sleeper design for you,
  19. jarheadndn

    New to mcm

    welcome aboard!!! and on your chevy duelly, that thang would look awesome slammed like that with some semi wheels tucked under it. my brother build one with them wheels and it was sharp. let me see if i still got a pic of it.
  20. im 30, been building off and on since i was 8. in the U.S.M.C. i built on the wekends, and got a few others to stop drankin and started building with me, then got hurt and discharged, so had to sell my whole collection. but now im getting it back and building alot more since i cant work anymore.
  21. ive got a bronco kit in the storage. i cant remember what it is, but ill try to look at it real soon and see if it is something you might can use.
  22. i actually just built a trailer for Lindberg/Hawk, that was a 36 foot dry box. and it goes with their old dodge truck kit. it will soon be hitting shelves. the pics aint real good as i didnt have a camera before i sent it back in, but here it is: http://s95.photobucket.com/albums/l159/jar...20ft%20trailer/ was a real nice kit to work with also.
  23. howdy deathracers. got me a 86 monte on the table. no pics as of yet, been layin out some stuff on it, so nothing ajor started yet. takin the wife and kids on a vacation for the rest of the week, so as soon as i get back, im out for some blood. even got the back story to add to it. so soon as i get back ill have pics and stuff. got a new camera, so ill get real good pics from now on, not them blurry ones from my cell phone camera!!!!
  24. jarheadndn

    Duty Sucks

    sure wish they would let me back in, and we could get together and build some plastic!!!!!!
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