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  1. Looks good so far....you gonna keep it Ford powered I hope?!
  2. Hoorah Marine...........try pulling duty on a Carrier if you want some noises and plenty of 'alone' time to drive yourself batshit with! Imagine 4 hours of you, your rifle (shotgun), the rushing of the sea as you cut through it, and nothing but the glow of barely lit amber bulbs to see by. Thank you for your service and commitment to duty.......carry on smartly! Emery,B.N (AD3, NAC) USN 1997-2001
  3. Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't Christine a 58 Belvedere equipped with the 350cid Big Block engine? The distributors are to the rear on the engines in these builds (suggesting they are Poly motors, but the valve covers are not correct for a poly engine) and the big blocks had the distributor up front angled off to the passanger side. The builds look great; keep them up, and enjoy.
  4. Jason, The SE wheels were the Ponys painted white. I thought I would ask about the wheels, just in case you wanted to keep the turbines on the car. Like I said, no disrespect to your building skills (as you build better than I do), but those wheels looked poor on that car. Keep building her up buddy........maybe I'll get one done soon to share with you. Brad
  5. Personally, I have built both and like the MPC kit for body detail better than the Monogram kit. As for interior and engine/chassis detail, the Monogram kit is better.........and no you cannot convincingly mix them as they are noticably different scales.
  6. Jason, With respect to your building skill, those turbines look horrible. I have a set that have the spoke area open like the 1:1 cars if you want to try that paint treatment again. With the spokes filled in and painted as they are, it makes them look like circus wheels. Let me know and I can get them sent your way (as I have a set of Sterns I will be using for my build).
  7. See.....now you're making me contemplate putting away the 67GTX-to-base BelvedereII conversion I have going now (swapped the Hemi for a 383 as well) and digging out the Capri! Still need to finish the turbo, intercooler, and all piping; not to mention the chassis upgrades and the interior scratchbuilding.....dang it Jason. Turbines body color huh? I've seen them shot Black and the fins polished off, and that looked slightly better than stock.......still ugly, but better than original. As for matching the faded color, hmmmmmm..............................................lots of baby powder tossed into the freshly shot paint!!
  8. Looking good so far...more pics please!!
  9. EL or EK was the paint code for the 'Wild Strawberry Metallic' paint color (it also went by Electric Current Red Metallic, depending on year, and was a 1992-93 color). Turbines were (and still are) one of the most god-aweful looking wheel deigns to grace a V8 Mustang (as the 14" fake turbines were not on any V8 car stock). 10 holes, and even the 1979-early84 TRX wheels look better than those wheels. 1990 saw the advent of the 'Pony' wheel; best looking stock wheel Ford even saw fit to grace the Fox with (except the 93 Cobra Turbines and the 93 Cobra R 'Pull-Ahead' split tri-bars...later to be the Premium wheel for the 94-95 GTs) Jason, the build is looking great so far; and thanks for keeping Fox love alive! There are some Fox lovers in hiding here and at 'The Other Site'; I just have to get some more builds done before I can plunge back into my Foxes (I might even get the Turbo Capri back out and finish it!!).
  10. 2.3T into a PintoStang..........sounds like you have been hanging out over at turboford.net!!
  11. While Nitrous was used in WWII aircraft, it didn't make it to the streets until the late 70s. We were one of (if not the first) first cars to run Nitrous in our area, and that was 1980. The first nitrous kits were sold by Nitrous Oxide Systems (N.O.S.......aka NAAWWWWSSS to the uneducated tuner idiots of today) and was pure N2O. Due to many instances of people huffing it instead of using it in their engines, the formula was changed to contain sulfer and other trace elements (making those who huffed it ill). As stated, the build is yours; but if you want a period correct car, nitrous would not be a part of the cars build.
  12. Welcome, and good looking start so far. As for my personal opinion, I would take the 2.3T motor/trans and stick it into the Cobra that gave its 427 for the T-Bird (but that is just me, being I own a real 2.3T powered Fox body).
  13. 83-86 LX and GT tails are the same.........no difference. 87-93LX tails have the large one piece sides and the black seperation through the red bottom/clear/white top 3/4 the way through the lens. The 83-86 had the black seperation all the way across the lens, and the red/amber/clear coloration on top. 83-86LX and GT tails are no different from one another....the only difference being the SVO tails (with 6 1/16th inch stripes added, 3 up top, 3 on the bottom). 87-93GT tails were the ugly cheese-grater style and most sane people changed them out for 87-93LX units, or the 83-86LX/GT pieces. 93 Cobras got the SVO style. Now, the 79-82 tails are the square block style with the endcaps being black. Contrary to belief, the car body and the wiring harness have to be modified to put 83-93 tails into an early (79-82) Fox and vise-versa. (Yes, I am a Fox Mustang guy!) Any more progress on this one? P.S: We now return you to your Fox build, already in progress.
  14. Just spent 24 straight hours on the clock this week, plus still worked my other 3 days (I work as an aviation mechanic third shift, 4 ten hour days a week).....I feel your pain. Harold, thanks for keeping us Fox guys posted...hope you get it looking like you want it soon!
  15. I know the feeling....40+ hrs a week work, and 13 credit hours of school have kept me busy too!
  16. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the 93 Cobras used SVO taillights, NOT LX tails as you answered. And to be more precise, they were 1984 and Early 85 SVO tails, as they were striped Black; late 85 and 86 SVOs were Charcoal in color. I own 5 Full sized Foxes, one being a 1984 GT Turbo (baby SVO), 3 being 4eyed.....the 4eye cars (1983-86) have the same tails as the SVO minus the striping.
  17. Always liked the GN, GNX, and GNTs from Buick, and yours looks good. I have the Ford equivelants (SVO, GT Turbo, TurboCoupe) but have healthy respect for the turbo'd V6 from the General.
  18. Any more progress on this build?
  19. Cool roof treatment, Cars and Concepts would be proud. As for color; Sonic Blue, Mineral Gray Metallic, something along those lines would look good on that body.........either that or Redfire Pearl.
  20. Thanks for the info on the Green Cobras paint..I know you said you were thinking it was acrylic but that it might have been enamal (car looks good). Harold, nice progress on the chassis. As for your taillight quandry, you are on the right (albeit long and tedious) track to detailing them. There is no Amber in the 87-93 GT taillights, just Red and White; what makes it look slightly amber is the use of an amber bulb (most don't though, as the red just masks it anyway).
  21. WOW! Being a fan of Magnums (my sis drives an R/T version) and Skylines, I was not too sure what to expect...............but I never saw that coming. That is nice! great build and LOVE the execution of ideas.
  22. Any more progress made on this one? The green Cobra posted in this thread looks a little paintdull.........is that a trait of the Acrylics (I have never used them yet and was wondering)?
  23. Nice looking 'Stang you got going there.....I'm a Fox body fan myself (owning 5 full-sized ones at the moment).
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