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  1. Buckeye Classic Model Car Show

    9-3, $5 entry fee
  2. I started a blog

    More: Model Fink
  3. I started a blog

    A new post Model Fink
  4. I started a blog

    Another Post: Model Fink
  5. I started a blog

    Here's another post: ModelFink
  6. I started a blog

    More: Model Fink
  7. 57 Altered Wheelbase Gasser

    I then did the chrome work and added some red windows for that "authentic" gasser look!
  8. 57 Altered Wheelbase Gasser

    It's been a looong time since I worked on this build, my old 59 Ford 1:1 keeps me busy in the summer and then we recently moved so I had to build a new shop in the basement. Anyhoo, I finally redid all of the bodywork, not as good as the first time, and got some paint on her. I went with pearl red and white with flat clearcoat for something different. Here's some photos:
  9. I started a blog

    New post... Enjoy! Model Fink
  10. I started a blog

    A new post on the old blog, I've been away for a while - Model Fink
  11. Altered States Models

    Yep, here's a link - Altered States
  12. Altered States Models

    I just received the above letter on Monday and I was doubting whether or not Chuck would make good on his promise of before Christmas. I walk out to the mailbox today and lo and behold, there it is! The quality and detail is exceptional, I can't wait to build it,
  13. Altered States Models

    Here's a letter I received about my recent order from Altered States: Ron, I wanted to touch base with you about your order. The wheels you ordered are enclosed, but the cammer motor will be a bit late. Several of the molds for the injected cammer need to be replaced. I will have new molds by the end of this week, and will do everything I can to get the motor to you by Christmas. Chuck Mier I just wanted to share this with everyone, this is a great example of how to run a cottage business. One of my pet peeves when ordering from these resin casters, decal makers, and other aftermarket places is when they are running behind or have other issues and they never send you any communication about your order. I find it ridiculous to have to wait for months or even years to receive an order from some of these places, either you are running a business or you are not, most are not. Chuck at Altered States is the guy that is really running his business well and I encourage everyone to order from him. In our hobby we are very quick to complain about things and a little slow to give out praise, but when you encounter a guy who understands that he needs to communicate with his customers I thought it would be best to speak up. Thank you Chuck, the wheels you sent are of exceptional quality (as usual for you) and I look forward to building and detailing the "Cammer" motor when it arrives. To all of you out there in the aftermarket, this is an example of how to run a business.
  14. AMT Parts Pack prices

    I hear knitting is cheap, maybe you could take up that as a hobby then you wouldn't have to worry about it. I'm sure those greedy model company execs won't even notice when they ride from their gated communities at the beach in their chauffeur driven limos on your dime to their skyscraper corporate headquarters.
  15. Scale Modeling by Chris

    I bought their Pinto kit and it is very well done. It is also a great company to deal with, very good service and good products. I will buy more from them in the future, as a matter of fact, there is a whole crew up there in Michigan that are great guys to deal with and they have some really cool products.