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  1. Check out the pay it forward thread...
  2. Two kits to offer....take your pick. Corvair is sealed. Skyline is open....I believe the bags are sealed...nothing missing. Rob
  3. Sam, I'll take the Jaguar from you. I'll message you my info. Rob
  4. This could be the answer to anyone thinking that they may not have much to offer....post a couple of kits and give an option to choose one. Rob
  5. I have this one. The kit is still sealed, but the box does have a bit of a crease....it came to me that way, when I previously purchased it. Rob
  6. Very nice. Love the color.
  7. Love the Hurst Olds. Can't wait to see more.
  8. The mud wash is pretty realistic. Nicely done.
  9. Fantastic looking build. Well done.
  10. Very cool project. The engine looks outstanding. Rob
  11. RJ44

    74 plymouth

    Very nice looking build. Love the color choice. Rob
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