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  1. For those who are interested in lower Nascar. Here is a replica of a succesful Canadian racer on both american and canadian oval. The chassis is scratchbuilt and wheels / body from Ron Coon resin..
  2. Thank you fellows, I appreciate your comments. This build was fun, the only little bog is that if you glue the body, you can't show the engine set-up, so I left it unglued. That's why we see an opening on the wasteline. On my display it does'nt matter much.
  3. Thank you for the comments. I agree this was a wild colour combo. It surely grab attention when driving downtown, not sure I'd enjoyed it but it is beautiful in it's own way...Anyway this is a must in a Corvette collection I'm building... Thanks again
  4. Here is my Corvette Pace Car from 1998. A Revell kit that is painted GM Radar Blue base coat with catalysed clear. This kit gave me trouble with the decals as the were very brittle. I bought 3 kits to have it right. Beside that it is built box stock. I like the result, what do you think.
  5. That a beauty, Well done...all those decals...Great job
  6. Just finished this little racer. It was an experienc from the builder. The engine is a 4 cylinders made from a Pontiac V8. Was a fun built to do. Only thing is that the 2 parts of the cowling would have been looking better if the were glued together before painting. I left it unglued th show what is the car inside...
  7. Most of these King Cobras were delivered at the dealers to create traffic in the showroom .
  8. 1968 Cobra Jet Mustang...
  9. 2009 Mustang Bullitt...Painted with Ford code paint
  10. The first Boss 302 weve seen. The one used for media promotion...
  11. Here's a rare one. A 1978 King Cobra optioned Mustang
  12. Wow Mustangs...Yes. Have to congratulate everyone here, these are superb Mustang. I will post some of mine
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