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  1. I would leave it as is- the new T-bird parts may not fit due to the body being a bit wider.
  2. The results more than make up for any building tribulations! This is a great model!
  3. Great looking start, maybe set the spare tire lower and closer. Will follow this one!
  4. Micromark has fine drill bit sets and also packages of a single size bit handy for replacing easily broken small ones.
  5. That beast of Turin- I keep waiting for those wire wheels to collapse! There have been some Miller racing cars in 1/25th scale, but all multimedia (resin and white metal) and a little fiddly to get together. It would be great even to have supercharged engines available! In the early sixties I got a book called “The Mad Motorists”, about the 1907 Peking to Paris race. Fascinating cars- Itala, Spyker, Contal tri-car, DeDion- back when almost everything was an experiment! I think this was the first multi continent race- can’t call it a road race because there were no roads!
  6. Still waiting for mine- got a subscription renewal saying I should receive issue #209 before it runs out- anyone else still waiting?
  7. I just received some goodies from an old friend who is moving from the east coast to the west coast. Several parcels of basswood strips, a balsa airplane, and something called Space Clusters which assembles into 3d geometric shapes using neon colored plastic rods. Question- does anyone know if these rods are styrene? These could be useful in some interesting new ways........
  8. To me, model building is an artistic and creative outlet. Lately I am getting into kitbashing and scratch building to get something unique and expressing my own vision.
  9. I also have an original AMT chopped top if you are interested.
  10. Thatz4u, I have a 36 Ford dropped axle as well as several of the Pontiac engines with all the speed goodies. One has a set of scratch built headers you might have some fun with. PM me with your address and let’s see what we can swap for!
  11. I seem to remember a Frontenac option but don’t remember the kit- perhaps Tim Boyd could help?
  12. I have always admired this engine design with the cam and supercharger drive at the center of the engine- greatly reduces cam shaft torquing. Your model looks totally realistic- beautiful job!
  13. I am building a boat and would like to add the name on the stern in gold leaf letters. Does anyone make a lettering sheet where you could cut out and apply individual letters?
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