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  1. You and I have had differences in the past, but let me tell you this (and I hope it makes sense to you); I work two jobs (one in aviation and the other in Mustang-specific/FOX Mustang rebuild/modify) and work on my 1:1 daily drivers and 3 project cars/bikes. That is why I don't get a lot of building done. When I find the 'stress' of any one of my hobbies creeping in, it is usually because of people and my self-induced 'expectations' they hold for me. When that phantom stress creeps in, I simply go silent/dark for a while. I am still building/working, just not in the 'public' eye and under the 'scrutiny' of it. Without that, the implied stress melts away and I start to enjoy what I am doing again. Holding a hobby to the 'false' feelings of self-induced stress is NOT where you want your head and heart to be. TRUST ME.
  2. The 1993 Cobra is 1/24th, along the same lines as every other Ex-Monogram casting. Casey is correct in that this chassis, if it is scale correct, will not work under those cars. It will, however in theory, work under the old AMT and MPC offerings and maybe even under those horrid Revell 1/25th scale pieces they offered in the early 80s (You know, the 'Am I a Mustang or Capri?' kits).
  3. I am hoping the issue in this kit is about the same size as the 32 kits, and judging by the Monogram 1994-95 Mustang kits (also 5.0L/T-5 cars) the block is the same dimensions as the roadster kits. If that is so, that means at least THOSE kits were in the same 1/25th scale 'scale'. If these new 90LXs are even remotely close, we have a swap willer for the auto trans. Now, being I am one of 'those' guys, I see myself converting one to a single-exhaust and using the block and trans bellhousing (with some bit of mods) from the old MPC 2.3L engine backed by either the 94-95 Monogram T-5 trans or the 32 Coupes AOD. Yup, go complete utilitarian and swap the 4 cylinder down into it (I know it will require some scratch-built parts, but the basics are there).
  4. And that is where the Revell 32 Ford kits would come in. They are 1/25th, already have a FOX double-hump pan, and it is cast with the AOD/AODE in place. just swap all of this kits upper end parts onto that casting and you have the drivetrain. As for the interior shift handle, since they were basically an offset 'T' handle with a slight bend in the downshaft.............easy scratchbuild project. My at-the-time friend Deans car was a stick (1993 Troop K FHP) and that was still an active duty car. He used to provide Friday-Saturday night security at the shopping center I worked at.
  5. Steve, it can be completely dry pavement and it will still swap ends on you! All you have to do is be on stock tires and get aggressive with the throttle and it becomes 'HELLO TAILLIGHTS'!
  6. I know who DaSilva is, Nick. I have been playing with the FOX chassis almost as long as you have been alive. Around here (Ohio) has the same problem, Terminal Tin Worm, caused by salting the roads in winter. Yet, we usually have 4-5 FOXes in the shop/garage a week that don't belong to any of the 4 of us doing this gig. I myself have 3 of them, 2 being rust-free Florida cars and one being an Ohio rust-bucket. One of the Florida shells will be hacked up for its clean sheetmetal to save the Ohio car (as it is one of less than 4,000 built) To add to that, Dayton Performance is where Ed and one of his crew came to look at/measure/get info on (the owner, Mike) a Nitrous 10.5W car. That is the car that the second release of this kit will be based on (supposedly the decals are very close to Mikes paintjob. I set that meeting up. The car you have pictured looks like it might just be a fun car (going by the 4-point strut tower brace) and is still mostly stock. My 91GT was completely stock when I bought it (when it had 270,000 original miles on it), my 88 LX Coupe was a 4-holer when I got it. It was killed in a traffic accident two weeks after I V8 swapped it (old lady in a Vickie). Timing........Revell (Ed himself) had stated late April as the release time, so May isn't too far off from that.
  7. Timing huh? I have FOXes in the shop EVERY day. Then I come home to 3 in my garage. It will be quite interesting to see how this kit stacks up to the 1:1 cars.
  8. The Stainless Steel Metalizer that Testors Model Master line carries is good stuff and is enough different from Aluminum that it can be used. What style of a build is it? A lot of 1:1 cars have ceramic-coated headers and Krylon 'Chrome' replicates that quite well. Also, SpazStix brand has a good chrome (must be shot over a dark base) in spray. If you are trying to replicate a Hedman or Hooker, most of those are Flat Black painted out-of-the-box. Looks like Bill and I were typing at the same time. Exhaust manifolds can also be painted 'Iron' (I use spray from VHT, called 'New Cast Iron' and then weather it slightly with browns and a tad bit of orange to simulate dertain degrees of rust forming).
  9. Roy, Got some .040" styrene handy? With that, a razor saw/hobby knife, glue, a bit of body filler, and some good reference photos and a cowl hood is just a few short hours away from being on the GT350.
