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  1. If the promo is a 54, I can't help you except provide the correct engine. If it's a 55, it's an entirely different story. I am currently working on correcting a very screwed up cad file from Hum 3d. It is a challenge, to say the least. This is where I'm currently at.
  2. The 54 Dodge did not have a poly head engine based on the hemi engine. They didn't start until 55. If the poly engine you remarked is mine, which I'm assuming it is. it's an A block introduced in 56 for the P lymouth. The Ala Kart engine is another screw up. It's totally out of scale. Therefor, I created the correct hemi engine based on the real engine, which is in my avatar.
  3. In order to build this stock, you'll need an A block poly engine. I have them. Message me for further info is interested.
  4. The people I grew up with, as I was adopted, were older couple in there mid 40's in this time frame. They didn't hate swing music, as didn't any of my friends parents. All were content with the change and rock and roll music. Times were so different then. I'm going to give you and whoever reads this, an education on the period in question. I'm going to reveal my up bring which will reveal how it was in the period and times, The small city I grew up in was established in 1925 and the developer followed the guidelines for successful development from the then American Real Estate Association. Their guidelines said that in order to preserve real estate values on sales, those to persons of Mediterranean descent or of other than Caucasian should not be alloyed. In order to purchase in Dearborn Mi. Mayor Orville Hubbard of Dearborn practiced much the same philosophy. It wasn't just in Michigan. It was nationwide. In order to purchase property in the city i grew up in, Louise Lathrup Kelly had to approve you. There was a very social economic gap that extended to those in power. People with this mentality were running the governmental agencies in control in this time period. This old school philosophy threatened many in control at the time in question.
  5. I really doubt the source had any bearing on the resistance of older people to rock and roll. If you know anything about human nature, there are always those opposed to a eradicable change. It was a drastic generational change. Rock and roll was the integration of of Blues and country music. This was not acceptable to many older Americans of the white origin. Performance, or more con temporarily termed, concert goers exerted an amount of zeal totally out of control to many. It was seen as a threat to some in political power to a world they knew. You really had to be there during this time to understand.
  6. Such a huge influence on rock n roll. Such a huge innovator of rock n roll! I read a story about the origins of Tutti Frutti over the weekend. His original lyrics were a little more...provocative. Heck, modern music would get censored if they tried it, so for him to try that in the 50s? Pretty daring stuff! kindly give the source. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tutti_Frutti_(song)
  7. Another one of my 3d projects I've got going on. In this post, I'll give you an example of how I go about creating a 3d print. I have plans for a 55 & 56 Dodge plus 55 Plymouth. The 55 Dodge is on the drawing board as I got a file from Hum 3d. Problem is, it needs some major correcting. A poly head version is also planed. I got lucky and found an engine on a stand at my local salvage yard 3 miles from my house. It was right next to the front door of the office. Went back a few days later with a tape measure, pen and paper. I found this drawing on the net. I had also found this on the net for all 55 engines. It shows dimensions and stats for all 55 engines. Notice how much smaller the Dodge hemi is than the Chrysler. The small dimensions for the Dodge are the ploy head version.
  8. No, I wasn't exposed to R & B at this time. The only Detroit artists I knew of were Jack Scott and of course Jackie Wilson. I just learned that Barry Gordy, founder of Motown records, co-wrote three of Jackie's hits- Reet petite, Lonely tear drops and To be loved. I did check out Nolan Strong and the Diablos just now. Great Doo Wop.
  9. It wasn't so much the record execs selling Pat Boone as it was parts of this country where record resellers wouldn't sell or buyers refused to purchase records made by colored performers. I was 11 in January of 56. In the Detroit area where I grew up, there was no problem finding records of these performers. You would, however find it sold out and you couldn't find a copy. In 58 after a Chuck Berry performance turned into a riot, Boston's mayor, followed by other Northeastern states, banned Rock and Roll as an evil influence on youth. Below is a Youtube vide of the top 10 Rock and Roll Pioneers and there influence on the industry. Little Richard is number 3.
  10. So, time to move on. I wasn't happy with the white body I worked with to get the end product I wanted. The red resin just gives so much greater, crisp detail and good end results that I reprinted it yesterday. Keep in mind that it takes 8:45 hours to print. Add to that the time needed to set the print up on the software, set up the printer, and finally the post processing and curing. It's a full waking day project. scrolling up this post will give you in-site of the of the off the printer condition and the cad files. The fenders were created circa 2014-2015. In the infancy of my cad files creations. I am, after all, self taught. The following photos will show you what I did to correct the deficiencies of my files. Much simpler than to take the time to upgrade the files An easy swipe over with a nail fail and most of the problems goes away.
  11. Thanks for the positive feedback, John. I have continued work on this on a continuous basis. I've added the fuel pump and oil reservoir to complete the engine. I am showing you the files as I've only just begun the assembly.
  12. my66s55

    1958 belvedere.

    You did exceptionally fine work on detail. Everything was great until you showed under the hood. The problem is the engine.Two things. It's the wrong color. Plymouth engines in 1958 were silver. The 318 poly A block engine valve covers were gold. 2nd thing, it is a combo of the A block and B block. As a request of a member of this forum in circa 1916, I created a correct A block engine for this model and I assume that you weren't aware of these things. The single 4 bbl version exists in my 59 Plymouth convertible. The substitution of a raised block B engine with trans attached is also not accurate, as it could be a 727 trans. The 58 user the old cast iron A-488 trans. Some members of this forum possess my A block version.
  13. Phrozen is a leader in producing quality 3d resin printers. I have both the original Shuffle and the Shuffle xl plus the recently realest Sonic mini. I bought the mini on it's release in February of this year for $369+ including shipping from Phrozen. It's both faster and accurate. Currently, you can buy it off Amazon for around $300.00. It prints faster, the lcd panel lasts longer and it's a Phrozen. Check out the Facebook page. They sell out fast. Photon users are saying that it's prints are better plus being much faster. By buying the Sonic Mini, you are buying into the current technology.
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