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  1. Just completed my 1964 Plymouth Belvedere as driven by Richard Petty to his 1st Daytona 500 victory. Started with the Lindberg Petty Kit. Painted Testors Big Bad Blue, Powerslide decals, Testors Silver Blue for the Interior, Mix of Trstos Light Blue and White for the chassis and under hood, PPP wheels and tires. I built the old Johan Kit that I found when I was kid and always wanted to build a better version. Finally got it done. I started this back in 2014 I believe.
  2. Just completed this one. Need to wait for a sunny day to get better pictures to post in under glass.
  3. Some updated pictures as I'm trying to finish it.
  4. Thanks guys. I've always been a Petty fan and have plans to build more of his cars but never really knew what to se for colors or had access to them. Not to mention, I have dreaded the two-tones.
  5. Since completing my Fan Appreciation Tour car, I thought I'd dig out my 64 Plymouth to try and finish up. Just recently searched for any new pictures and found this on on Twitter. Not Daytona but shows the stock bucket seat.
  6. Just completed my 1992 Pontiac Grand Prix that Richard Petty drove in his last season that he raced. Started with a Monogram Pennzoil Pontiac, Powerslide decals, Testors Big Bad Blue and Tamiya Fluorescent Red with a dusting of Tamiya Fluorescent Orange. All cleared with Pledge Floor Gloss
  7. Decals completed, coat of Future on for clear coat.
  8. Chassis progressing. I took valve covers from a later Monte Carlo to do away with heat shields and I will attempt to use the exhaust headers from same donor Monte Carlo to do away with cross over pipes. Still work to be done but looking good.
  9. Have been working on this one for awhile now. Started with the Monogram Pennzoil Pontiac. Just dug it out to see about completing it. Testors Big Bad Blue with Tamiya Fluorescent Red, which started to get to red looking, so I dusted and light coat of Tamiya Fluorescent Orange over it. I like the look. Started decaling with Powerslide decals. Looks as though I may have to double up on some of the decals due to bleed thru of the different colors.
  10. Started looking at the interior. Took the stock seat and scribed some pleats. Now onto the seat back.
  11. Took advantage of the nice weather and got some paint squirted yesterday and today. Testors Bronze and Testors Root Beer. Need to get some clear on it next after a little clean up work on paint line.
  12. Just a little something I've been working on the prep for paint before weather turns to cold to paint. Started with AMT 1950 3100 Chevy Pickup. Grabbed my Revell 1937 Ford Coupe and took the front suspension, small block Chevy and taillight housings to use on this. I grabbed an extra AMT 1979 Superbee kit for the 4 link bars and center section for the rear. I hopped on Ebay for an extra set of rear fenders and cut them for tubs in the bed. Wheels are Pegasus. Rear tires are front the AMT WagonRod kit. Need to look at the interior yet, need to decide what I want to do with it.
  13. Does anybody know anything about this kit? Model Roundup says they have it in stock. Was looking for parts layout and what is enclosed. I'm more interested in it as a stock kit more so than the movie car.
  14. No real reason other than testors is easier to get in my area. Hobby lobby has Tamiya primer but no paints, they do have Testors though
  15. Got my interior sprayed with Testors Flame Red and Semigloss Clear.
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