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  1. I just checked my stash, I no longer have this model for whatever reason so I have ordered the parts to start over. It'll be bigger and better this time.
  2. OOOOOoooo.... I need a source for those wheels! Excellent looking truck!
  3. I got lost as to when the next deadline is but... I am in with this:
  4. All I have to say is... OMG WOW! You make the rest of us look like kit assemblers. I am always amazed at details that people put in that seem like they should be there already, but our brains miss them (i.e. door catches).
  5. Well... its here. And since there are next to no builds of this kit on the internet, here is the body-in-white
  6. The car is gorgeous, the Tamiya light brown is a phenomenal color! but the story... I want to hear more, also can you post it in detail as you wrote it? I feel that by you cutting it down you have lost some of the detail
  7. Say... do you think you guys need some air support with its own mobile fueling point/outost? If so I am in this baby, I hate zombies, I hate all the doomsday BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH but dammit Virgil... you drug me in
  8. Just carry an air bubble and a fix-a-flat kit and you are good to go... but it may not matter
  9. Dammit, I had them contracted also but they backed out. So I contracted Jeremy Clarkson and the Stig.
  10. I now own a Ross Gibson engine, a pro-mod kit and a '56 Ford pickup kit, they will all be merged into an amazing pro-street/mod contender
  11. I am like W-409... I'll check back in soon, probably with an '09 Camaro or '55 Chevy pickup
  12. What about a dream car GB? A vehicle you either want to own or build, budget is infinity
  13. The short answer?... yes It has gone to Pro-Mod, people want their cars to handle as good as they go in a straight line, a prostreet car usually has some H-U-G-E rubber out back.
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