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  1. Exactly, but the intake manifold could have been made to fit better. It does look like a nice engine.
  2. This is what I use. Follow this tutorial for mixing amounts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQmB6yvOJeE. This is my 64 cutlass. Follow this video for an excellent, inexpensive cleaner.
  3. Yes and no. It is a visible layer on a smooth surface. If you were to take a fingernail and scrape over it, you would not feel anything but smoothness. If this was printed with a more transparent resin, you would see lots of layers. The printer prints in layers. Take a look at the trunk deck and fenders which have a much greater slant then the cowling. Do you see layers? Just because you can see a layer doesn't mean the surface isn't smooth. A person would have to be into 3d printing and actually do it and understand it to know how it works.
  4. MSLA desk top 3d printers prints don"t have lines. There is no need for smoothing. These pic's were taken under a bright desk top light and are exactly as they were when taken off the printer.
  5. I have these 2 airbrushes. The NEO has a pistol grip. The GSI doesn't. The NEO is .3 and the GSI Creos Mr. Airbrush Procon Boy PS-290 0.5mm Pistol Trigger Type is .5.
  6. Yes they are. Chitubox is used on many 3d resin printers. This was a test print of the frame for the 55 Dodge. All of the supports were generated by the software. Usually I will make adjustment to them, but didn't because it was a test.
  7. It was Prusa who came up with printing on a slant way back circa 2013. He discovered that slant printing gives the best detailed print. By printing at 90 degrees, you are subjecting you car to support contacts on its front. You want to avoid that. Slant the car like this. As you can see, the frame is too large. A slanted print will give much better detail. This slant is at 22 degrees. Notice how I leave a small edge at the ends. Then add supports.
  8. David, I've been into the d.i.y 3 printing since mid 2011 and when Prussa came out with the I 3 design that year, I built one and proceeded to teach myself cad drawing with Blender. Prussa was a well recognized contributor in the early days. The I 3 is an open source design and available for anyone to build and use. Sometime during 2011, a Spanish guy built the first d.y.i. dlp resin cured printer. The detail was amazing, but it never caught on. Fdm and msla printers came from the d.y.i. open source community. In 2015 a dlp d.i.y resin printer was designed by Tristen Budel(sp) and posted for all to use and improve on. They became the main printer of use. I built mine in late 2015. In 2016, msla became the printer of focus in the d.y.i community. That became a Wonhoo D7 commercial printer, followed by Phrozen and others.
  9. The file has errors. This is a problem with files found on the net. A must have program to find and possibly fix files like this is Netfabb Basic. It was discontinued a few years ago, but is still available for download here: http://julesgilson.com/index.php/2017/05/08/download-the-old-netfabb-basic-free/. This screen will appear when you open it. Check the box as I did and click on "Later" after the count down. Now that you've gotten the 3d printing bug, you might consider moving to the next level and purchase an msla resin printer. You can read up on the different types of printers here: https://all3dp.com/1/types-of-3d-printers-3d-printing-technology/. I have 4 different msla printers. There all made by Phrozen which is based in Taiwan. Their second to latest release was this one: https://www.phrozen3dp.com/products/phrozen-sonic-mini-4k-61-lcd-3d-printer. They released it for order August 15th and their not done shipping all the orders yet. It should be available be on Amazon as early as December. Their Facebook pages are : Phrozen 3D Printer Group and Phrozen Sonic and Sonic Mini Group. I paid $329 and change for mine and it included 4 day shopping from Taiwan.
  10. You can alter Hum 3D files any way you choose. They aren't 3d printable as they are one face, or one layer thick. They also are made of many cad files for parts. This file of their 40 LaSalle is an example and is not fully broken down. I have altered their 57 DeSoto and 55 Dodge to create the following prints. I haven't cleaned up all the support nubs yet as these are test prints. Also be aware that some of the Hum 3D files are not accurate. The 55 Dodge is a good example. This is the file before correction. And after. I ended up having to correct much more than. this. I also changed it from a 4 door Coronet to a Custom Royal Lancer convertible. I myself, wouldn't do what you are considering. Too much money to create a model on an fdm 3d printer.
  11. If the promo is a 54, I can't help you except provide the correct engine. If it's a 55, it's an entirely different story. I am currently working on correcting a very screwed up cad file from Hum 3d. It is a challenge, to say the least. This is where I'm currently at.
  12. The 54 Dodge did not have a poly head engine based on the hemi engine. They didn't start until 55. If the poly engine you remarked is mine, which I'm assuming it is. it's an A block introduced in 56 for the P lymouth. The Ala Kart engine is another screw up. It's totally out of scale. Therefor, I created the correct hemi engine based on the real engine, which is in my avatar.
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