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  1. Desktop Manufacturing, Part 1: 3D Printing

    Thousands of dollars, not really. $799 shipped to your door for more than twice the quality. The photon prints at 20um per hour, the Frozen Shuffleat 30. Plus it has a quality z axis, led array and much more. https://ultimate3dprintingstore.com/products/phrozen-shuffle-resin-3d-printer?variant=12216671338599
  2. 67 Buick GS 400

    I have the original AMT 64 Cutlass and wouldn't waist it on the Buick. I'll have the 64-65 though. $75 for this 64 cad file. I can modify it to get what I want and then 3d print it out.
  3. Desktop Manufacturing, Part 1: 3D Printing

    Ace, Mike, David, all good points. Now, I'm going to give you my thoughts on what could possibly happen. As far as Joseph goes, as far as I'm aware, he has 2 printers. One Phrozen Shffle that has all the qualities that the Photon lack and a Maoi laser printer. Laser printers are slower than dlp printer. He also is located just west of Pensacola and was right in the center of that last hurricane that came up the gulf. There are people who have upwards of 20 printers going at one time. I posted photos of my Delehaye project in the on the workbench section. If you didn't see it, check it out. Note the detail. I used the newly released Phrozen XL. It has a build plate area of 190 mm x 120 mm. Prozen has just announced and is taking pre-orders on the release of a printer with a 4k, 13.9 '' lcd. What's next? Phrozen printers are solid, well built printers designed to stand up to use. Add to this the fact that a flexible resin has been created and can be added to regular resin in any percent to create flexibility and decrease brittleness. Image a printer or two in a place like a locate hobby shop.
  4. Desktop Manufacturing, Part 1: 3D Printing

    https://www.therailwire.net/forum/index.php?topic=45736.0 Read the 3rd from the bottom post by Chris333. This is the reality of this printer. Absolute bottom of the barrel. There cheap because they use cheap parts. The z axis is poor. The led is of such low intensity that it causes print time to almost double in some cases. The lcd panel is a consumable. It deteriorates over usage time. Life expectancy is less than 800 hours. You might think this is a long time until you see how long it takes to print one of these parts. Guess who gets to replace it, as in remove the old and install the new. It uses a single led for it's light source instead of an array. If you look at the light from a flash light, it's strong in the center and fades out from that point. That means that the 120 mm by 68 mm is dissipated by as mush as half. If you purchase one of these printers, use it as a learning tool and than buy a decent one.
  5. 1937 F & F Delehaye 135m

    I have been waiting for a new good 3d resin printer to be made and released for sale for almost a year. It finally happened and I purchased mine on pre-release and received it in late September. I just printed this. This is just a preliminary print. I am going to make some improvements. As of now, this project is back on the bench.
  6. Fireball Modelworks

    Yes, Joseph creates his own cad files, 3d prints and casts them. The resin printers have taken a giant leap over the past 2 years. My current in the works cad files include: 1954-55 scale correct Dodge hemi which I will also create the proper poly heads for an engine to use in the 55 Plymouth that is in the beginning cad file stages. A 1935 LaSalle coupe that will be a compete 100+ pc project that is 60% done. A correct 1935 Delehaye f & f 135 roadster that's also in the cad stage and has the correct back deck, rear fender and fin that Pico missed. A 1938 Buick 4dr sedan that I found on the net and has the complete body the only needs slight mods.
  7. This is what I use.
  8. What Do I Do?

    Pm received. I'll mail it out within the next couple of days.
  9. What Do I Do?

    I do. This is a real glue bomb I'll never use. The steering wheel is on the dash. It's white, so it's hard to see.
  10. Error message on the forum's site

    Nope, but I'm on a Linux box.
  11. AGHHHH!Dont drop the airbrush!!!!

    x2. The trigger is great for me.
  12. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I'm not paying $12 a set for hard resin wide white walls when I can print out soft resin Coker Firestone's with the Firestone name on the white wall for a mere fraction of that cost. Here's the Coker Firestone I want and yes, I've already done a trial print of a generic tire and the white wall insert.
  13. Mysterious AdBlock uninstall?

    I've been using Ubuntu Linux since 2010. The few Windows programs I have to use are run on Virtualbox inside Ubuntu. Don't need virus protection software and such.
  14. Mysterious AdBlock uninstall?

    I use Ghostery. Blocks trackers as well as ads.
  15. 1955 v8 engine info and spec's

    I came across this pdf link while searching for info needed to create a proper 55 Dodge Red Ram hemi. Note the difference in the length and width of a 331 Chrysler vs a 270 Dodge. The Red Ram in the AMT 29 roadster kit is at or near the length of the AMT 57 392 Chrysler. The DeSoto hemi in the AMT 53 Ford flip nose pickup is even worse. All other manufacturer engines are also included. http://www.wilcap.com/HRT56 V8 small.pdf