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  1. airlessride added a post in a topic KENWORTH W900L STRAIGHT COWL COMPLETE CONVERSION   

    Cant Wait to Get my 2 Kenworth and pete kits.

    Amazing Work as always Eric Look forward to seeing them.

  2. airlessride added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Peterbilt 379 Ext hood Transfer
    Well finally decided what to do to that 379 i had started a few months ago.

    Going for a Transfer dump but on the clean owner operator style,
    I got the ride height to how i want up front and the fenders to hover over the
    wheels much closer. For the boxes and trailer unit i want to go with reliance with the high sides.
    I have more sratchbuilt parts to go on and a bunch of chrome for the truck but for now the boxes and trailer
    is what im focusing on getting done first. I also have a bunch of Bill Drennen Parts to go on as well.


    Boxes arent yet to my liking so i started another pair unpictured but they are a little lower then the one pictured.

    Still gotta shorten and box the frame

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  3. airlessride added a post in a topic REAL ALUMINUM TRUCK WHEELS!!!!!!   

    PM Sent Ben.

    These would be awesome with my 351 Project's
  4. airlessride added a post in a topic New Project!!! AMT MOVIN'ON Kenworth   

    Thanks for the Great comments guys,

    Got some work done not much though

    I did a little detailing on the fenders so that way when i paint the white stripe i have a better guide.
    i used half round from ever green. i did place a order from aitm for a set of his kenworth battery boxes
    since the kit box was a little boxy for my liking.


    Hopefully this upcoming week i'll have more time.
  5. airlessride added a post in a topic Tractor Trailer Community Build   

    I'll have a go at this, Heres my movin on KW I'll be building not to movie spec mostly box stock except for a few add on's
    and i will have a Box van to with it.

    First mock up after straightening frame

    Scratchbuilt step box on passanger side

  6. airlessride added a post in a topic New Project!!! AMT MOVIN'ON Kenworth   

    Hey Matt!, Sure i would love to be a part of it.

    Same here its one on my favoriate shows also.
    To go with the truck i have a Old AMT Freuhauf trailer.
  7. airlessride added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    New Project!!! AMT MOVIN'ON Kenworth
    Well took a break from my 351's and decided to Go ahead and start on this one
    i had it listed on the trade add but i kinda had a hard time letting go so i figured
    i'd save it.

    The kit was basically a mild build up that started with the frame which when i got it was very
    tweak so i had heated it up with my heat gun and bent it to where i could get all wheels on the ground
    and the frame level.

    The hood had both front headlight housings crack to i heated those up as well and glued them into
    place. The cab also has some problems like the lower portion on the drivers side had a chunck missing from
    the cab which i fixed and primed. i did Scratchbuild another side step box for the passanger as i didnt like the look
    of the single fuel tank. i also managed to lower the front end on it so i wouldnt have a big gap which i dont like about the AMT Kits, Stacks will be with K&S Tubing.

    With this build i wasnt gonna make a exact replica more of a box stock build besides a few add on's
    Later i'll build both the in tandem truck and the truck later used in the series.


    Color will be Standox dark variant Pearl green metallic

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  8. airlessride added a post in a topic Cummins KTA-600 Engine Kit 1/25 Scale   

    Really nice work Eric!!!!
  9. airlessride added a post in a topic Project 351 pete narrow nose   

    Thanks guys,

    First coat of really reduced Standox polyester filler prime put down yesterday
    i did get a chance to block it out a little tonight which turned out pretty good.
    Waiting on my rivets from scalehardware.com to continue more work.

    Thniking of paitning it a bright red to go along my double trailmobile trailers.
  10. airlessride added a post in a topic Rebuilder KW   

    Very nice Tim, Clean and simple.

  11. airlessride added a post in a topic Project 351 pete narrow nose   

    Well ive taken a little break from building since ive been pretty busy with work
    and such also cause i was getting a little jerked about certain things on the truck
    wasnt turning out to how i had wanted but, Im back and with a fresh mind to start again .

    I primed the hood once to see what more i needed to do, i plan to skim coat the hood
    1 last time to get everything straight and crisp then i'll resribe the hood lines
    and add some round evergreen to define the center of the hood.

    The grille is a mess around i wanted to give it the open shutter which still needs work
    if it doesnt pan out i'll go back to my first look i had planned

    Fenders i added half round evergreen to the edges but i left the fenders a little short up front
    but i think i can live with that. i finished the inner fender step just need to mount it on.
    The cab i manage to get the drip rail and rear window to the shape i want now its time for filler.

    Its no where near perfect like the work you guys do although i am pretty pleased
    of how its turning out. I do Believe now i no what to expect and how to go about when i build my next few 351's

    Have a great weekend

  12. airlessride added a post in a topic Project 351 pete narrow nose   

    my little inspiration

  13. airlessride added a post in a topic Project 351 pete narrow nose   

    Hey Scott I cant thank you enough for all the pic's you've taken thats realy gonna help me out for the little details.
    yeah i see that now that you've mentioned it. i still need to cut the angle at the lower edges of the grille, and trim the
    inner fender area. i hope when i do the front will sit a little lower.

    Thanks for the pic's Scott

    Hey Johnny, i took the original grille fron the california hauler
    Trimmed the tops and sides and cut to size to fit into my radiator shell.
    Still need to putty the joints but works out pretty well.

  14. airlessride added a post in a topic Project 351 pete narrow nose   

    Takin a little shape shutters in just need to putty up the joint also got the rad cap going.

    Anyone no a good place to get scale size rivets?

  15. airlessride added a post in a topic Project 351 pete narrow nose   

    Not to much done today but i did get a little time into it.

    Got the roof drip rails made of thin copper wire instead of the brass but it worked out pretty
    well slight adjusting and i'll be happy got the rear early style window complete just
    need to install it onto the cab.

    Fenders im still working with as i made up another set on the side.