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  1. Wow, somewhat complex! It appears that additional heavy timber next to the keel and between the ribs is used as an engine mounting bed. The engine is then bolted to these using a mounting pad bolted to the wood and in turn the engine mount plates are bolted to these.
  2. Sounds like a plan, Tim. I have learned so much from other members sharing ideas and techniques. BTW, I used fishing lure spinner propellers for my 4 blade props, since I could not find props small enough on line.
  3. A very tasty project indeed! I too am figuring out the engine mounting and marine plumbing as I go- I might just wear out the internet looking for reference photos! If I find something useful I can either post it here or pm you. Des that work for you?
  4. Please replicate the boom in the 1:1 photo! Way cool and makes that rig!
  5. Great project and great pix of Deuce days Thanks for sharing.
  6. Togetherness is a wonderful thing- the Power Wagon is together! Still needs a lot of additional details and more weathering. Need to fabricate hold down straps for the tool box, stone guards for the head lights, chain attachments for the tow package, cable for the rear winch drum, chains, ropes, and bungee straps for the headache rack. and general mayhem in the bed!
  7. Swap Monogram Bugatti EB110, still shrink wrapped, for Revell 1949 Mercury custom or AMT Black Force slammer or 32 Ford rat roadster.
  8. More progress! Beginning the dreaded final assembly! Installed the bed, still having a problem with the drivers side door on the cab. Got up the courage to finally add the Dodge and Power Wagon decals to the grille and hood sides- and then I weathered them! Also finished and installed the power drive for the rear winch mounted on the hitch assembly which of course will tow the trailer for the big boat! Onwards through the fog, forward never straight!
  9. Isn't junk wonderful! Extend my thanks to your son who came up with the challenge and the raw materials for it! Definitely want more pix as progress continues!
  10. Beautiful engineering of a well thought out plan. This is gonna be great!
  11. Tim, thanks for the kind words- a comparison would be a great idea! We met at the Hoosier model contest and I enjoyed visiting with you. The next step on the boat will be building the visible frames in the engine compartment. I am considering a V-16 Duesenberg engine using parts from the Monogram Duesey but also scratch building a lot. I guess small simple projects just don't exist for me any more...........................
  12. Sometimes it really pays to work with glue bombs and junk, plus its recycling, right?
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