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  1. Future of the hobby

    For printer details, go to this thread: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/128242-the-latest-in-desk-top-3d-printing-new-carb-prints-new-camera/?tab=comments#comment-1860607. The carb had to be divided into the three parts on the real one. The top and bottom are printed upright an the middle is inverted. They are printed flat on the build plate, no supports are required. Clean up is a quick bath in 91% ipa and 4 minutes in the ultrasound cleaner. Assembling the carb can be a real challenge. I use Blender to create cad files.
  2. 1958 Edsel - stock hubcaps / tires / wheels

    I have an extra kit I have used parts from and won't use these. Message me your address and send you these. I always use tracking so, I'll provide you with it.
  3. 1958 Edsel - stock hubcaps / tires / wheels

    Bill, are these what you are looking for?
  4. It's not what I think, it's what you think. It would take a Gerald Wingrove to do what you are attempting. Here are two front views of the very car you are trying to replicate. I can pick up 5, possibly 7 differences. Who can find them? First pic, your car. Then the real car.
  5. The interior door panels for this car
  6. Future of the hobby

    It's not the 3d printers that are lacking, as high resolution desktop units have been around a few years. It's the skills to use them and to create the cad files needed that is lacking. These are not filiment, but sla, dlp printers that use uv light to cure uv resin in layers as low as 10 microns and xy resolution below 50 microns. Here is an example of something I have used those skill to create and print. The printer I used cost me $620.00.
  7. Flathead

    You should be able to print those wheels with the solus. What resin are you using?
  8. Flathead

    What printer are you using to print these parts?
  9. How Old Are You

  10. Dodge Intake?

    Thanks. I'm hoping to be done with it by the end of the month. If I chose to, the intake that the OP requested would be a simple task. I have a source for the Stromberg 97 file.
  11. Engine in Monogram 29 Ford Roadster Pickup

    I'm pretty sure it's an Olds. I have one I built stock from parts of the AMT 29 roadster.
  12. Dodge Intake?

    Wouldn't it be nice if you could get a properly scaled 56 Dodge 315 hemi engine like this: With this intake with 6 Stromberg 97's on it?
  13. Dodge Intake?

    You can do what you want, but it still won't be an early Dodge hemi. It's out of scale.
  14. Using Acrylic paints

    x2. Works great for me.
  15. 1/25 AMT 1966 Mercury Hardtop

    I know. I own a convertible version. The kit is a joke.