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  1. Here you go, it has to be "charged" in sunlight, but it does look really cool glowing orange.
  2. That has always been one of my favorites, and you did a great job. Russell
  3. Looks very good, I like that gold. Russell
  4. It was very difficult to build a model like this and not paint the body, have not done that since I was a kid. Everything went together Ok, except both bumpers need work to fit, and I am still not happy with that. But it really is cool how it glows orange, looks neat setting on the shelf. If you are a Dukes of Hazzard collector, you should get it. thanks for looking. Russell I guess my camera had a hard time focusing on the glowing car.
  5. I did these 3, box stock. I think they look good on the shelf. I also try to buy these when I can find them reasonable, for my nephews and grandsons, so they can start learning how to assemble. The ramblur is my favorite, I used flat black on the roof and waxed the rest of the car. sory the pics are blurry, it was before the new camera. Russell
  6. This really was a fun kit to build. Thanks for the comments, I appreciate it. Russell
  7. I have been waiting for this one too, Russell
  8. This was a couple of glue bombs, a sand shark and some repro decals, and I have another Tom Daniel car for the shelf. thanks for looking. Russell
  9. you did a great job, that is very cool.
  10. It looks great. Russell
  11. If you look at the Monogram Hangman, it was changed from the Dragon Wagon to a wrecker(Hangman). The first car in the pic is the Hangman. Russell
  12. Looks good, I had a red one like that years ago. Russell
  13. Finished this last month, hope you like it. thanks for looking, Russell
  14. 70elcamino

    el camino

    Very nice. Russell
  15. I know this is kind of an old issue, but I wanted to share my experience with it as well. I had not seen this posting before I bought and opened the kit, or I might not have bought it. But I opened it up, held it in front of a lamp for about 30 seconds and then took it to a dark room...and nothing. I emailed auto world, and he said to do what the instructions say about using day light for a few minutes to charge it. So I sat it in the kitchen window, with the kitchen light on as well for about 10 minutes, took it to a dark room, and it glows orange. It really looks cool. I will post a pic after I get it together, but that will be a couple of weeks. Thanks, Russell
  16. Great job, interior too.
  17. Thanks, but no BMF.I painted the body months ago, and then left it in the box because I was dreading BMF. I finally just decided to build the car,and paint the trim. Russell
  18. 59 El Camino, built stock, had some fit issues but came out OK.
  19. I have that kit and could not decide what to do with it. Yours looks really good, and much better with the wheel change that you did. Russell
  20. Looks nice and smooth, Great job. Russell
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