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  1. jjsipes added a post in a topic Moebius 1965 Plymouth Satellite news   

    Got 2 yesterday. Can not wait to get to building them. I see a lot more of them in my future. Thank you Moebius.
  2. jjsipes added a post in a topic Don Grotheer 70 Cuda   

    Looking good
  3. jjsipes added a post in a topic General Lee Decals??   

    PM was sent. Hope you get it.
  4. jjsipes added a post in a topic General Lee Decals??   

    Just tried sending a pm to you but it said you can not receive message.?
  5. jjsipes added a post in a topic General Lee Decals??   

    According to Facebook, Slixx Decals is doing a new mini sheet for General Lee.
  6. jjsipes added a post in a topic Revell 1932 Ford Sedan   

    Here's a link to where I found pics online. It says "The engine is a work of art by itself that people never get enough of. It is a completely rebuilt Pontiac 455, it carries an Offenhauser 2x4 intake with Offenhauser cross rams with Northwest speed adapters to mount 2 Stromberg 97's on each end."
  7. jjsipes added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Revell 1932 Ford Sedan
    After going to the 2015 National Street Rod East Show at the York, PA Fairgrounds and seeing this car, I decided to build a model similar. Although not exact, it's actually a 1930 Ford with a 1932 grille I believe.
    Real Car
    Pic off Internet

    Pic I took at show

    I started with 1 Revell 1932 Ford Sedan kit. I took the chrome reverse wheels out of an AMT 1936 Ford Kit, tires not sure what they came out of now and went to town. I got the body prepped for Tamiya White Primer, taped the roof insert and firewall up to keep it white. Then shot it with Tamiya Candy Lime Green and Tamiya Clear. I grabbed a can of Tamiya Pearl White for the interior then Tamiya Semi Gloss clear. Taped up to spray the carpet Tamiya Racing Green and Testors Dullcote for contrast. Engine will be the flathead out of Sedan kit painted White.




    Quick Mock Up

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  8. jjsipes added a post in a topic 70 Superbird   

  9. jjsipes added a post in a topic 32 Ford Tudor Sedan   

    Looks real nice. Love the color. I am currently working on one of these right now. Fenderless and Green.. Thanks for sharing. 
  10. jjsipes added a post in a topic 1965 F/Stock Barracuda Golden Commandos   

    Still trying to get the headers to look right. Might be getting close on them now. Got the body decaled and used a couple of photoetch Barracuda emblems from 1970 set and then cleared it.
  11. jjsipes added a post in a topic 32 Ford's   

    Thanks Toni
  12. jjsipes added a post in a topic 32 Ford's   

    Where did your tires come from? I have been looking for these for a little while now but haven't had to much time to look. Love the look of your model.
  13. jjsipes added a post in a topic 1970 Landy Dart Swinger   

    Looking good. Have items to do this build as well, just not enough time in a week with small kids around and work. Always enjoy seeing your work.
  14. jjsipes added a topic in Wanted!   

    Looking for 1950 Olds Custom Tri-Carb set up
    I am looking for the Tri-Carb manifold, carbs and air cleaners from the Revell 1950 Oldsmobile Custom kit. Would anyone have or know where suitable one that could be used on the Revell Olds engine?
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  15. jjsipes added a topic in Wanted!   

    1971 Buick GSX
    Has anyone made a resin conversion kit for the Monogram 1970 GSX to convert it to a 1971? See pic below Green one 71 Yellow 70

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