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  1. Cut the brake booster off and will be filling the hole. A 99 Cobra model will be giving up its Hydroboost brakes, drivetrain, and IRS/exhaust for this Coupe. With minimal angle change (not done here yet) the 99 Cobra exhaust fits nicely to the Coupe. There is a 99 Cobra IRS cradle sitting up there as well, behind the Corvette ZR1 wheels. The wheels will get a lip job and will be used on this build too.
  2. Ok, body #2. Removed the door window casings and the quarter windows. Cut the top, added .060" styrene to the legs, and glued the roof back on. I will be adding the needed .080" styrene to the quarter windows and door window casings and gluing them back in after the rest of the major body work is done. Even though my measurements say the roof length was dead-nuts on, I went ahead and shortened the roof skin just enough to get everything to line back up. I also took .080" styrene and glued/shaped it to the rear lip of the rear wheel well opening a
  3. About time I get home and am able to show some of what I have done. I have 3 Coupes going right now, with a 4th cut into a Hatch. Work is not the best, nor is the photography. Took the roof off right above the window moldings (after removing the door window casings, to be glued back in when the major body work is done). Looks a bit rough right now, but it will be OK once all of the work is done to finish it up. [/url Adding the styrene blocks to the front and rear of the rear wheel well openings. Got a bit carried away and had to re-add/sand material there. This
  4. Looking good, Mike. I am doing the trunk right now with some .040" half round.
  5. So, this combined with the AMT 71 Duster kit= Nice 75 Dart!
  6. Mike, yours is looking good. I really need to get home so I can post pics of my junk builds!
  7. Engine is looking good, G. I have an FHP SSP in mind when I get all of the bodies corrected (have the Jetsonic lightbar/siren and decals waiting!)
  8. Emerald Green? I am playing with mine as well, but won't be able to post pics until I get home).
  9. All 4 of my current Fox Chassis' have Gray primer with a heavy dose of body color overspray. The 88 Coupe I started into the FOX world with was the same way, and the 85 Coupe I just picked up is also Gray with body colored overspray.
  10. You do that. I'll even have the press kits and banners ready.
  11. Since I was one of the most vocal of the 'bad guys' group on this 90LX Coupe, and there are those out there who just love to bump gums about how 'I won't let it go' (you know who you are), maybe I need to 'prove' that I put my 'money where my mouth is' Huh? With the few other threads going here (those who also 'put their money where their mouth is'), it is past time I do the same. This thread will be my 'un-chop' ans 'fix' some of the nasty this kit body has (note I said SOME). Will it be the 'Perfect LX Coupe'? Nope, as no 'perfect' model exists. Will I attempt to get it a lot closer? YUP.
  12. You are right Jason. But for those who do want to spend the time to fix this Revell body,at least there are some examples to follow. My first attempt to fix the un-chopped roof was stopped mid-way because Mike here showed a better way than what I was doing. That body (of mine) has since lost its roof and trunk section and is getting a Hatch roof and section grafted on. Mike, thanks again for showing a simpler way to do this. I am using it (with modification) on another body to get the roof dialed in. Maybe I need to start a work-in-progress thread too (or just start it down in the Fox C
  13. Roger, last word was (barring any corrections of the body) about this time next year for the drag version. Wayne, I have quite a few pics of the U2 chase Stangs along with the CHP units that served as stand-ins until the USAF ordered their SSPs (they were 85-86 SSPs). And unlike the Corvette (that started out getting its' tail handed to it because of it being so nose-heavy) which was designed from the ground up as a 'sports car', the 1964.5 Mustang was based on the falcon and was designed as a sporty vehicle, NOT a sports car. It was a flashy Falcon. It was only after Lee Iacocca asked
  14. The Pro-Stock version is (ok, was) a bit nicer than this offering as the body proportions are closer to the subject matter. You will enjoy it!
  15. No Mike, I am honoring a promise to Ed and Revell. When I first got wind of this project, I swore I would buy a case (which is 12) and so when they hit the shelves (flawed or not) I stood by my word (pre-order notwithstanding!) and bought the case. Now, I have a few to play with and a few going out in trades! With that said, I am building two with the modified roof height, one as an LX Hatch, and one OOB to compare the corrected car to. Even my girlfriend dipped into my case to grab one and try to build it OOB.
  16. Mike, I see you did yours just a bit different, but with the same results, a much better looking roof. I cut the door window casings out, cut the roof right at the top of the windows, added the material, shortened the roof the required amount, and glued the roof back on. I am in the process of making the drip railing right now. Then again, when you buy a DOZEN of them (putting MY money where MY mouth is, as it was put) makes it easy to experiment with. Also, having the 1:1 does make it easy when reference is right there. Now, how about those who didn't step up and do, now that TWO paths to
  17. Time consuming for sure, Ed. The part is only somewhere close to $45, but it is the labor of having to pull the seats, center console, dash, and the core box itself that gets crazy expensive! If you do get pics Ed, could they be posted in the LX 5.0 reference thread? Edit: also take note, the convertible will have chassis braces installed that are not on the Hatch or Coupe.
  18. Once the touch-ups are done, it should be pretty close to finished shouldn't it? Is this a kit you could see yourself building multiples of?
  19. How about building it as the U2 chase car, all Dark Blue with the 10-holes painted Dark Blue with satin Silver center caps?
  20. No problem Andre, glad to offer up a solution. I just used a razor saw and carefully made my cuts after taping the lens down. I made the first cut, moved the tape, and made the second cut. Once I had the cuts smoothed out, the lenses practically fell into place (as each cut is roughly .015", so .030" was taken out with cutting. That is almost the length that the lenses stick out beyond the outer turn-over of the parking light).
  21. There are some nice 'Hawks in here! A girl in our car club had a silver 'Hawk (I want to say a 200 or 2001) and it was BAD-A**.
  22. Andre, I actually cut my lenses into 3 parts, filed/trimmed, and re-fit them so they would fit flush and not have a too-long look. MUCH cleaner install too, as I could work from inside lens out and fit as I went. I know where the kit is, it is just a matter of getting it back out and remembering what colors I was going with!
  23. The wheels are some die-cast 1/32nd Jada centers stuck into a set of Pegasus 23" rear hoops and a set of special-made 21" front hoops. I got to the 'working suspension' point on this and stopped (as I didn't like the way the coil-overs were looking. That was 3 years ago. Need to drag it back out and get to work on it again.
  24. If you have a spare hood, might as well try it. It may not be 100%, but I believe with some styrene and some body fill it could be made to work!
  25. I have used them a few times. I cut them with lacquer thinner once and it crazed the body pretty bad. I then used Testors Airbrush thinner to thin them down. It turned out ok.
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