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  1. my66s55 added a post in a topic painting the tri-color interior of a '62 Pontiac   

    I remember seeing that article and if memory serves me right, it was done by Bob Downie, aka zoom zoom on this forum.
  2. my66s55 added a post in a topic Mopar A series 318 "Poly" V8   

    With the development and advancement in desktop high detailed 3d printing, the creation of an A engine is only a few days work part time. Since I have a need for an A block engine for my 56 Modelhause Plymouth vert, I will be creating one over the next few months. I will make a limited number available to others, as I only need one. There will be an option of a 2, 4 and dual quad carb manifolds. 
  3. my66s55 added a post in a topic 3D   

    If I'm reading your post correctly, your looking for a site similar to this: Blender is one of the best software's to create 3d printable files and is free.
  4. my66s55 added a post in a topic Mopar A series 318 "Poly" V8   

    If you decide to do your own Bill, I have the heads and valve covers I drew up and printed out about 10 months ago. These are for the hemi engine that was the earlier poly version where the hemi heads where switched to the poly. The scallops on these valve covers can easily be changed to the a engine ones. The Aussie engine appears to be a modified 58 Plymouth kit engine. I chipped the lip when I removed the printing supports. I also have spark plugs that can be used.
    They fit perfectly to the hemi and 58 Plymouth kit engines.

  5. my66s55 added a post in a topic That's one small step for man......   

    Come on. Your old enough to know it was Larry Vern with Custer
  6. my66s55 added a post in a topic Most accurate kit(s) ever (1/24-25)?   

    The Morgan wheels are super, Skip. Imho, there better than the Mercedes 500 Gold Cup wheels.
  7. my66s55 added a post in a topic brushes   

    I use a toothpick for small detail painting.
  8. my66s55 added a post in a topic TV show / Movie Catch-phrases   

    Gee Wally - the Beaver
    I don't get no respect- Rodney
    Well pilgrim -the Duke
    How's your fern Clyde, Dave Garaway
    Goodnight Mrs Calabash, where ever you are-Jimmy Durante
  9. my66s55 added a post in a topic smiley faces   

  10. my66s55 added a post in a topic smiley faces   

    Oh, you mean like using capital letters where they belong? The use of smiley faces, etc, allow the poster to insert expression into there post that is missing in a post is without them. Thus, preventing, hopefully, a miss interpretation of the poster's intent.
  11. my66s55 added a post in a topic Will 3d printing at home work?   

    O.K. Let's put this back as a response to the op's original question:  "Will 3d printing work at home." The correct response is yes, with stipulations.
     Those being the following: The source of the 3d printable file. This can be achieved one of three ways. 1: Find the file on the on line. 2: You contract or have someone you know create it for you. 3: You learn cad drawing and create it yourself. Believe me, it's far from rocket science. You sure don't have to be a pro to learn and use it.
    You need the right printer. The ones in the video's above that I posted will give you as good a print as Shapeways and I have it on good source, sometimes better. The problem currently is this style printer will range in price from $2000 To $3000. The one in the first video would have cost around $3000 a year ago. Currently, it retails for $2300 plus shipping. They will continue to come down as time progresses. Once you procure the printer, you need to learn how to best use it. Again, this is not rocket science. There is plenty of help available, even on this forum.
    This style printer, unlike the fdm filament cheap printers, is for real. Jeweler's  use it, dentist's use it, gamers use it, etc. The list goes on.
    Take heart. This desktop technology is here right now. It's only a matter of time when it becomes affordable for the interested model builder. If interested, do what is needed to to learn to utilize this technology.
  12. my66s55 added a post in a topic Will 3d printing at home work?   

    Although the above 4 posts are correct mostly of todays status of 3d printing at home, as someone who is actually involved in  achieving this activity, I view the future differently. The most difficult stage of achieving in home 3d printing at home is the file to print. Learning to use the printer is not real difficult. I see either a large data base of printable files, or many individual sites that will give you an option of a resin copy or a 3d printable file of the part needed. The technology is here and changing for the better. The following gives you a good idea how the dlp printer works. Keep in mind that there are 3 basic styles of this printer. This one has a tilting vat which allows it to build larger parts on the x,y axis, ie, side to side and front to back. The flex vat style does not tilt and is used for printing small parts. The third version is the top down that I have been using. The dlp projector is on the top instead of the bottom.
    The next references inform you as to progress that show you what has evolved to speed up the print time.
  13. my66s55 added a post in a topic Will 3d printing at home work?   

    Also go to to find files. Just remember, not all 3d files are 3d printable.
  14. my66s55 added a post in a topic Will 3d printing at home work?   

    The absolute first question you need to ask yourself is: where are you going to get the files needed to print what you want? 3d printing isn't like buying an ink jet or laser printer. You can't just plug it in and push a button and get what you want. It is a complete learning process. I second the above post as to the quality of a cheap 3d printer.
  15. my66s55 added a post in a topic Continental Kit   

    56, 57 t-birds. 53 Ford convertible.