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  1. my66s55 added a post in a topic Anybody recognise these old resin bodies?   

    Absolutely correct on the 33 frame being totally unacceptable. In 1934, G.M went to independent front suspension. This style carried through into the early 50's. The 1948 Chevrolet and 1950 Olds kits have this style. As far as the frame, it goes from two straight rails to forming to the shape of the body. The frame would look like this LaSalle frame, only a different size.
  2. my66s55 added a post in a topic How much have you spent on a build?   

    I'm also single, retired and on a fixed budget. If you don't know how much you spend on something, it's your choice. To tell people that, because they know how much they spend for a build, they need a new hobby is only you opinion. Not fact. 
  3. my66s55 added a post in a topic How much have you spent on a build?   

    I totally disagree. There are people in this life that keep track of their spending. It's their nature. I can tell you where every penny I spend goes. I'm an accountant and that's how I control my budget. It's got nothing to do with a hobby. 
  4. my66s55 added a post in a topic old kits   

    Not a chance.
  5. my66s55 added a post in a topic old kits   

    I have some of the old kits all the way back to 1961. I bought them because I wanted to build a model of the car and fully intend to do so.
  6. my66s55 added a post in a topic Help and Hints   

    Bill is correct. I personally would rather use Future. That's what I use to clear coat.
  7. my66s55 added a post in a topic Help and Hints   

    I use clean water and this:

    To get this

    and more.
  8. my66s55 added a post in a topic Help and Hints   

    As has been mentioned before. Make sure it's made from stainless steel. Otherwise, the stripper could also dissolve it.
  9. my66s55 added a post in a topic Help and Hints   

    I use Gimp. It is a cross platform free software that is extremely efficient. Since I don't use Microsloth's windozs and use Linux instead, the procedures may be a little bit different. Open your picture in Gimp. Right click and select "transform tools", "crop". Crop (cut out) the picture to it's outside dimentions. Press enter key. Right click and choose "image", "print size". Enter size as needed. Press enter. Right click and in File, choose "export as". Make sure the extension is jpeg and going to the right folder. Press enter. Done deal.
  10. my66s55 added a post in a topic Paint from Paintscratch.com? Any good?   

    Just checked this out and book marked it. Hard to find sierra gold used on 56 Chevy's. I want to paint the Nomad like this.
  11. my66s55 added a post in a topic different diameter plug wires available?   

    But they are much less than yours.
    I calculated the diameter against the plug wires on my 66 Merc and the 30 gauge are perfect.
    I ordered 10' of black and orange Yesterday when I found the train website listed above.
  12. my66s55 added a post in a topic 1961 Plymouth fury convertible   

    This may be the closest you will get. Modify it to the Fury convertible?
  13. my66s55 added a post in a topic 33/34 Plymouth 5 window   

    I have both the 32 & 34 5 window coupe kits. They are 1:32 multi piece body Lindberg kits. A real p.i.a. to build.
  14. my66s55 added a post in a topic My Chrysler A 318 poly head engine 3d printed at home   

     Some new changes as I am using a single 4 bbl engine in my 59 Plymouth convertible project. The engine that comes in the 58 Plymouth is terrible beyond belief. AMT cut out details and fudged part sizes so that they could fit it into the engine bay. I'm using the 58 frame for the 59.     The bell housing on the 58 is the same size as the 57 Chrysler. I knew that the 318 poly engine had it's own bell housing for the A488 trans. and had drawn up a mostly complete file. As a result, I printed out a proper bell housing, cast the 57 trans. and bell housing and cut off the trans to attach to that bell housing. Here's the result.

  15. my66s55 added a post in a topic Shapeways 3D 66 Pro mod Nova (Lots of sanding)   

    This is actually the best way to go about making this body usable. Back a few few years ago, I did a post that showed how to deal with 3d printed parts and the difference in types of printer. I built my own printers and used them as examples, but the principles are still the same. Here's a link to that post: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/101922-1935-lasalle-convertible-coupe-3d-printed-at-home-aug-30/?page=1