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  1. I dig the stance 100% for anything else, but for a true replica of a 60's Super Stock, it should be a little higher, especially in the front. The top of the front tire should be visible under the fender, and the car should set level, or just slightly leaning to the rear. Here's an article from Muscle Car Review I scanned the other day (for a totally unrelated reason ) It's about a 62 Royal Bob Cat and 62 Galaxie. http://public.fotki.com/barrowb98/1962-super-stocks/ And here's a Phantom Bubbletop 62 Catalina with that stance!!!! http://carcraft.automotive.com/85823/ccrp-0806-1962-pontiac-catalina/index.html And by all means, if you're just going for a super cool model, forget everything I just said!!! Build 'em how you like!!!! edit - I wanted to ask a question! I noticed on some of your other builds with black chassis (Hurst Olds specifically , there's some sort of dirt effect you've done, is that with the Citadel washes also?
  2. That is sweeeeet! I need some deep 'n wide steelies all-the-way-around for my current '62 Impala (and nothing in my stash was right), now I can mod the kit wheels!
  3. Looks great! Did you just cut out the "scoop" at the front of the hood bulge? I can't tell if there's mesh or PE in there. I've been holding out hope for a non-pontoon TR58 (or 59/60) from Hasegawa, but I might just have to crack down and get this one now that I've heard there's a way around the bulkhead-cracking-the-fender-seam issue. I think the wheels look as good as PE wheels can, especially once they're painted silver (which is 100% correct for this era) Why can't they just mold everything in white!?!?!? Wouldn't have to be so careful!
  4. This model makes me wish I had a Woody in the collection. Maybe I'll pick up the '48 when it's re-issued, I've got to try that veneer technique!
  5. From this thread - http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=19508&st=0 edit - just noticed the word "re-invented"
  6. That video link looks very similar to this stuff, too. http://www.cosmichrome.com/home.htm I can see where this would have applications in the hobby, but first someone needs to invent the double-nozzle airbrush. Oh, wait- Ok, how 'bout we need someone else to "invent" it??!?
  7. There's Len Carsner and Bill Coulter, who do build articles on pre-production Revell kits, I guess they could pass things on to Revell. Tim Boyd has asked for some input for Revell as well. I work for a big model distributor (although my participation here is strictly as a hobbyist), I've passed things up to my boss and co-workers(one of our salesmen is a member of the HMA board, and my boss is the chairman) that I've seen on this board and others.
  8. Just got Revell's most recent release schedule - thought I'd pass it along. June 1:25 '69 Mustang Cobra Jet 1:24 Ferrari California 1:24 '66 Shelby Mustang July 1:25 Viper SRT10 ACR 1:24 VW Samba Bus 1:25 Ed Roth Outlaw August 1:24 Kurtis Kraft Racer (SSP) 1:25 Corvette ZR-1 1:25 Dodge Hemi Dart 1:25 '48 Ford Woody 1:25 Mongoose Funny Car 1:25 Ed Roth Beatnik Bandit September 1:24 Tom Daniel Ice T 1:25 '59 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Convertible 1:25 '02 Camaro 2n1 1:25 '72 Olds Cutlass Supreme 2n1 (Moved up from Oct) 1:25 Chi Town Hustler Charger Funny Car (Moved up from Oct) October 1:25 '55 Chevy Bel Air Convertible 1:25 '59 Ford Galaxie Skyliner (SSP) November 1:25 Kurtis Midget (Edelbrock V-8/60 version) 1:24 '58 Ford Thunderbird Conv' 2n1 1:24 T'rantula 1:24 '80 Ford Bronco 2n1 December 1:24 Black Widow Model T rod (SSP) 1:25 Kurtis Midget (Offenhauser version) 1:25 Hawaiian Funny Car
  9. I was set to order some of this stuff from their site, until I got to checkout and see the $14.38 shipping cost!!!! So I dig around a little and notice that Spaz-Stix is distributed by Great Planes/Hobbico, which means any hobby shop worth a hill of beans will be able to get the stuff for you, even those that cater primarily to the R/C crowd - which appears to be Spaz-Stix' target demographic. I'm lucky that I work for a hobby shop, I'll get it at employee discount, and pay no shipping! Looking forward to trying this stuff, never had much luck with Alclad Chrome (but I looooooove their regular colors!)
