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  1. KT EASTMAN added a post in a topic 66 to 77 bronco ?   

    Hey James,
    I am not sure anyone is doing the Gen 1 Broncos at this time. I am assuming that this is what you are looking for as the years you stated I believe are a bit off. I think the last year for the Gen 1 Bronco is 1974?? If I recall correctly A/FX did both a Stock and a long nosed drag version of the Bronco but I have not been able to find it recently. Hopefully it will turn up again as it is a real neat subject to make a very unique build!!!
  2. KT EASTMAN added a post in a topic Heres one I built about a year ago. '70 Bonneville   

    Its kinda funny but someone was asking about this build just yesterday. The funny part is I told them I built it about a year ago. LOL!!! I originally posted this in 2007 and built it in 2006. My how time really flies!!!!! KT
  3. KT EASTMAN added a post in a topic Round2 kit annoucement 10/29/09   

    I am glad to see some new/reissued stuff come out!!! I just hope they keep the ball rolling and dig out some long forgotten molds!!!!
  4. KT EASTMAN added a post in a topic '70 Camaro Pro Street..I actually painted and glued something!!   

    Well I do plan to put a monster Big Block under that Cowl hood!! I have always been a Big Block guy!!! As for what I have to do.......well.....the body is done but it still needs some work on the suspension and interior. I got a bit of it done today!!! I will try to post some better pics!!! KT
  5. KT EASTMAN added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    uh.....wheres Jairus?????
    I know I have been away for a bit and mabe I missed somthing but Where is Jairus??? I noticed that the last few Mags. I picked up have not had anything from him?? It it me or whats going on Gregg??? KT
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  6. KT EASTMAN added a post in a topic Goodguys 11th Annual Colorado Nationals Model Contest   

    Less than a week to go!!! I sure hope everyone can make it out to this years event!!! We will see you there!!!! KT
  7. KT EASTMAN added a post in a topic GoodGuys Colorado Model Show   

    It would be great if everyone can come out and play with us!!! Lil John, Don and myself will be there all weekend!!! Thanks for starting another thread w/ the flyer Gregg(or is it Stud Muffin???)LOL!!!!!! BTW when are we going to see you back at one of the Colorado shows Gregg??? It would be neat if you made an appearance one of these years!!!Hope to see everyone there!!!! KT
  8. KT EASTMAN added a topic in On The Workbench   

    '70 Camaro Pro Street..I actually painted and glued something!!
    I did it, It took over a year but I think I am coming out of a serious model block!!! I have had an Indy Fiero project on the bench for over a year!!! Funny, it was supposed to be a "Quick Build"!!! LOL!!!! Last night I finally pushed it off to the side and re-started and older project. This is a '70 Camaro pro street that I am building from the junk box. It is an AMT body with a Revell pro stock chassis @ tub. The wheels and tires are also from the parts box. The hood is from Matt Conte @ LOOKOUT design. This is way out of my "comfort" zone as I usually do factory stocks or junkers but I am pretty happy with it so far!!! Hope fully I can get it done and get back to a regular modeling schedule!!! Some people actually think I had forgotten how to glue two peices of plastic together!!! Well I will show them!!! KT
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  9. KT EASTMAN added a post in a topic Goodguys 11th Annual Colorado Nationals Model Contest   

    Hey Darin,
    Good to hear from you!!! If you can make it out that would be great!!! I fully understand that you have become a busy man!!! We would sure love to see you at the show even if you cannot stay to do photos!! If you cannot, I may just have to suck it up and learn how to take better pics!! We all miss seeing you at the GoodGuys and at the "Lakeside" shows!!! Take care!!! KT
  10. KT EASTMAN added a post in a topic Free?photo Bucket   

    Have not tried PhotoBucket but I do have an Imageshack account that is totally FREE to use. I am also not "One" with my computer and I was able to get pics. on Imageshack and post them on websites like this. If PhotoBucket is not working for you its worth a try to check out www.imageshack.us The best part is the pics. do not expire like with some photo hosting sites( No red X after a certain time ) Just though I would share my good experence posting pics. KT
  11. KT EASTMAN added a post in a topic How Old Were You When You Built Your First Model   

    It was about 1980 and I was 7ish years old when I built my first CAR model. It was a Monogram Mazda RX-7. I still have the rear half of it and some of the interior( Long story!!!) My first model was a plane I recieved as a birthday gift when I was about 5 and my Dad helped me put it together because it was a glue kit. I remember taking it outside and playing with it to the tune of about 5 minuites before I destroyed it and my Dad threw it away!!! KT
  12. KT EASTMAN added a post in a topic Tarps made easy!!!!   

    Had a few guys asking again how I made the tarp on the Bonneville Diorama. So I thought I would bring this thread TTT for those who Have not seen it. KT
  13. KT EASTMAN added a post in a topic Protect your models from those nasty tires!!   

    I think I have almost every size baggie you can think of so I usually do not have a problem closing the box when I get done. I have tiny bags for the wheels and larger bags for the glass, etc. Sometime I do have to pack it a few times to get it all to fit nice though. As cheap as these baggies are to buy, there should be no reason not to do it and save your plastic from the dreaded tire melt!!! KT
  14. KT EASTMAN added a post in a topic Modeler Giving Away All Of His Modeling Stuff   

    As few modelers as we seem to have in recent times, it saddens me to hear that we may have lost another!!! It is great that he is giving his stuff up to other modelers though!!! You hear all to often about models getting thrown away because they thought nobody would want it. I never let any plastic go to waste. I usually do not sell any of my collection but if there are cars/parts I do not want I just set it aside to use as a trade or to give up as a PIF on the HHMB.I let NO plastic hit the trash!!!!! KT
  15. KT EASTMAN added a post in a topic Lookout Model Car Parts?   

    Yea, Matt Conte (Lookout Design) has all but stopped selling other than E-Bay. He has had a run of bad luck that I would not wish upon anyone!!! It is a real bummer because he had alot of great stuff. If you are listening Matt, let us know how you are doing!!!! KT