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  1. Just got 2 of these kits, 1 to build Beswick and 1 to build Dyno Don's. I also just received today the Dyno Don book that has been released recently. In it is a picture of the SOHC 427 engine in Dyno's Comet. I don't see any Ford Logos on the valve covers. What would be good color matches for Beswick and Dyno's Comets? Was Beswick's straight White? Duno's a factory Red from the time period? The Book The Engine
  2. Couple of Victorias.

    I think someone likes Black Fords. They both look amazing. Thanks for sharing
  3. Forgot all about that one. Thanks Bill will have to check that out
  4. I have a 65 Riviera from AMT on order and remember this kit as having a molded chassis. Was wondering what a good donor would be for more detail? Revell 63-64 Impala? I know the chassis in the Buick was an X frame and that Chevy changed to perimeter frame on the 65 Impala. Anybody do a chassis swap yet?
  5. WhoopieKat New decals

    With having the Moebius 65 Leal kit out, any chance of seeing decals for this car of Arlen Vanke?
  6. Here's a little something I just seen for those that might interested. https://www.amazon.com/Dyno-Don-Cars-Career-Nicholson/dp/1613254059/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1525395181&sr=8-1&keywords=dyno+don
  7. Moebius AFX Comet any news ?

    Seen on Facebook that Moebius Models was indeed sold but everything will go on as planned. https://www.facebook.com/Moebius-Models-152580141448964/
  8. '70 Cuda T/A

    Been following your build. Has inspired me to do one as well, just need to get the time to do. Looks great.
  9. Monogram Classics

    I built a couple of the Monogram Classics for a guy I do work for and he loved them. Not the best pictures but they built up nicely. Cord Mercedes Benz
  10. This was posted on "New Decals by Lucas" facebook page. "I have 800 decals printed in stock. I will dropping from face book April 31 for good Rick Lucas" I've had good luck ordering from him in the past.
  11. Appears to be still on Facebook accepting orders. Last post was from 2016. I know it was back and forth for him for a while as to closing or staying open. Not sure what he decided on. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1677500802534462/
  12. Decals by Lucas had some. I have a copy of his sheets, 1 remember getting was for Gary Ostrich
  13. 1968 Bengal Charger

    Thank you all for the comments
  14. 1957 Dodge D500 Custom Royal

    Beautiful build. Love these Dodges. Thanks for sharing
  15. 1968 Bengal Charger

    Kids had snow day from school, really ice day so, I got some modeling time in while the kids played. Got this one finished. It is now in "Under Glass"