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  1. That happens to be a 3d cad file that you can buy for $8.80. It's located here: https://www.artstation.com/marketplace/p/erMX6/1987-porsche-959-3d-model. If you have someone make them for you, have them make both sides. That way you'll be assured of having a matching set.
  2. 1958 Fury engine was an A block 318 Poly head with dual wcfb carbs. A 350 B block was optional. The 59 Fury came stock with a 318 and an optional 361. I used one of my 318's with one of Joseph's afb carbs in my 59 Fury. This engine was never made in model kit form. Members on this forum own 19 of these engines as I make them available to those who contact me. The B block engine is the early version of the 383 with a lower deck where the heads go. The Torqueflite transmission is the early cast iron version and not the 727 aluminum one. The B block Golden Commando engine also came with dual quads, so you would need a duel quad manifold. Here are examples of my 318. They are instructions on assembling it properly and will give you an example of a 318 engine for those years. They engines were painted silver.
  3. So, it't been a while since my last post. I have been busy, though it takes a while for me to do file corrections. Especially the 55 Dodge. It's almost done but I burned out on it and have switched to another project. I have a file for the best, most interior detailed version of a 1953 Cadillac Eldorado convertible. The file is free as long as I give credit to it's creator. This I will do. I hope to finish this, along with the 35 LaSalle convertible coupe and Delehaye F&F 1937 roadster, by some time in January of 2022. One of the parts I need for the Eldorado is an engine. What exists is completely deplorable. Here are some pic's of the file and test print. A test print. the frame is 85% complete. The engine is in early process.
  4. For my generation 1945. plus. I'm working hard and am determined to provide you with some models of cars from our youth. For a abominable fee. 3d printing is here.Just wish me a longevity of life to make it come true.
  5. Kurt, It just needs to be scaled, i.e made to scale. Sign up for the month subscription and download it Then contact me If what is needed ti to do If your friend has a small printer, I might print it for you
  6. So let's take a serious look at this new freedom license Hum3d uses. So. I purchase a 55 Dodge 4d from them. The file is 90% wrong. I make corrections and convert it to a 55 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer convertible. It's seriously screwed up. 85-90% is wrong. So I take my time' etc to fix it to be right, as mush as I can ascertain. Hum 3d, under their current licence, my improvement belongs to them. If I make any file of there's 3d printable, It belongs to them. Sorry Hum 3d, ain't happening. If I can get it free, I'm way ahead.
  7. Hum3d makes $95, not the artist. Read the last paragraph of the licence. Violation of any of these conditions will be prosecuted. You don't know if any kind of deal was made between these persons and Hum3d. You just assume they are "pirated." You have enough to worry about what's going on in your country. Maybe you should be more concerned with that than jumping to unsubstantiated conclusions. Guilty until proven innocent doesn't work here.
  8. There completely legal. The license states that resale of the file is prohibited. What you purchase is a download site to get them. There is $0 for the actual file.
  9. here's the link.https://www.desirefx.me/category/3d_models/vehicle/
  10. I'M posting this a guide for those looking for 3d files. Understand the difference between 3d files and 3d printable files. 3d files lack depth needed to be printable. A depth of 1.7 mm is needed to make the part printable. Without a knowledge of how to make these files printable, your dead in the water. With that in mind, I will give a web site that I have found that will give you a source of what's available at a minimum of cost. Check it out. There's something for everyone. Sports cares, seventies, eighties, even ninnies and more. Pickup truck. Semi's and more. Station wagon's and more. 's
  11. If you have the patients to wait, this 65 Dart is on my to do list. I won't promise when, but it will be a complete kit. Engine and all.
  12. It's been awhile since my last post. The inaccuracies of this Hum 3D file are unbelievable. I had started a 56 Dodge cad file and figured I could save time purchasing a Hum 3D file of a 55 Coronet 4 dr. Wrong decision. I would have been better off finishing the 56 file. I can"t find anything, if anything, right about this file. Currently, I've been working on the front fender And front end. I have corrected the slant of the fender top. I have corrected the wheel well opening. I have corrected the slant of the hood on the. I have started a correct hood on the fender. I have started the correction of the front fender and grill opening. The only way to fix these errors is by creating patch panels. What you see highlighted is the original file pf the front fender plus corrections I have noted above. Here is what the front end looks like.
  13. The engine is swimming around in the engine bay. Sensing something is wrong, i load the 56 3d blueprint file into Blender for verification. The whole front end is seriously wrong. My first project is the front fender slant. I still have to fix the front wheel opening. The front end is totally off on this thing. The windshield is set too far back The front of the hood and hood chrome is off Corrections underway
  14. One problem I've found with these files is that there not in scale. The 55 Dodge was too long and not high enough. I fix that by finding the correct measurements and using the measurement function in Blender. I change the measurements and verify the look with a good side view photo.
  15. Time to look at some builds. The 37 Delehaye 135 Competition Roadster by F & F. It will be 2 tone blue. The hood pieces are just laying in place and are a bit off on the fit. They actually fit perfect. There won't be any engine. The frame. There were 3 of the 9 that were shorter wheel based. They were called Geo Ham's. I may be off on the spelling. I found a frame chart of this frame and used it. The inner and outer door panels are separate as this type of resin doesn't scribe well. The door and hood handles are also separate. Here's the 35 LaSalle getting a paint job. It's light yellow.
  16. I haven't even thought of anything like this. Keep in mind that it takes 11 hours to print a 57 DeSoto body. After printing, it has to be post processed. I will make them available, but I'm not interested in doing it on a large scale.
  17. I use the 2018 XL for larger prints and the mini 4k for smaller.
  18. I will make any one of the cars available as I finish them.
  19. I've had the Paasche H, Neo and Badger. Wasn't happy with any of them. I bought the .05 version of The Mr. Hobby trigger air brush last Fall and two months ago I bought the 275 3.5 one. I use cheap acrylics fro Hobby lobby and Walmart. These air brushes are amazing. Perfect paint job every time.
  20. The 58 Ford Skyliner has an up top. I.m glad you enjoy watching.
  21. Back to the 55 Dodge. Now working on the inner fender wells and firewall. Drivers side for now.
  22. First off, there are few 3d printable files in the categories you want. Grabcad might have something you want. 3d files need to be manifold i.e no holes, reversed triangles or other irregularities. That's why you need to learn a Cad software. I was on a site today that allowed downloading of many Hum3 files. While there, I found these 2 hot rods. They come apart so that you can pull off a part and print it. They would give you experience with Cad and printing. If you would like these files' message me.
  23. As you may have figured out by now, I switch between projects to keep from going stale on any one. There is one more file I needed to complete my wants. The 4th of July I found it for the price I love most. Free. A Hum3d 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II. I've been busy doing other thing to other projects. Add to that, a member of this forum requested one of my Chrysler A block 318 engines with trans and I had to print one out to send to him. Back to the Lincoln. When you buy direct from Hum3d, the file separates into the individual parts. Not the case with this one. I've had to separate them. Here's the complete file. the front bumper the hood and grill the interior the tire and wheel, hubcap and finally. the body for print. Notice it's a convertible. That's because: a- I like convertibles and b- they print easier, better. Yes, there is a file for the doors.
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