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  1. It is time for my family to move. This is were all of you come in. I have three cases full of built models that I need to pack up so we can show the house. Any tips on how to pack them up. Last time I did this 5 out of 8 did not make it without some type of damage. Any tips or pointers would be great. Thanks
  2. John this looks great!!!! My only question is how do you plan to get this form Cali to FL to give to your dad?
  3. Great build! Great movie!
  4. Please explain to me why a Marine is wearing Army camies. That would have burn my skin to wear those ugly things. Semper Fi!!!
  5. I just built this kit and I to really enjoyed it to. Yours is looking great! I went with light green peral and a white top. Toss in a top chop and some wide white and I you got my version. Keep up the good work!
  6. That is AWESOME!!!!! The paint scheme will be the same but just different colors. Thanks for posting it. It has given me great motivation.
  7. I guess that I can understand why they do it that way. If I paid that much for a car I would want the best service for the entire life of the car. Maybe I will send them a picture of the final build and see if I get a response.
  8. Finally finished the interior. 99% done! I will be taking this to IPMS Indy next week.
  9. I am thinking that a small white bead. Then just fill one side of it. Just a thought. Keep up the great work!
  10. Here is what I have been up to. First up interior I picked out the door panels and the front seat from the parts box. I think they are from the 36 Ford not sure though. I am going to cover up the panels with my own design. I also filled in the back of the seat. Next I was able to find these blue stones that I think scream 1% The dash was next to get a update. The dash was from the parts box, some year Corvette. Not to sure about this. Tried to make it look more realistic. I hollowed it out then filled it with styrene strips That is all for now. Thanks for following along.
  11. Thanks for the kind words all. I am really enjoying this build and it seems to be moving along nicely. I was able to get a little work done this evening. Here goes! First I scribes out the new door. I taped it off so that you can see it. Next I dumped the winged hood and made it a single. I think I want it to hinge forward. Lastly I removed the wood decals on both sides and almost finished off sanding the roof smooth I also picked my colors. They will be Testors White Lighting and Tamyia Mica Blue. Thanks for looking.
  12. Sam this is a Zingers kit. Thanks for your other comments!
  13. Artemis1759 to answer your question the tail gate was that way when I pulled it out of the box. I really did not notice until you said something. It is really curved now that I look at it.
  14. Thanks Jantrix for the tip. I tired five time to get the truck cut in but I was never able to get it right so it was deleted. Thank you to everyone else for the comments. the interior is almost complete and I should be able to post them soon.
  15. Sorry about that I even checked the spelling before I posted. Thank you for all of the nice comments. I am think that I need to pie cut the deck lid to make it a little more stream line. What do you all of you think? Tonight I hope to turn the hood from a two piece to a single piece and a few other things. Does anyone know what it a good fat/wide white wall tire. I do not want to rod my only good set from my Revell 49 Merc. Thanks again.
  16. Like many of my builds they start as one thing and then change to something else. First it was this. Then it was this. The grand finally. Almost done. Comments welcome.
  17. This is a new project that I am working on. Not sure of the manufacturer but it is a simple kit. I built it first as the World's Most Expensive Lowrider. However I grew tired of looking at it and decide it had to go. After reading GrandpaMcGruck country club hot rod I though that he may need some company and the next club golf tournament. Thanks for the inspiration GrandpaMcGruck! Here it is when it started Here it is now Comments welcome
  18. I have seen a 1/32 scale mid 70's Camino but that is it. TRUST ME I have looked for years.
  19. Thank you all fir the comments. This model was a first for me in a lot of areas. For example I had never cleared over BMF. Thanks again all for nice comments Champagne Gold Metallic plus clear
  20. Thanks for the kind words. I was not a big fan either but it was a fun kit and a reason to build something for my new born baby girl. I would for sure build another model from this series.
  21. Thanks all. The colors are lime green metallic, champagne gold metallic, and light gun metal pinstrip. I would love to build another one in the future Thanks again for all of the comments!
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