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  1. Modelers, keep them coming! This is getting really interesting. I would like to add a good 1/25th scale Harley Davidson knucklehead (my personal favorite).
  2. Everybody has one- a list of models never released, not released in a scale you build, or only as something so inaccurate as to be useless. Here's mine, all 1/25th scale: 1932 Ford with a completely stock, accurate, and super detailed chassis Bugatti T57SC Atlantic coupe Chrysler Chronos Fred Frame Duesenberg racing car Dry lakes/Bonneville streamliners such as Shadoff Special Modern Bentleys Pontiac Solstice 1961 Lincoln Continental retool similar to 1962 Thunderbird Stuart Hilborn streamliner My list could go on and on and could include many models in need of a good retool. How about yours?
  3. Always had a soft spot for the AMT 3 in 1 boat kit, first model I built, back in 1959. Got one when they re-released it, also acquired most of a kit in trade. Another round tuit!
  4. This kit started out as either a 3 window coupe with the option of stock or chopped top, or a convertible. Later AMT converted the tooling to a 5 window coupe. This is why the top was separate. When I built the kit as a chopped coupe, there was a considerable difference in the body thickness from side to side. I added plastic to the thin side, which helped a bit.
  5. This just proves that all modelers are pickers.......
  6. Didn't get it today, but recently swapped for a built PT-109. The hull scales out at about 28' in 1/25th scale- plan to use this for a wood hulled cruiser with a v-16 engine, built in 1920's-1930's style. Lots of reference photos on line, some real inspiration there! Also have a Galaxy trailer I picked up years ago and never got inspired to build. Think I will convert it into a boat trailer. Maybe a 1937 Ford pickup as a tow vehicle. I have already disassembled the boat, the hull and deck separated very easily with no damage at all. Some of the deck details are molded in relief so I filled the underside recesses with 2 part epoxy. Cedar cigar wrapping for the hull and deck, also some leftover wood for trim and structure as needed. Need another project like a hole in the head, but this one is giving me the itch!
  7. All these? In one year? Amazing builds each and every one! It takes me a year just to get one decent paint job done!
  8. Your detailing is superbly done- perfectly in scale and flawlessly neat- one problem- how will you ever top this?!?!?! Do you have another project in the works? If so, please share!
  9. Personally, I like the look of a rolled pan front and rear- often 40's-50's bumpers look way to heavy and prominent- not in harmony with the clean smooth lines you have achieved.
  10. The wealth of shared knowledge on this forum is amazing and invaluable!
  11. Nice job- like the yellow fog light and the chassis and running gear treatments. Looks ready for the next T.R.O.G. meet!
  12. Really like the Black Widow, the grille painted to match the body is a great idea!
  13. Been following this, love the concept and your build commentary. How about a trailer hitch for towing a boat or??????
  14. The Monogram 427 Cobras have a good 427 side oiler, but they're in 1/24th scale.
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