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    Yeah, it was. It was an MPC kit first. The full-size one was just built at Barris' shop.

    The Hard Hat Hauler. It had Kennedy, Reagan (then Governor of California) Spiro Agnew (then Vice-President) and Edmund Muskie (a Senator from Maine who ran for VP in 68). Meant to tie into the rising "hard-hats" political movement of the early 70's (basically the anti-hippies). http://www.barris.com/carsgallery/noveltyproduct/hardhathauler.php
  3. Gulf Ford GT Color?

    Well, it's not a real car anyway*, so paint it whatever light blue you want. Several companies (MCW, Scalefinishes, Zero Paints, etc...) make the old 60's Gulf colors but the old blue was pretty pale compared to what's shown on the box. *there are some blue & orange tributes but they're not really Gulf-sponsored or licensed.
  4. Coast to Coast’s Art Bell

    I used to occasionally fall asleep listening to Phillies games on the radio and when I'd wake up this dude would be on. I never could tell if it was real, or just some kind of X-Files-on-the-radio/War of the Worlds-type performance art.
  5. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Well, of the $3.9 million purchase, $3 million was just for the stock-on-hand kits already in Illinois. The molds were only $50,000.
  6. any good model stores within 2 or so hours of nj

    There's AAA Hobbies in Magnolia, South Jersey. Ok, maybe I'm a bit biased since I work there part time but they're the retail arm of Stevens International so they have access to everything they carry and that's pretty much all current model car companies. No old stuff, though.
  7. Tamiya TS-67 IJN Gray?

    It looks pretty neutral to me, both the can lid and the bottle version (XF-77). AS-4 Grey Violet might be a better candidate, it's one of the Luftwaffe grays Snake mentioned (I get my 74 & 75 mixed up)
  8. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Yep, Revell Germany since wasn't part of the bankruptcy filing they've been able to continue throughout with close to normal day-to-day operations. I expect we'll hear something fairly soon re: US Revell as I'm sure the new owners will want to get the cashflow moving as soon as possible. But so far, nothing.
  9. STOP THE PRESS! All new 1977 Oldsmobile NASCAR kit

    We're taking pre-orders for this now, expecting to ship late April/early May. https://www.megahobby.com/products/preorder-1977-oldsmobile-442-buddy-bakers-napa-gray-ghost-1-25-salvinos-jr.html
  10. Favorite police procedural/crime dramas

    The Fall, on Netflix. A London Met Police Detective (Gillian Anderson) gets called in to lead the hunt for a serial killer (Jaime Dornan) in Northern Ireland. You know he's the killer from the start and see things from his view, how he hides behind a family man persona. Great show. Super dark. I think it's her best ever role.
  11. Positives to come from the Revell Deal?

  12. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    I suspect they bought Tower just for the name/domain and their customer database. I feel pretty confident that by the fall Tower will just redirect to Horizon's retail site and maybe they'll just end up rebranding the Horizon site as the new Tower Hobbies. But Horizon wholesale has made clear to the rest of the industry that they will not be handling the plastic lines going forward and since Tower was 100% just stuff GP handled I suspect the new Tower (if it continues at all) will just be stuff that Horizon handles. I never got the impression plastics was a big part of Tower's business anyway.
  13. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Horizon has no desire to do anything with plastic models. They've made it clear that their purchase only related to the R/C parts of the company. I can tell you because I work next door to them that Stevens has been in like Christmas-levels of busy since the whole thing started and they've added a bunch of new employees to handle the increased workload. It's probably only going to get busier as this whole thing shakes out. GP was huge and with Horizon not handling plastics that leaves Stevens as the top plastics distributor now. I feel like if the new Revell wants to keep US sales at the level they're at they'll need some sort of US warehouse/central distribution. I don't think the independent distributors could handle it right now.
  14. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    I'd just like to add that so far we have no idea whether they will keep any kind of US presence, a warehouse or distribution center or anything or if everything will just come out of Germany. I'll pass along anything I hear.
  15. Why AMT?????

    A few weeks back I had someone try to return an AMT kit because it only had 3 of some extra unused wheels. When they called and said the kit was missing parts I asked what was the part number and they said "I don't know it's a different set of wheels not mentioned in the instructions" then I had to explain they were for a different version of the tooling. "I know but I want to use them on a different model" I sent a parts request into Round 2 for them anyway, never did hear back if they sent one out. Here it's probably just a matter of some of the parts being on a part of the runner that was previously blocked off (one of the things Round2 has done since taking over the AMT and MPC brands is open up all the parts of runners that were previously blocked off in order to build a complete inventory of what parts tooling was still usable) and the other parts being located on an insert that gets installed for the other versions and would probably swap out for parts that are needed in this particular version.