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  1. At 66, this is my first rat rod. Had a blast digging through the stash for all the parts. I had bought the resin grille and hood, cab, and pickup bed(not used) some years ago, but the bug had not yet bit. As you can see, even Lady Luck is the worse for wear!
  2. I would like to see a Gordon-Schroeder sprint car steering unit (like on the Doane Spencer roadster), a replica of the Stuart Hilborn streamliner (first hot rod to run 150 mph), the prototype fuel injection unit as a separate item, a correct stock 1932 Ford chassis, a hand pressure fuel pump, a full detail Bugatti T57SC Atlantic, a Chrysler Chronos, and a Chrysler Falcon. Never too old to dream!
  3. really nice build- did you say the base kit isn't available anymore?
  4. Rider, those bullet and maybe shrapnel holes really do look realistic! I built this version shortly after it came out- here's a couple of pics.
  5. I love this project, but haven't figured out what engine you will use- maybe a v12?
  6. I know about the 1mm tip pen, but none were available at the store. i plan to pick one of these up, too.
  7. Has anyone tried trimming molotow pen tips for finer, more accurate application? I am currently using the 2mm tip pen for the first time and am very impressed with the results. However, i was surprised how large the fiber tip is.
  8. Well, it's finally done. Overall, it captures what I wanted to achieve- a smooth, 40's style custom with a powerful engine under the hood.
  9. F&F resin cast made a very good kit of the Continental MKII. They were pricey 20 years ago and I don't think they made many. As far as I know, F&F has been long out of business and I don't know if anyone bought their molds. I have one in my stash and someday I will get up the courage to build it.
  10. Theraif, thanks much for sharing that great picture. Definitely looks like AMT may have been inspired by this little car. I wonder what kind of engine, and what displacement was used? If you have any info or a link, could you send it on? Thanks all for your positive responses to this different little project.
  11. Here are a few more pix.
  12. Thanks, Cobraman! Once in a while my paint jobs come out well- this was Testor's dark red with Testor's clear to seal the decals.
  13. Well, it's been awhile since I posted anything, but in between working on my 1936 Ford 3 window coupe I put together what I consider one of the great bonus kits by AMT. I got an upper body, canopy, and belly pan of the streamlined go-kart as part of a trade- no chassis, engine, wheels or tires. I decided to go radical and built a dohc straight four from half of a grand prix racing engine, mounted sidewinder style, with a supercharger and dual throat carb. The belly pan was not salvageable (I decided to display it as though it had been wrecked), so I asked Norm Weber for a replacement which he graciously supplied. The frame, drive train, and running gear were put together from bits and pieces. The original exhaust exit holes in the body were filled in and a new one cut in the belly pan for the 4 into 1 exhaust. The wheels are cut down salt flats discs from the AMT Avanti, and the tires are o-rings. The seat is from a Green Hornet with a scratch built head rest.The trailer was a built-up haul away trailer I modified to fit the kart (needed to be wider between the fenders). For fun, I decided to use my rebuilt Black Widow as the tow truck. All the pictures were shot with my wife's I-phone- amazing how good camera phones have become! I will have some additional photos soon when Betsy has a chance to resize and e-mail them to me.
  14. Added some update pix- the chassis is now rolling and the engine is mostly done except for the drive belts. The carb manifold is still loose so I can add fuel lines and carb linkages and route them to the fire wall after final assembly. I am discovering that breaking down construction into smaller, specific projects helps me focus and actually make progress- never too old to learn! Paul
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