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  1. I believe the gray is for better observation for welds for inspection.
  2. lrlocke01

    Monte Carlo

    I am looking for hood for a Monte Carlo Aerocoupe, any help with this is greatly appreciated.
  3. Looking for a hood for the Monogram Monte Carlo Aerocoupe. Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks, I'll check it out. I've heard these are not available anymore. Any chance you'd wanna sell yours?
  5. Looking for a Goodyear NASCAR tire stencil, anyone have one or know where I could get one?
  6. Not my photo. Borrowed from internet but what I have is the same kit.
  7. Old kit. Has been opened but all parts are there. Molded in light blue. Chrome parts are still bagged. Looking to trade for any kind of Pro Stock or Drag car kit.
  8. I am looking for a decal sheet for the re release of the monogram Frank Iaconio Camaro pro stock. Thanks in advance
  9. I believe I have the 2009 contest cars issue with this build in it.
  10. lrlocke01

    Info needed

    I just bought a 1:16 Petty Charger kit and I am wanting to convert it to either the 71 K&K Insurance Buddy Baker or 5 Stacey Neil Bonnet car. Any pics of these cars as far as cages and engines go? Havent found anything except outside pics of each with Google.
  11. Thanks guys for the comments. It is one of my favorites in the collection.
  12. It is Model Master Nassau Blue Metallic I believe
  13. It actually does have a black wash on it, grill is pretty much black. The flash took away from it in the pic.
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