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  1. Greg, I would also like to try making hinges for 32 Fords, maybe Model A's, the 37 Ford pickup, etc.
  2. They do work pretty good for a first try. I think the basic design is pretty sound but needs refining. Better bending and smaller stock will be next as well as buying stock in some superglue companies (not on this project), and I still want to look into eyeglass hinges (absolutely no pun intended there- yeah, right!) The idea is that paint will do a lot of covering up of the coiled wire. It will help that this will be a weathered model and the hinges will be a bit rusty. Next will be attaching the exhaust headers to the hemi and figuring out how to snake the exhaust pipes around the main and auxiliary drive trains- there will be vertical stacks through the running boards behind the cab. After that is worked out I will start on painting and weathering.
  3. Thanks everyone, the encouragement means a lot! The body still needs a lot of work- that was supposed to be mainly plastic to plastic gluing with a little filler- LOL!!!!!!!😁
  4. Got the distributor built and the wiring done- here's a couple pix: Next step for the engine is the cross over tubes from the superchargers to the intercoolers.
  5. Earlier in this post I showed a method to create door hinges. The first experiment failed because the wire tails and brass tongues on the channel were too short. However, the method was still promising and I built new hinges with longer tails and tongues. They worked! Here are some pix of the results. I will post additional pix when I shoot a coat of primer.
  6. That kit was great when it was first released, and its looks just as good today. You did a great job and I love the color!
  7. Those carbs on the Caddy look really good!
  8. Thank you so much for sharing! I particularly remember the Auburn Cabin Speedster- dental floss for the wicker seats if I recall- got me looking at alternate materials and seeing shapes rather than just parts.
  9. Thank you all for sharing, and nice 442!
  10. Ricky, thanks for the tips and info. The line will extend the entire length of a rather long car so I would have to splice decals together. Another thought- what about very thin striping tape? Another thing I have never used- how does it stick and can it be clear coated?
  11. I have never had much occasion to do masking, but I have a project which would benefit from a very thin stripe. Micromark has advertised Parafilm masking material for years, but I would like a precut straight line. Has anyone had good experiences with Scotch tape? The stripe would be over the main paint color and I wouldn't want to damage it when it's removed. Any tips or suggestions more than welcome.
  12. I saw Doug's 1953 Studebaker at the NNL Est meet. I also bought a second copy of Scale Auto with this model as the center fold, which now hangs over my workbench for inspiration. Not only is it one of the most amazing models, I would love to see a full size one. Doug's podcast is great- I look forward to many more!
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