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  1. Nice 1992 Ragtop. The LX conversion to the nose appears to be well done, and overall the car looks the part. Looks like you just might be a Mustang guy too, Roy.
  2. I was thinking (and if it doesn't get sold soon, still am thinking) of 5.0L/Carbed/5spd swapping mine, as it would be real easy to do. I still MIGHT drop a 5.0L Carbed auto into it from an earlier Crown Vic. I have the 1985 Tube headers and 1982-85 Dual-snorkel air cleaner (and a factory 1985 4bbl Carb) that could make it an easy drop-in. Plus, my 86GT donated its' double-hump trans cross member and I have headers I could always bolt on. Actually, $1400 for a good 5.0L driver isn't too hateful. The prices of the FOX cars are starting to escalate as they pass that awkward stage in a cars life that is between 'New' and 'Collector'. Even used car prices (where they are just starting to emerge from) are starting to climb on them....especially the 1987-93 V8 cars.
  3. Interesting. Just a question, it is a 340 T/A, yet it it packing a 440.....why? No disrespect, just wondering.
  4. 1) Passion for the subject 2) Desire to replicate the subject 3) Reference materials to accurately replicate desired subject (unless accuracy is more of a second-fiddle to attention) 4) Ability to recognize areas that will need work and attention to detail 5) Thick skin, as not everyone will like what you are doing 6) LOTS of GOOD light (Never underestimate this, as it is the most important of all 'work' tools) 7) Good selection of cutting utensils (all sorts for various jobs) 8) Quiet, clean work environment (clutter and disorganized just doesn't work for most) 9) Good selection of quality paint brushes and paints/glues 10) Determination (to see a project through to the end, even if you are unhappy with the way it is turning out)
  5. HooAh jumper, and welcome to the insanity. For me, it started with copying what I wanted in 1:1 in scale, as well as trying to replicate dads cars. Then it became my cars, and then it morphed into the aircraft I have put wrench to. It hovers around variations of vehicles I own or wish to own at the moment, along with still chasing dads' car list!
  6. I have that album, and the later KLF American releases (White Room being one of the First). To me, KLF lost a lot of their electronica sound when they shipped overseas to America, they fell under the pressures of American influence. It was still (and still is) good music, just not what they started out as. I remember that car in their 'Time is Eternal' video as well. Thanks for sharing the build, and for bringing up a band that most have never heard of and time is forgetting!
  7. Nice 1:1 CobraII. We used to have a guy who hung out with us that had (still has I believe, but I haven't been home in 7 years) a 78 CobraII that was stock-looking but was absolutely nowhere near stock. He used Heidts/FatMan fab front 5-lug spindles with the MustangII front end conversion, a severely narrowed 8.8" Trac-loc with Moser 5-lug axles, Lincoln MKVII LSC Disc brakes and the 16" BBS Mesh wheels (Bill Blass MKVII editions) with the centers powdercoated Black to appear stock, a 347 stroker Aluminum-headed, T/B EFI converted, T-5 5speed swapped drivetrain. That car was silly-fast when he could get it to hook, and looked fairly stock sitting there until you REALLY looked at it. The biggest give-away was the dual exhaust hanging under the car. I miss him and that CobraII..........makes me want to do the same thing one day.
  8. Stephen, now I am REALLY going to make you cry............. The 1983 GLX with the 5.0L is rarer that the GT of that year, and on top of that is the fact that 1983 was the first official production year for the FOX convertible. Combine those two and you passed up on a very rare car for very easy money! If it were in good shape, it could be valued a bit higher in the collector arena! I have a 1983 GLX convertible, but with the V6/auto (most common variety). The only two things that make it even slightly valuable are the triple-Black color combo (black roof, black body, black vinyl interior), and the convertible roof.
  9. One of 147 Anny TurboGTs and it is gone............... Did they at least go to knowledgeable/appreciative buyers? Thanks for letting me know, Jason. I still have my 84 TurboGT, and have decided to cut up my 86GT T-Top car to save the 84 (before the firestorm hits, the 86 has other issues that would make it a good donor for the 84).
  10. If you are just going for a simple stock-height lowering, you can use lower=profile tires and shave down the K-Member mounting nibs on the front framerails, and just take 1/16th inch out of the rear spring height with the same tire size used on the fronts on the rears. Drastic lowering will take a bit more surgery, and FORGET wide, fat meats at any corner. Jonathan will cover the basic lowering, as it was his thought that got me to lower the GT500. Now, I am dropping the GT to what you might see out in the 1:1 world (2" drop over 20" wheels) and that is proving slightly more difficult.
  11. That is why I find no reason to rev. Let them rev on me, and when I unleash the car it is too late for them. I prefer to run around and let them think they are running a 5.0L, as every kid with a Fart-Pipe Civic thinks he can run a 5.0L. When that light is about to go green, mat the throttle to bring the 2.3T up on low boost and let it out when the bulb flashes green. By then, I am sitting at about 5psi and 2,000rpm.........just as the boost starts to climb to 35psi. The little 2.3T just sounds like a demented tractor engine whith a massive whistle! Then again, by that time the Buzz-Bomb is nowhere but the rear-view mirror. Next light, I get the 'Jesus Christ' look, and that is when I tell them they just got railroaded by a 4cylinder. But I digress, with a mild build, the 2.3T can be fun, but it will not be mistaken for a 5.0L (they have very different sounds at idle). Jason, what year is your Turbo GT (83 or 84?), and I am assuming your Capri RS is an 85-86?
