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  1. my66s55 added a post in a topic Moebius Models in path of hurricane   

    They are closed Friday 10/7 because all of the Florida counties located in Mathews path have curfews. Their located within a half hour drive to the north of me. We're both in Volusia county and have a curfew starting at midnight tonight and ending at 7 a.m. Saturday. The heaviest brunt of the storm is due to hit my area around noon Friday.
  2. my66s55 added a post in a topic 3D printing growing as we speak   

    Check out number 10 on this list of 3d printed cars.
  3. my66s55 added a post in a topic HELP HARRY   

  4. my66s55 added a post in a topic HELP HARRY   

    O.K. Let's talk about hijack. The above post on down to this one is concerning that topic. Your post has nothing to do with this thread and actually could be interpreted as a negative. Bill, your post was good as it attempted to dilute the post above it. Skip, always being Skip. It's just you.  Harry, always the diplomat. Landman, way off base. Your computer has  virus. Your problem. Doesn't have anything to do with helping Harry. Bob, you just can't help yourself, can you.
    This is a very serious thread and if you haven't experienced this or any other cancers first hand, or second hand as I have, than you can't even imagine what Harry is going through.  
  5. my66s55 added a post in a topic Where can I findSpaz Stix chrome spray?   

    good luck finding something you can clear.
  6. my66s55 added a post in a topic Where can I findSpaz Stix chrome spray?   

    There are a number of posts where Harry shows his results. Right now, this is the only one I can find.
  7. my66s55 added a post in a topic Where can I findSpaz Stix chrome spray?   

    Hobby Town carries it.
  8. my66s55 added a post in a topic Virus on this site   

    Here's a screen shot of the scan

  9. my66s55 added a post in a topic Virus on this site   

    Trolling? Why would I be trolling. What I have told you is absolutely true. To what end would I make it up?
  10. my66s55 added a post in a topic Virus on this site   

    I serf off and on all day long and use it to pay bills, etc. Let me add that my scanner program has informed me that I have 7 trojans in my firefox browser.
  11. my66s55 added a post in a topic Virus on this site   

    Ok you computer guys. I don't per say use any anti virus software to counter any virus or or any other malware getting on my os. I do have a program that will scan my drive and report of any possible threats in a file. I check the file every so often and remove anything I feel may harm my computer. Am I in trouble? Should I be doing something more? 
  12. my66s55 added a post in a topic 1/6 scale Supernatural 1967 Impala 3d print project, need advice/help   

    When I look for a file to use all or part for a 3d printing project,I check to see if the whole is a sum of it's parts. This is how our models are made. Here's an example using a 1937 Buick blender file. The whole:

    The parts:

    This enables me to assemble the parts into what I need to print and make a model. Usually the designer will specify whether or not the file was created this way. If you are going to make a model of it to sell, you need to create parts to assemble. Otherwise, It's not a model. The more parts, the higher the cost to produce. If you make it in a scale that there are already some parts for, you eliminate costs. Then there is the demand for you model. The larger it is and the fewer available parts, the lower the demand.
  13. my66s55 added a post in a topic 3d printed cars?   

    Exactly right Bill. Tom's post is flawed in that he states that the 3d files need to be created by professionals. As 3d printing has grown, so has the numbers of self taught 3d cad file creators. It's not some kind of rocket science. It's simply a computer program that is used to create the file through a series of key stroke manipulations. It's taking the time to learn the one's you need. You don't need to lean the whole cad program to create simple parts. There is so much help provided to those who want to use Blender, that you can find how to do a function in a matter of minutes. There are You Tube videos that teach you how to set up background images and what keys stokes are needed create 3d car files. There's even a Blender for dummies book free on line. And speaking of free, Blender is free, plus it is one of the cad programs mentioned by SafeWay. As 3d printers advance and come down in price, more people will become involved. Desktop 3d scanners are making advancement as well. Yes, you still need to know how to repair a scan to print it, but that's not rocket science either.  
  14. my66s55 added a post in a topic Will Slow Down of Cottage Industry Slow the Hobby?   

    The pineapple I posted above was printed on a Solus desktop 3d printer that also printed this figure. It is a DLP machine that uses a dlp projector to cure uv resin into a finished product.

    This is the same technology I use to create my prints. Yes, the technology to print in such fine setting that the detail is superb and lines disappear is here. Expensive? Not really. And, there are many more machines that will give you a decent result at prices down to 1k. If you are going to do any amount of printing, purchasing may be a good move. Check out their website and look at the gallery of 3d prints this machine produced. I can give you many more examples of dlp and sla machines costing thousands less than Shapeway machines and, in some cases, a better print.