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  1. No problem, Steve. I did appreciate the message you sent me a few days ago.
  2. Quit to the contrary Steve. I haven't learned how to use the smiley yet. Your advise is always welcome. You are a fine builder and have much to share.
  3. If you'r referring to me Bill, this is a pathetic post. I asked you to answer a simple question. You were't even able to do that.
  4. Well said,Richard. I'm going to expound here and tell you a little about my outlook on life. When I was 16, I coined a phrase that became my motto for my life. It's quit simple and easy for most to understand. It says, "it's not important what unimportant people think." If someone says or does something that has no direct influence or effect on your life, it's of not matter to your well being. This post is full of unimportant complaints. Wake up, grow up. people have different values, attitudes and beliefs from yours. Does that make them wrong?
  5. Come on Bill. Don't Play games. It's plain English. I have a hard time believing your inability To comprehend that.
  6. So, Steve , do you offer them encouragement and advice? I think I already know the answer to that.
  7. Nice trey Bill. Just answer my question. Nice try Bill. Just answer my question. Your a bright guy? just figure it out
  8. So, you answer a question with a question.It's not that difficult an answer Bill. Only if you make it so.
  9. 37 F & F Delehaye 135 & 57 DeSoto front fenders and bumper. Prints have not had all of the supports removed.
  10. Show me the original kit custom wheels. All I see are the stock wheel covers and the optional wire wheel covers. The kit has no real wheels, only wheel covers.
  11. National news coverage is weak, If you what to know what's really happening, you need local media. Things have change for the better since 8 a,m, You should be able to stream Fox 35 Orlando like I am. http://www.fox35orlando.com/live
  12. I use future and they come out nice.
  13. Let's hope it stays there or moves further away. The hurricane force winds extend 30 miles out from the eye and high wind up to 105 from the eye. Still can lose power. Got my fingers crossed.
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