  12. That is cool, Mike. I remembered Brad Bowling talking about the SA10 and the one car that never made it. Awesome that it still exists and will make it after all (better late and BETTER than never at all). Rick, I will tell you now, building the 2.3T can be fun and done relatively cheap for lower horsepower. Start really escalating the power though and you better bring GOOD money to the dance, as the 2.3 is NOT cheap to make into a killer. You could build a HOT 5.0L for what you would have into a well-modded and mid-power 2.3T. My pistons and rods alone were $1,200.00 (remember, 4 rods and 4 pistons). You can get good 5.0L stuff for that. And yes, I do want to go up against the imports with their own technology/on their terms. To beat a modern 4 cylinder with an arcaic 4 cylinder would be a great feeling, even more so than beating them with the V8. The look on their faces when you tell them they got smoked by a 4 cylinder Mustang IS priceless.
  13. Considering the 1993 Mustang Cobra wears body cladding very similar to Saleen goodies, I can reasonably say that even Ford took notice of Saleen and his 'Racecraft' efforts. One of my all-time Halo wants is a 1993 SA10 (of which only 9 were built) or a 1983 Saleen clone (as only 1 1983 exists....that being the car he talked his sister into buying and letting him modify!). One of my 1:1 Mustangs is a 1984 TurboGT, the baby SVO for that year. One of less than 4,000 built that year (and less that 4,200 total built over the two years of production). It was a full-optioned car, with dealer-added sunroof. Here I come, buying the remains of it (Ohio rustball) and am converting it into a track monster (staying 2.3T, but with a .030" over, 9:1, Volvo head swapped engine.
  14. Thanks for clearing that up, Mike. I am, what you could say, a bit of a FOX guy. I have 4 of them at the moment, with my first (the fifth) having to be scrapped due to an accident. Guess the SVO-style sail panels are/were like Fords 1987 SVO DOHC engine prototype. Good looking Saleen by the way, and my apologies for the toes I may have stepped on by the NOT a real Saleen comment (just going based on what I saw).
  15. The SVO sail panels over the quarter glass is what I was referring to. IF (this is a BIG if) it is a true Saleen, why do it? To ruin real SVO panels to ill-fit them over 87-93 quarter glass? Yes, the guys with the 1979-86 cars do quite regularly use later 87-93 Quarter glass and tail lights, but I have yet to see a 1987-93 go back to the less aerodynamic 1979-86 quarter window/sail panel treatment. My 86 had 87+ quarter glass, and theoretically it is a simple swap to do (just remember, the interior panels have to be changed to do it all correctly). My 1991 has 1983-86 tail lights (and seat headrests) for a bit of old into the new (same with the 83-86 Mustang GT/Mercury Capri/84-86 SVO non-cruise steering wheel I have installed. THAT was a wiring chore).
  16. Mike, that Saleen you posted IS NOT a real Saleen (the Black car). Look at it closely, the give-away is the 1983-86 quarter windows on an 87-up body. Beautiful car none the less, but not a real Saleen.
  17. Saleens are awesome. I love the 1983-93 versions are my favorite.
  18. Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't constipation quite often lead to Diarrhea? Seems quite a few have that lately, a whole bunch of useless cluttering up the forum with no value and depleting the overall body of substance?
  19. Story: What is with this beer and milk crate thing? Why is it that I just can't help sitting and drinking, staring at the shell of my dream? And why is it that no matter how many parts I find, I always seem to need more? And why am I still stuck working in Focus Engine Dress? Alright, enough reflection. I know this thing needs some interior love, as it was pretty much gutted by the lowlifes who stole it. Looking over Ebay and Craigslist really wasn't showing too much that I was interested in. I don't really want stock, but I don't want to go aftermarket either (trying to somewhat keep with the Ford parts thing you know). So, one day when I was supposed to be working on some belt tensioner, I had Craigslist up on the computer. Switching back and forth from work to that kept me out of most of the trouble I was asking for, and it suddenly proved fruitful! A set of front/rear seats from a 2010 GT500 popped up for $150.00, and were nearby in Sterling Heights. After talking to the gentleman (on my lunch break of course) we agreed to meet up after I got off work. When I pulled up, he had them sitting out in the drive, trying to get them cleaned up a little. Somewhat dirty but overall in good shape, I decided they would work. After a beverage or two and some cash changing hands, I now had a good base for what I wanted, and on the cheap too! Getting them home and mocked up, I liked them but they just weren't quite what I was after. Ok, time to call TMI. Working out a stock seat cover exchange (and a few bucks to boot) netted me what I was looking for. Our conversation led to a Black Leather/Cloth set-up with the 1970 'Blood Stripe' Red horizontal bar, and once in the car I knew we had a winner! The build: I took the seats from a Revell 2010 GT500 and detail-painted them in the 1970 scheme. What do you all think? Good look or am I the only one who thinks so? , I just have them sitting in the tub for final fitment check. The tub will be various shades/sheens of Black/Titanium.
  20. If you guys are looking to build the FOX, look down into the FOX Community Build Project thread in that section of the board. Lots of info on the coupes, Cobra, and converts. Plus, maybe an idea or two for builds. It is on-going, so if you decide to join up you will be perfectly welcome to do so!
  21. Thanks for the tip, Casey. Now, that brings up another thought (for me anyway). Could this same tip (with slight modification) be used to deatil mask other areas on a build? Let's say you have some wheels that you will be painting, but want to keep the lug nuts chrome. Could you cover the nuts in white glue, paint the whell, allow the paint to fully cure, and then soak the wheel in warm water to release the white glue?
  22. The AAR Cuda shares no body paneling with the T/A Challenger. All body panels are make-specific. Even their powertrains were different, built by different groups. Suspensions were better on the Dodge Challenger than on the AAR Cuda, although the Cuda later adopted the T/A suspension bits.
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