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  1. Brett Barrow added a post in a topic Revell Nascar Fusion?   

    The test shot to me looks like it had Top Fuel slicks on it. Possibly that's all the builder had on hand.   The front suspension definitely needs narrowing (the snappers needed it, too), modern Cup cars have the tires tucked way up in the body.   It's hard to tell, but it looks like they may have completely left off the splitter on the Ford (the Chevy looks much better in this area or Jay added one).  The splitter is a pretty top-secret part so it wouldn't seem too hard to believe if they didn't have access to one.    And the '16 splitter shape is much different than the '17 splitter which I'm sure is part of it.  Like I said before, the body looks pretty good for a '16 car.  
  2. Brett Barrow added a post in a topic Revell Nascar Fusion?   

    Shows how much I've been paying attention...   
  3. Brett Barrow added a post in a topic ~90% Plus Shipping Charge ????~   

    If if were $30 with $7 shipping, would it make a difference?  Subconsciously it does.   People don't factor in shipping when shopping online for some reason.  I see it everyday at work.  
    Or he could be using a shipping calculator and that just what it costs.  FedEx or UPS a good distance across the country $17 wouldn't be out of the question.   
  4. Brett Barrow added a post in a topic Harbor Freight Lathe (WoodWorking)   

    Yep, pen turning is all about the mandrels.  It's a #1 Morse taper, just make sure the mandrel is a #1.  A Pen Press is handy, too, if you don't have a wood working vise to press the brass inserts into the blanks.  And the thing (I forget what it's called - barrel trimmer?) that cuts the blank flush with the brass insert.  
  5. Brett Barrow added a post in a topic Revell Nascar Fusion?   

    i haven't heard anything official, but the hood, cylinder heads, valve covers and headers are on a separate tree so it's clear they have designed it to accommodate different makes.  Like I said, Chevy is switching to a new body next year and Toyota is actually using the '18 Camry a year early so that makes the most sense since it will be used for the next few years.  
  6. Brett Barrow added a post in a topic Revell Nascar Fusion?   

    The tires in the kit aren't the ones seen on the test shot and box photos, they don't look too bad. They might be the ones from the snapper, I don't have one handy to compare.  This kit is for stock so I didn't open up the inner bags, apologies I couldn't get a clearer picture.    Has the digital dash as well, I think the test shot had gauges. Not a bad looking kit.  Body is 2016 spec (taller spoiler and no flare on the side skirts.)  Shark fin is one piece instead of split at the deck lid, only thing that jumped out at me as glaringly wrong.  Roof has the roof hatch, not all teams use it and only at certain tracks, so that may need to be filled.   All in all a nice looking kit.  Hope they do other makes (although I bet they wait on the Chevy as they're changing bodies next year).  

  7. Brett Barrow added a post in a topic Foose Ford Pickup photos...   

    If I ever get around to doing one I plan on doing it black as I like trying to replicate real vehicles I find pictures of. Since there's only one of these, there's only one to replicate! 
    Raw wood with painted strips, most likely.  
    Here's the Foose truck's bed, in case anyone was wondering:
  8. Brett Barrow added a post in a topic More on Molotow pens   

    Yeah, once they dry for a couple weeks they're not too bad.  
  9. Brett Barrow added a post in a topic First post, question about '68 Roadrunner class   

    Ron made a very good guess.  Roadrunners and Super Bees with the 335HP-rated 383 were in E/S or E/SA (A for Automatic).  Other B-Bodies with 330HP-rated 383's were F/S and F/SA.  You'd most likely see an open element air cleaner or no air cleaner at all.  
  10. Brett Barrow added a post in a topic M67 Zippo Conversion   

    The Monogram M48A2 is 35th. (At least it's closer to 35th than it is to 32nd. Hull's a little bit big but figures and turret are definitely 35th) Some boxings were labeled 32nd to better tie in with their other 32nd kits at the time.  
  11. Brett Barrow added a post in a topic Over the top ads in post!!   

    Online dating sites seem to trigger Russian Mail Order Bride ads.   But on this site it's probably just a broad ad buy. they know the demographics for the site are heavily male.     Everybody will probably see it eventually.  Ad blockers are great, I have one on every computer I surf the web on except the one work computer I use on Saturdays and I forget how much they block until I use this one. 
    edit - is it the one that says "You have unread messages" and looks like a Facebook page?  it came up on this one.  You can click the X and tell it you don't want to see it anymore if it's bugging you.  Ad buys are packaged together, the site doesn't really control what buys in and the buyers don't really know exactly what sites their ads will show up on. 
  12. Brett Barrow added a post in a topic Foose Ford Pickup photos...   

    I think the cowl right under the windshield is the most radical alteration of the entire truck.  Stock there's a "ski-jump" from the hood up to the windshield and the Foose truck gets rid of that.  The windshield sits much closer to the flat part of the hood/cowl. 

  13. Brett Barrow added a post in a topic 69 Corvette   

    It's a replica of a Daytona Yellow L71 originally sold through Yenko Chevrolet that's now owned by the guy who runs Supercar Workshop which is pretty much the continuation of Yenko Performance.
  14. Brett Barrow added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell Ford FD-100 Pickup   

    Stock location, behind the seat.  There's a filler cap on the passenger side of the cab.  
  15. Brett Barrow added a post in a topic Anyone Remember "mini Lindy's"?????   

    They're supposed to be bringing a couple sets out later this year.  Monte Carlo, Mustang and Charger and a set of pickup trucks.