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  1. And can some one please tell me why, do i have to go to IE, or Komodo Dragon, to get in here, no, this forum doesnt even work on google or chrome, anybody else?
  2. OK, here we go just about off to paint, the hood came out awsome, but of course, I did it, just one last check for any dings, and what not's then some wet, and scrub, and we're off to the race's. OH! by the way, she will be HOK Black Pearl, about 3-5 coats, then, maybe even some transparent red, just to give it a nice tint...
  3. That is just sooooo slick man...
  4. just took a real good look at this, WOW, nice clean job, and not everyones english is perfect around here, just have fun, and welcome to MCM....
  5. Only clear when all your painting is done, I clear, wet sand, clear, wet sand, just enough to dull the clear, as you all will see with '59 GOTHIKA, I will do many coats of clear, till you can almost fall into the pearl, paint, likes it's dipped in glass, it's just a layering the clear, good luck man, I wanna see pictures too,
  6. There is here somewhere, where you can go to load a program, it will do the trick for you, I just cant remember, what post it was under here, something about making your model pictures, appear more real, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..... I know there was a link posted here on MCM, just for that site, dang it!!!!!.......
  7. And you have to remember, 2 drops verses 6 drops,. you mix ratio, will also give you different results in color depth, and hue, so to ask what 2 or 3 color mix will do, is a broad question to ask, as Monty states, some one would of had to do the mixture exactly as you have asked, on the primer you are going to use.....
  8. Well here is another one, in the shop, has been for about 2 years, yes thats crushed velvet in there too, really the only thing i dont like about the kit, is the rear taillight panel, I think it should have a chrome insert, but we're gonna try and fix that, with some chroming powder, well here are some mock shots, paint is Dupli-color Cherry Red Pearl, over Dupli-Color red Primer, looks better in person, an I havent done the clear yet, or the wet sanding, plus this waiting on an engine too.... I USED THE STOCK HOOD, AND FITTED IT TO THE KUSTOM GRILL
  9. Thats killer Casey, I should of thought of that years ago, thanx man....
  10. Thanks Everyone, Keeps me motivated, to hear from all of you, this will be moved by a BBBC 572, from VCG Resins, CrazyJim your carbs will top this mean ground pounder, but once again thanks everyone.... Like always good, or bad, so long as there honest, is always welcome
  11. Nice Build, but still wanna know what its sitting on, and aint this now out in resin,?
  12. This is looking twisted, and kewl....
  13. I don't have anything picked out for this cept the engine, go figure...
  14. Manny this is waiting for one of your engines too, LOL....
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