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  1. Hemi Killer added a post in a topic LE MANS 2009 BUILDOFF   

    I am fairly new to the hobby, as well as to the forum, but I have wanted to build a race car like a GT car. I halfway built a Taisan Starcard GT2, but it is put away for good now had some beginner troubles with it and the body is pretty much toast.

    What would be a fairly straight forward kit with nice detail? I'm thinking a Tamiya kit of some sort. Can anyone recommend a cool kit? something that hasnt been done too many times?

  2. Hemi Killer added a post in a topic Monogram 1/12th '57 Bel Air   

    I have an old built kit and a brand new one i got from ebay. I'll be building this car soon, bone stock from the showroom, but with as much detail as i can get into it. im building it for my dad.
  3. Hemi Killer added a post in a topic Scott Kalitta's Accident report   

    .25 alchohol content is pretty much unconcious for most people, thats like 300% the legal limit. wherever you saw that was mistaken.
  4. Hemi Killer added a post in a topic And the goodies i got at the citrus nationals   

    I just got into modeling a few months ago and have been wanting to go to a show. I live in the Palm Springs area, I can't believe I missed this one. There is a ton of nice models in that haul.
  5. Hemi Killer added a post in a topic salt for a salt flat race car   

    i just tried this the other day. i used sea salt, not regular salt. i put it on a paper plate, the crushed it up by rolling the bottom of a spoon over it a bunch of times. it turned out perfectly, powdery and salty, looks like to scale/
  6. Hemi Killer added a topic in On The Workbench   

    i scored a good one
    i tore through my parent's storage last night and found two half-built models. a 1/12 57 chevy, and a 1/8 65 vette stingray. they are about 15 years old and will both be stripped down and started over.

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  7. Hemi Killer added a post in a topic Monogram 1/12 `67 Corvette 427   

    i just dug a 1/12 57 chevy and a 1/8 65 vette stingray out of my parents' storage. both will be dissasembled and cleaned up to start over fresh.

    what do you use for the coolant hoses and other details for this big of a scale?