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  1. That is drop dead gorgeous! Best build of the AMT 36 Ford I have ever seen! (including my own)
  2. Scotland to the rescue! Got my 40 standard hood today and it's perfect! Now I can continue this project! I love the profile of the 39 and 40 standards!
  3. Here's a mock up of a 1941 Willys roadster project- going to be very Art Deco style with Kelsey Hayes wire wheels and a blown Ardun flathead. Rear cowl is a portion of the same area from a Pyro Cord.
  4. Great fifties style hot rod! Love the Come and Arrest Me Red!
  5. That's the most diverse collection of Deuces by one builder I have ever seen! I followed your build thread for quite awhile and enjoyed it!
  6. Looks promising so far! Any thought for an engine yet? And side pipes......................
  7. That exhaust system is great! As usual, looking forward to more progress!
  8. Possibly the best diorama I have seen in many years! You could look for hours and keep seeing details. Your figure work is great- looks like lots of modifications to whatever you started with!
  9. This is looking super! Great weathering and detailing! How did you get the shirt from a picture, on to the figure? Maisto make fairly inexpensive motorcycle models which can be disassembled and rebuilt, including Harley Davidson knuckleheads, panheads, shovelheads, etc.
  10. Thanks much, I have some ideas- won't be limited to the 50 Ford!
  11. Well, since Ford never made a Zephyr, they MIGHT have used whatever sheet metal was available from their shelves..........................................
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