  10. Chuck, There is a gentleman over on Corral.net (these are 1:1 cars now) who took an entire 2007 GT500 drivetrain, floorpan, interior, and assorted pieces and fit them into a 1992 Mustang Coupe. He actually cut the floor out of the Fox and welded the appropriately measured GT500 floor section in. Then he made the GT500 dash fit, and everything else from the GT500. If it can be done in 1:1, it surely can be done in scale!
  11. I have a Lincoln or two myself, Chuck. I use the Monogram/Revell 1994-96 Mustang GT/Cobra chassis' with modification under these (one I did had a complete 1999 Cobra swap). Rear seats come from the MN12 Thunderbirds and Cougars. The wheels, brakes, and stance look right for a 'tricked MKVII.
  12. That is the 1981 McLaren M81 kit. 1/25th scale by Revell. It and the 1982 Enduro GT shared similar body cladding, but the Enduro got a V8 whereas the M81 received the Turbo4 engine.
  13. The Continental is where they drew the Master cylinder and the Towncar is where the front A-Arms came from that were put under the SVO. The SVO had a special K-member to take advantage of the Lincoln arms for better steering geometry and better turn-in/more anti-dive. The SVO also used the Lincoln MKVII rear end (5-lug disc) with minor revisions. Yes, Ford got a boatload of use out of this chassis. And to think it all really started with Ford of Europe looking at and studying adaptive nature of the Audi FOX. That car is what led to a chassis Ford used (with revision) from 1978-2004.
  14. Being as the Saleen wheels are representative of 18" wheels in 1/25th and the Fox Mustang (1979-93) is 1/24th, the 18" Saleens scale to roughly 17" wheels for a 1/24th build. The wheels in the pictured red drop-top look to be an earlier ROH design. Ford used the Fox Chassis (beginning in 1978) under the Mercury Zephyr and Ford Fairmont. In 1979, they placed it as the new platform for the 1979-93 Mustang and 1979-86 Mercury Capri. The Ford Thunderbird got it in 1980, along with the Mercury Cougar (both continued as Fox chassis until 1988, when the MN12 took over). The little LTD and Marquise also had the chassis (82-85 I believe), the Lincoln MKVII (1985-94ish), and in some parts in the 1982-83 Lincoln Town Car. There were some variations of the Fairmont that also used it. The Fox4 (commonly called the SN95) chassis was used (with revisions) under the 1994-2004 Mustang. With minimal fitting issues, you can swap a 2004 Cobra rear-end up under your 1978 Fairmont.
  15. The 92 kit never came with the Pony wheels (in the lowrider form) as the lowrider is labeled as a 1992 even though it is a 1987-89. The basic kit body showed up in 1987 as the 'New Monkeys' 87 Mustang GT convertible. Sadly, that kit was just a set of kitted-up turbines and a new body dropped onto Revell/Monograms existing 1983-84 Mustang convertible chassis/interior/drivetrain.
  16. Yes, it is a 100% carry-over from the original 'retool' of the GT in 1987 (as an 88 kit). It was later labeled as a 1991 (and in the High Tech version actually received the Pony wheels versus the incorrect-for-91 Turbines). Then they rehashed it as the 'Lowrider' 1992GT convertible even though the steering wheel, column, seats, and wheels are 1987-89 equipment. If you really wanted to convert it to a 'closer-to-correct' 1991 model, grab a 1993 Cobra and use the steering wheel and seats from that kit. As far as the Pony wheels, good luck finding any originals or re-pops.
  17. The kit body is very nice, but the underhood and interior detail will leave a LOT to be desired. I have quite a few of these kits (and the 1:1 cars too) and can say without fail that if you want a real nice engine upgrade for this kit, grab either the Revell 32 Ford 3W coupe (carbed) ot the Speedwagon kit (EFI). Also, the later Monogram 199-95GT Mustang kits make excellent donors (same with the Cobras and the AMT offerings if you are looking to go Mod Motor and updated wheel/tire combos. And as built, the above pictured kit has the optional 79 Indy Pace Car/82GT lower front valance installed versus the 83-84GT (which are different from one another) lower.
  18. I was just giving you a little bit of good-natured ribbing as I see you edited your post to remove the 'I think I could get a few more out of the mold' comment! It's ok, as I still have a bunch of parts I am debating on casting.
  19. Just picked up a few more of the re-issue 1999 Cobra and a few of the Monogram 94-95GT issues.
  20. Jason, I suspected you wouldn't really want to pop these for others! Well, with the LX Coupe less than a month away, I imagine this thread MAY pick up again. I have been too busy with 1:1 FOXes to get to any building time for the 1/24th-1/25th versions!
  21. The hood looks good, Jason. Any plans to cast more of them?
  22. It was a good show, and I look forward to going again next year. Thanks for the pics, guys, as I see a few more showed up after we left (got into some heavy snow just East of Plain City and it stayed with us all the way back to Dayton).
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