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  1. Thanks for posting so many great pix! A few of mine seem to have caught your eye- you caught the details perfectly!
  2. Inspired by some wide tires I found at the C.A.R.B.S. show, I started mocking up and putting together another rat rod- this one will be mostly blue. Body is the Revell 32 Ford 3 window coupe with a chop. Front axle is from a 50 Ford truck and will have posable steering. Rear end is a champ quick change with everything beefed up. Engine will be an Ardun flat head with a blower and a Muncie rock crusher transmission.
  3. Haven't been take pix lately, here are some updates.
  4. Finally got around to photographing the engine and interior- the interior is hard to see with the chopped top.
  5. Will also consider any maroon rattle can paint- solid, metallic, pearl, etc. -seem to be difficult colors to find!
  6. Please pm me with more info on the Ardun flat head with the S.C.o.T. blower- such as price?
  7. Still looking for this- got other paint but no maroon.
  8. Amen to the quick fix pack, used more than once! I have cut up sweatshirt material and a lot of foam rubber, but just never tried to pack anything as large as the trailer and boat- will try a shallow storage tub since I don't have a clear container that large.
  9. Any tips, techniques, etc. you might want to share- will be attempting to transport a larger than usual model (actually models). The bout can be removed and set on a display stand.
  10. Another one- learned the hard way you can't spray clear over Molotow..................................................
  11. Betsy and I currently have 3 cats and 2 little pooches- the model room door is always closed! My biggest oh @#$% moment always involves paint!
  12. Nice vintage tool! Good gripping handle for control.
  13. I too am a fan of Norm's work and have many of his parts- looks like you modified a 4bbl manifold for 4 carbs.
  14. And then there is nose, deck, and shave- basically removing all lettering, emblems, trim, and factory decoration, and dechroming, which usually meant painting chrome trim (light bezels, etc.) the same color as the body.
  15. Leroy, thanks! Let me know what you might like or need in return.
  16. Anyone have a can or two they might part with?
  17. Misha, is that a 4 carb manifold? If so, did your buy it or build it?
  18. Eric, that's where its from, the only kit with that style and set up. One of my go to favorites.
  19. Thanks again! The wheels are the Kelsey Hayes wires from the Revell 32 Ford sedan. No idea what the tires were from. Still want to get more pix posted.
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