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  1. Karl, probably bombers or fighters about 10" long or so- scale is not important- can be larger or smaller- probably WW2 era would be best- thanks for responding!
  2. I am looking for junk airplanes mainly for shapes. Planning a project to build a late 40's to early 50's idea car.
  3. If you still have the PT109, what is its approximate length in actual inches? I see the hull as a great starting point for a larger cruiser than the AMT 3 in 1.
  4. I seem to recall Don had a body for the Phantom Corsair, also a Duesenberg boattail speedster. I don't know if he produced any similar bodies. Can anyone supply info about these, maybe even a copy of his product list? This would at least be a cool piece of memorabilia. Thanks to any and all......
  5. Beautiful old school custom, love the paint color!
  6. Pat, that's a great little camper trailer! Looks small enough to be towed by an MGTC or a Mini!
  7. Great color- I'm a sucker for maroon or dark red- looking forward to more photos.
  8. So far, the Elmer's clear glue is holding well, including being transported on two car rides of 40 miles each way. I didn't keep track of the drying time- maybe the next project!
  9. Does anyone know if a conversion kit was ever made for the AMT 1936 Ford to build a 1935 Ford?
  10. Thanks all. I discovered several of my photos were saved as bitmap format. I am working on resaving them as jpegs to post.
  11. Avoid high and low temperatures, high humidity or any other moisture.
  12. Some years ago I built a Midcoast Models dory kit. The instructions suggested a yacht tender but- since I grew up in Gloucester, Massachusetts, I decided to build a working long line dory instead. I have a copy of a book about the schooner Adventure, the last long line fishing schooner, with a lot of reference photos. Their last trip was in 1953, same year I was born. The first picture is a typical build- the others are my build.
  13. Guys, try Micromark as another source. I never use the smaller bits in a power tool- only with a pin vise. The one I use has a 4 jaw chuck and a sliding collar for tightening. This was part of my dad's watchmaking tools so probably dates to the 40's. Some of my drill bits date back that far too- maybe better quality back then?
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