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  1. Thanks for the info! I will probably do something similar for the ones I want.
  2. Figured out a possible way to mock up the windshield frame. Cut a strip of waxed paper and taped it over the cowl area. The translucent waxed paper allows you to see what is under it. I then used a bit of white glue to position the central divider, then more glue to hold the two bottom channels in proper relation to the divider and the cowl vee. So far so good. Now the risky part- applying super glue to the joint between the channels and the divider. This is now drying, with a possibility of applying more. In the mean time, I grabbed my trusty card stock to cut a template for the windshield glass. Here is the rest of my cunning plan- once I have removed the waxed paper I hope to soak off the white glue while the superglue joints remain intact, leaving my windshield frame intact. If it hangs together, next will be Molotow. I have a plastic box from which I plan to cut the glass. Installing it should strengthen the frame, allowing it to be installed as a single finished unit.
  3. That is one incredible custom- a little bit of ol' skool, a little bit of new skool, and a whole lot of craftsmanship and styling sense! You packed a lot in one little package!
  4. Need some side pipes/lakes pipes for some fifties style customs projects. Need parts? Got parts!
  5. Made some progress on this project- finished the engine, created some pedals, cleaned up and restored the chrome on the exhaust tips and rear view mirror, created and installed hood hinges made from jumbo paper clips and styrene tube- worked right the first time! Also started sculpting on the long awaited egg crate grille! My scrap box yielded some chrome pieces which I stripped and cobbled together to form the center of the vee windshield and devised a way using waxed paper taped in place to properly place the bottom troughs for the window glass to match the cowl contours- pix on this soon.
  6. Go to a yarn shop and ask for roving- it's used for stuffing needle felting projects.
  7. Another thing you could try after getting everything as good as possible with sanding and polishing would be to spray it with clear gloss.
  8. How are the finances? Still interested?
  9. Although I don't build aircraft, these are amazing! I do have a question- I can't find wheel pants useable in 1/25th scale for cars- most are way too big- any leads?
  10. Kool Kustom, love the Kat decal, and haven't electronics come a long way!
  11. Great looking rod! Looks like you lowered it a bit- great stance, beautiful color!
  12. Any glue bomb of a model that is rare or only produced once and never reissued, such as SMP/AMT annuals is always worth a shot at restoration. Another thought- create a little junk yard diorama to display your finds-add a little body shop with something being restored- and always get pix of before, during, and after restoration!
  13. That is just plain wonderful! What a great family hot rod! I would keep the wheel and tire combo- they look just right! My late father-in-law had a 39 Chevy master deluxe sedan that was our wedding car, very similar vibes, and you will create the same memories for your family.
  14. Al, thanks for taking time to look. If they do turn up, just drop me a line.
  15. You do indeed! I like the chassis pinned to the corkboard!
  16. Just completed great trades with Mike1017 and Chris Chabre.
  17. Looks very healthy, but also sick!😁
  18. So low key, then you blows their doors off! That is one great model! Tell us more about those beautiful wire wheels!
  19. If you need more quick changes including axle tubes, contact Replicas and Miniatures- Norm also has a bunch of flathead parts and Deuce parts- sometimes the stash gives out despite our best efforts to repurpose and recycle!
  20. Really cool old school rod- pulled together from what's on hand, just like the old days- one suggestion-sand the slicks 'cause I'm sure a few burnouts were done to test out the drive and power train!😁
  21. If you don't need those quick changes....😁 With a z'd frame in the works, I am assuming non stock builds? I suspect there will be some sleepers!
  22. Maybe some other attendees could contribute pix, then we could have a claim game if people recognize their project!
  23. Can't tell through the windows- original or redone interior? If you keep the six, maybe work it up like a Hudson Hornet? My dad had a 53 ranchwagon with a rebuilt straight six- was that originally a truck engine? With a six, there was a lot of leftover space under the hood.
  24. Forgot the scale- a thought occurs- maybe something form the world of 1/18th scale die casts? seem to recall people advertising diecast parts on evilbay some years ago- haven't visited in a very long time.
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