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  1. See the You Ess Aye in your- FORD! Seriously, your back ground pic is great, and compliments some great models!
  2. Looking for the fender extensions included in the Revell 1948 Ford coupe kit. Could use 2 or 3 pairs if available. Also interested in AMT styline parts- not so much grilles and lights but the parts to change the sheet metal. Could also use 1939 Ford headlights. Thanks for any help.
  3. I will get some pix of what I have, when I get a minute.
  4. Great job on the chop, paint is great- my favorite custom and hot rod color! I like that the engine isn't sticking through the hood- preserves the clean lines and also makes it a real sleeper!
  5. Did Rod and Kulture morph into Ol' Skool Rodz, or is that a separate publication? Also interested in the Hot Rod Deluxe mags. What might you like in trade?
  6. Could you post pix of the rat rod mags?
  7. Guess I'll have to build my own- I really need another project- but that is really inspiring!
  8. That maroon is just gorgeous! Great color pick!
  9. About the best weathering job I have seen! Will be using this one as a reference for my 46 Power Wagon!
  10. I have one of these and the panel van. When I get around to them I will keep your beautiful build in mind!
  11. What a great idea and project! Are there plans for resin copies? And yes, it needs a V-16- perhaps something like this?
  12. great looking rod and really fun to follow along with the build!
  13. Absolutely, utterly astounding! Reminds me a bit of an M. C. Escher print.
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