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  1. It's up to you, but without that little bump, your model is totally inaccurate. It's an easy fix. As requested, the only pic's I have were taken after the first paint job of January 1,2004. Currently, I am preparing it for a new paint job plus other improvements. FYI, Ford pulled out of NASCAR in 1966. The only stock cars would be racing other than that. There are only a few on Google. The 429 was only available as a special factory order. Here are the pic'c of me 66 S55
  2. It appears, from what I can see, that you removed the lower body side bump and didn't replace it. I have done the Park Lane conversion to the Monteray for the replication of my full size Merc S55 convertible in my garage. I used a small piece of polystyrene.
  3. Are you still bleeding or not. If you are, I can tell you what I went through in 99 & 2000. I came within hours of death. I had to be my own Dr. and diagnose the problem myself or I wouldn't be here today.
  4. Welcome back Charlie. Sorry to hear of the troubles over the past two years.
  5. Sorry, you miss understood me. I don't do cad files for others. Anything I do have was created because I needed them for my projects and are available to anyone who wishes one. Currently there are two A block Plymouth dual quad 318's in other people's hands. The engine in my avatar is the 50's Dodge baby hemi that is correct and scaled to 1/25th. It's for future projects as a correct on does not exist.
  6. I don't have the CAD? Herein lies the problem. No file, no print. This technology is ever evolving. The items on my Facebook page are 2 yrs old. What I can produce currently is even better. Shapeways does not keep up with the technology as it would be cost prohibitive. People need to understand that when they purchase from Shapeways, they are not getting the latest and greatest technology and product. My idea of the best solution is to offer a service that has the files for purchase, not just printed.
  7. Nick, you don't need to stay away from 3d printed parts. Just stay away from sources that don't use the latest technology and print materials. I can print this part and you wouldn't have to touch it other than to paint it.
  8. It's a Beach Boys song. It's got more than one error. The Beach Boys were not car guys. The long ram did not come in the 62 Dodge Dart. It didn't fit. Read this on the Ramchargers 62 Dart that had the long ram intake installed. I saw this car personally in January of 63 at the Sunoco garage on north Woodward Ave just south of Teds. My buddy and I were cruising Woodward in his dad's Galexie 500 with a 406 tri-power, 4 speed and posi. We decided to take a look. He popped the hood and we had a good long look. http://wildaboutcarsonline.com/cgi-bin/pub9990327521141.cgi?itemid=9990440435271&action=viewad&categoryid=9920367363431
  9. No. Use the small intake. The long ram manifold didn't fit under the hood. That's why a group of Chrysler engineers that belonged to a club called the Ramchargers developed the small manifold
  10. Next come the 2 new arrivals. The Transform which uses a 4k 13.5 lcd and interchangeable dual 5.5 lcds. It is just starting to ship. Last is the newly released for pre-order 4k Shuffle. The first resin printer to use a 4k instead of 2k 5.5" lcd panel. The xy axis improves from 47um to 31um. https://www.phrozen3dp.com/products/shuffle4k
  11. The Prusa is way over priced at $1599 for a built, ready to use machine and doesn't print any better or possibly as well as printers costing as much as half it's price. It's on special as the m.s.r.p. is $1699. As a comparison, look what Phrozen, a leader in 3d resin printer technology has to offer. Here is a review. The 3.5 star rating is due to the reviewer lack of keeping up with Phrozen's response to users needs. https://all3dp.com/1/phrozen-shuffle-review-3d-printer-specs/ The first is the Shuffle. It was introduced in early summer of last year. Then in September of last year, the Shuffle XL was available. I pre-ordered mine the first week of September and received one of the first ones delivered on September 19. It uses a 7.9" le https://ultimate3dprintingstore.com/products/phrozen-shuffle-xl-lcd-3d-printer?variant=12616809087079
  12. Sounds like a plan, Ray. Good luck. You certainly have the printer, skill and ability to make it happen,
  13. Creating a 3d printable file and printing it out would be a breeze. The problem with 3d printed resin is that it is very brittle and can have small parts break off easily. That problem has been address. By mixing 80% Monocure rapid gray and 20% Monocure rapid flex resin, the part become less brittle and easier to work with. I just printed this 1935 LaSalle coupe frame Monday using this Monocure mix. The frame is 177 mm long. Note how thin the resin will print.
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