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  1. resin tires...

    It may not be a resin but a tinted rtv silicon. I do know that I can 3d print hollow tires with a flex uv resin that is bendable.
  2. '55/'59 MY Polyhead MoPar Engines

    Thanks Bill. 3d printing has made great progress since I sent you those parts. You did a fantastic job turning them into an amazing example. Since the time of your post, 3d printing and and post printing possess has improved greatly. What I print today is way better than what you received. I plan on sending you the latest prints in the future so that you can have the best current possible parts for your future project.
  3. Birthday listings

    2012 I built my Prussa I3 printer. Started following open source resin printers in 2011.
  4. '55/'59 MY Polyhead MoPar Engines

    I can do one of mine for you. It comes with either the dual quad manifold of the single quad shown below. I also have the hemi based poly that goes with the Dodge baby hemi in my avatar.
  5. Birthday listings

    73 is not the oldest. I'm 74 and know that I'm not the eldest.
  6. Is there clear plastic in these kits

    I own both of these kits and they don't have any clear plastic.
  7. MoPar Poly Head

    Which poly head engine are you looking for? The A block or the hemi based.
  8. 3D printing

    The supports are needed to ensure the correctness of the print. Without them, there would only be a glob of cured resin in the vat. It's slanted that much because the print wouldn't have fit on the build platform. Ideally, you want to use as few supports as possible. To sum up. The supports are removed and discarded.
  9. 3D printing

    He did't print it.
  10. 3D printing

    If you want to know about desktop 3d printing and printers, ask someone who's been there, done that. Here are my current printers that I have purchased over the last 4 months. I built my first printer in 2013. Downloaded Blender, an excellent software and started the process. December 26, 2014 saw a post I made on this forum using a uv resin curing dlp printer that I made. November 2017, I bought my first led lcd printer. A Wanhoo D7 that cost me $620. The large one below came this last September and was $1275. The smaller one came last week and was $799. Through all these years and these printers, I had made posts on this forum showing what could be done with them. The Dodge 1954-55 241-270 hemin in my avatar is one of my current projects. Larger Stl. file pictures are below.
  11. Fat Finger Fix

    Great idea. Just what I needed for mirrors, door handles, etc. Now I need to take that bad inner tube off my bike.
  12. Wheel Arch Moldings

    I'm with you Niko. I dread foiling. I was just getting ready to foil the side trim on my 64 Cutlass when Steve posted this. I have used tape under the foil, now I'll use it over so that I can better see what I am doing. Great tip Steve.
  13. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Norm at R & M of Maryland has these Bill.