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  1. 1/25 AMT 1966 Mercury Hardtop

    I know. I own a convertible version. The kit is a joke.
  2. transfuring paint

    Go to the Tips and Tricks section below were this question belongs and search decanting paint or paint decanting.
  3. 3 D parts

    I have no doubt that I could create and print side mirrors. I have the correct printer to make it happen and at $600, I feel it is affordable. The printer isn't the problem, it's knowledge. It is a 3 step learning curve. First, you have to learn CAD to make anything happen. Second you have to learn about the different desktop printers and choose the one that will do what you want. Third, you have to learn how to use the printer and how to achieve the setting, proper placement of the file on the build plate and more to get the desired result. It is far from plug and play.
  4. New prints, new camera: Carter wcfb carbs
  5. 1/25 AMT 1966 Mercury Hardtop

    There wern't any wire wheels on the 1966 full size Merc. What you are seeing in the kit is AMT's way to try to present these optional wire hub caps. These two hang on the wall of my garage. There is chrome on the top of the rear fenders of the 2 door hardtops however. I have a pair of the chrome spears that I took off a parts car. I laid one on the rear fender of my S55 vert to show where they appeared. I had intended to use the wire hub caps but I couldn't because I put 71 Montego disk breaks on the front to help stop. The stock 66 wheels however, wouldn't fir on the Montego hubs. I installed Torque Thrust II's all the way around instead.
  6. chrome silver

    Molotow liquid chrome marker. There are recent posts on in the this general forum.
  7. Hum3d - Large Source of 3D Modelled Autos

    They are not scans. They take "blue prints" of the front, side, top and rear and use them. Then they obtain pictures of the subject that show other views. There is no he. It's a company and I'm not too sure that the files aren't free lanced. Go here to see one source of blue prints. https://getoutlines.com/car-blueprints?utm_source=cbinfo&utm_medium=cpm&utm_campaign=cbinfo&utm_content=bar . Hum3d want $50-$60 for the same prints.
  8. Stupid Is the New Smart

    My take on the whole thing.
  9. Mopar Torqueflight Tranny???

    I already said that George.
  10. I had a red 63 in 71. Loved that car.
  11. Mopar Torqueflight Tranny???

    If your looking for a 1962 and up 727, Morgan Automotive:http://www.madmodeling.com/Item/mopar727
  12. I created this thread as an education piece to keep those who are interested in desktop 3d printing abreast with current products. In doing so, I use terminology that may be foreign to some. The size of 1 micron is 1/1000 of a millimeter. There are 25.4 millimeters in 1 inch. A piece of copy paper for your printer is 9 microns thick. A 3d printed layer of 100 microns is about 11 sheets of compressed copy paper. A 20 micron 3d printer layer is just over 2 pages of copy paper. The photo below gives you an example of the difference of 4 difference 3d printed layers. Starting with the top one at 100 microns thick, the second 50 microns, the third 35 microns and the bottom is 20 microns. You can see the difference if you count the layer lines on the right hand section of the oil pan. These "steps" are what causes the non smooth surface of a 3d print. The lower the level, the smoother the angles surface. When you print at 20 micron layer height, you can't run your finger nail over the surface and and feel any ridges.
  13. Hum3d - Large Source of 3D Modelled Autos

    So here is the reality. The price you don't see on their website.