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  1. remingtonbox added a post in a topic 2013 Cannonball Run CBP   

    Well... its here.

    And since there are next to no builds of this kit on the internet, here is the body-in-white

  2. remingtonbox added a post in a topic 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Seville Hardtop   

    The car is gorgeous, the Tamiya light brown is a phenomenal color!

    but the story... I want to hear more, also can you post it in detail as you wrote it? I feel that by you cutting it down you have lost some of the detail
  3. remingtonbox added a post in a topic 2012 POST APOCALYPSE/ZOMBIE HUNTER COMMUNITY BUILD   

    Say... do you think you guys need some air support with its own mobile fueling point/outost?

    If so I am in this baby, I hate zombies, I hate all the doomsday BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH but dammit Virgil... you drug me in
  4. remingtonbox added a post in a topic 2013 Cannonball Run CBP   

    Just carry an air bubble and a fix-a-flat kit and you are good to go... but it may not matter
  5. remingtonbox added a post in a topic 2013 Cannonball Run CBP   

    Dammit, I had them contracted also but they backed out. So I contracted Jeremy Clarkson and the Stig.
  6. remingtonbox added a post in a topic Pro Street Community Build Project   

    nope, straight out the fenders
  7. remingtonbox added a post in a topic Pro Street Community Build Project   

    Lower and faster
  8. remingtonbox added a post in a topic Pro Street Community Build Project   

    I now own a Ross Gibson engine, a pro-mod kit and a '56 Ford pickup kit, they will all be merged into an amazing pro-street/mod contender
  9. remingtonbox added a post in a topic Pro Street Community Build Project   

    I am like W-409...

    I'll check back in soon, probably with an '09 Camaro or '55 Chevy pickup
  10. remingtonbox added a post in a topic Thinking of some new CBP ideas(updated OP)   

    What about a dream car GB? A vehicle you either want to own or build, budget is infinity
  11. remingtonbox added a post in a topic Is Pro Street dead?   

    The short answer?... yes

    It has gone to Pro-Mod, people want their cars to handle as good as they go in a straight line, a prostreet car usually has some H-U-G-E rubber out back.
  12. remingtonbox added a post in a topic Bonneville/Pikes Peak Group Build   

    I agree, my kit has finally arriveded so I am ready to work on this if all of you are still game, we can make it a 2013 CBP
  13. remingtonbox added a post in a topic 2013 Cannonball Run CBP   

    Hmm, what to build. I have ran a few ideas through my head for the past few days and it comes down to this.

    I need something fast, not so much fast in the speed sense, something fast at refueling and repairs, something that is computer controlled and small problems can be fixed by an OBDII scanner. I plan on converting my entry over to diesel for the excellent wear characteristics, the excellent economy and the size of the nozzle.

    The style and class of the vehicle is also something to be concerned with, leave the fancy Lambos, Ferraris and Bugattis for the Gumball 3000 rally, I need something that will slip under the radar in nearly all of the states, a pickup will do that.

    Also, in 2013, something newer is going to be a lot more incognito then say a ’35 Ford Roadster, historically, the outcasts/hot rodders/loud colored cars are the first ones to be pulled over because they “may be doing something.” Judging by the entries already, getting pulled over and potentially getting stuffed in jail is going to take too long and I won’t win. I plan on taking something that is around my area all the time, it is a pickup, it is newer and it will be custom.

    As far as fuel economy goes, its either have the economy or have the space for fuel, if my vehicle gets 20 mpg but only has a 10 gallon tank, I can go 200 miles between fill-ups, that’s over 30 fill-ups at 10 minutes apiece – or 300 minutes all together. If I have a 21 gallon tank and a 50 gallon reserve tank in the bed, that is 71 gallons, if I get 13 mpg, that is 923 miles per tank, that means I only have to fill up less than 5 times, it may take longer to fuel up but nowhere near the 300 minutes. I plan on having fillers on both sides of the truck so both the co-driver and the driver can fill at the same time.

    In 2013, we have tons and tons of technology to help us along, GPS, UAVs, etc. A successful Cannonball Run vehicle needs to know where the cops are, what they are doing, and what they are driving. Also, you need to know traffic conditions, weather conditions and any other type of delay. I plan on having a deployable UAV in the bed, secondary/emergency transportation, wireless internet and a GPS and CB in the cab to alert me to changing conditions as soon as they happen.

    As far as suspension, I need something that can go both on the interstate and the roughest of backroads, after all, what good is the interstate with 10 inches of ice or if it is stopped up for 40 miles with a 10 car pileup? All you people with low cars are SCREWED. I am going to have a custom long travel suspension that can handle nearly anything I can throw at it.

    But… what good is all this fancy stuff without backup or spare parts? That is where my bed comes in, I will have toolboxes, spare tires and wheels, dig out supplies, spare parts and food.

    So what am I going to enter with?

    I can’t tell you yet, it hasn’t gotten here from eBay.
  14. remingtonbox added a post in a topic Custom 50 Ford F-1   

    That is BADASS!! This is one of my favorite models, I can see the tarp on the floor being pulled up and uncovering a pristine wood floor.
  15. remingtonbox added a post in a topic ROCKET VAN! Deals Wheels Flying VW Van. WIP 11-30-12   

    What is in the water where you live? Can you send me a bottle of that stuff?

    I love it!