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  1. Haven't seen to many of the Moebius Nova/Chevy II kits built so, I wanted to share what my father did with one of the Moebius 1965 Chevy II Gasser kits. Her combined some parts from the 1964 Nova SS kit with the Gasser kits to build a Street Sedan. I told him if he waited Moebius may bring this out in a kit but, he didn't want to wait. I don't know if they will or not but given their track record with the Ford truck line, I would see it as a good possibility. I like to look of it.
  2. Love it. I have stuff in my stash to build this one as well. Hope mine turns out close to as good as yours. Looks amazing.
  3. Following. I have watched the series with my father after I had bought the complete series on DVD for him one year for Christmas. He loves the show.
  4. I have seen that video. I like it. Discusses the NextGen car pretty good, I think. I found it very interesting
  5. Started decaling. A slow go at them. 3 Amigos Decals. Everything has a white base that goes on first.
  6. Just scuffed and got some paint on this one today. Never used this color before (Tamiya TS-28 Olive Drab 2) so, I was curious how it would turn out. Still waiting for it to dry to see if it will be glossy or flat or what. If flat, will need some gloss clear to be able to decal it. These pictures were right after it was sprayed. Now about 30 mins later, it appears to be drying to a satin finish.
  7. Thanks Mark. No I will not be fixing the roof rail on this one. Just want to try and get one together to see how they go. Have been reading ill things about the kit why did they do this? why did they do that? Just wanted to see for myself how they go together.
  8. They look amazing. The fit, the finish, the detail work looks great. Hard to believe these are brush painted!
  9. Wow that's beautiful. Don't believe I have ever seen that one built before. Nice!
  10. Since I have some bodies for winter assembly, I thought I'd hop back on to the NextGEN kit. This one will be my "guinea pig". Primed the body and got the rollcage assembled. No real issue with rollcage other than the top rollbar piece as molded was warped badly. The vertical center bar seems to be a tad short. But, the biggest issue is the under-chassis plate being warped badly. Need to decide if I want to paint the rollcage assembly and the top of the under-chassis plate that is the bottom of the cockpit?
  11. After seeing your build, got me to thinking about the movie Redline 7000. Dug it out and started watching while waiting for the wife to come home from work. Kids are in bed, dog asleep next to me on the bed, all is quite.
  12. Following as I have 3 to build different #43 Erik Jones cars. Go luck Mark.
  13. That looks great. Always thought about building some 64 Fords but haven't had the time with some much work that needs to go into them. I was following your build and picked up so rips from it. Maybe one day I'll tackle a 64 Ford
  14. Those colors really pop. I'm in the middle of converting the Revell Daytona into a stock car as well. A lot of work but getting there. Yours looks great.
  15. In my quest to build the Daytona 500 winners, here is my 1986 winner. Started with. Revell Wrangler Monte Carlo kit, Tamiya Yellow and White, Powerslide decals and Pledge Floor Gloss.
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