  10. This might help - it looks to be a pretty thorough restoration, there's only a couple chassis pics, though. http://www.highperformancepontiac.com/features/hppp_0810_1962_pontiac_catalina_super_duty/index.html
  11. Great build article, Bill and Len. I just started working on one yesterday, I think this is one of the best kits I've ever seen out of an American model company. It really feels like a model kit for Grown-Ups. I'm glad they didn't just do a top-of-the-line Super Sport, I love the poverty caps and bench seat! I've always liked the '62 Sport Coupe, I hope they follow it up with an SS convertible. One minor complaint is the decal instructions show bumper guards front and rear, and they're not in the kit.
  12. It's #HA102 Flattning Additive - you add it to gloss paints to make them flat, it probably strips paint because it has thinner or reducer in it to make it a liquid.
  13. Was that this year or last?!?!? There's been some great kits out lately! Where would Revell's 32 Sedan fit? It's not all-new, but it's more than just a modified-reissue, right?
  14. That was kinda my point - that the people that worked on these cars didn't call 'em by the right name, so why should we worry about it? I'd rather say something wrong that people understand than be correct and have to explain myself.
  15. All New Kit - Revell Nova Modified Reissue - Revell '68 Charger or '70 Mach I Reissue - AMT '60 Starliner or AMT/Stevens Int'l Parts Pack
  16. I was just reading an article about Shelby American's involvement with the GT 40 program, according to that article, the 289-powered cars were most often refered to simply as the "GT" and the later cars were simply "Mk. II" and "Mk. IV" But, it's not 1966 and we're not Ford race team members, are we?
  17. EXACTLY. You have to speak their language, which is numbers. They probably couldn't tell the difference between the 1/25 Chevy 150 "Black Widow" and the 1/48 P-61 Black Widow, but they do know the difference between kit #4240 and #7546.
  18. Thanks, I tried every flourescent orange hobby paint I could find and none of them would cover evenly over the wheels, I was spraying over white, though, maybe next I'll try an orange base.
  19. You talkin' to me? I built one of these http://www.briansmodelcars.com/tutorials/tutorial/91 (cost more than $20 though!) I thought about making a folding version using the foamcore hinges we sell for making science project displays- I didn't glue mine together in case i ever need to take it apart.
  20. Thanks, my grandad had a '77 and an '83, knew it was somewhere in between!
  21. We got these in this week, so should be hitting your LHS next week. First up is the MPC "Class Action" Monte Carlo, box says it can be built stock, looks like a '79 or so(with T-tops ), box doesn't say what year. Comes with a neat little Honda chopper and trailer. Next is the Super Sno-Sport snowmobile in 1/20 scale 'nuff said Plus the AMT '60's TV USS Enterprise in the retro box, has a huge decal sheet with a dozen or so other ship names, plus "mirror universe" markings, if you're into that sorta thing!
  22. Hobbytown USA? A note on all these Round 2-AMT-MPC kits - they're all very limited edition runs, so buy 'em when you see 'em!!!
  23. Hate to thread-jack, but do you remember what paints you used on the Repsol Honda? I've wanted to do that bike for years, but can't find a good flourescent orange for the wheels, or a metallic blue I like for the fairings. Like the camera, too, are you using auto-white balance? I have an older Fuji FinePix and I have to manually set my white balance when I take model photos, my workbench is one setting and my new light booth is another, and when I leave it on auto for "normal" type photos it's fine, but workbench pics are green(I use "daylight" bulbs) and light booth pics are orange, I would love to have a camera I could just leave on full-auto all the time. Plus, that's great close-up with no tripod.
  24. It always amazed me that Model King and the other third-party reissuers largely ignored all that excellent 90's/00's AMT/Ertl tooling (Model King's '70 Camaro Z/28 is one exception). I'd love to see the '71 Charger reissued, I hacked mine up to make a stock car right before the Polar Lights kits came out. I'll be excited to see if they do anything different with the '62 Pontiac Catalina when that comes out, I missed it when it was new.
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