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  1. Started looking at the interior. Took the stock seat and scribed some pleats. Now onto the seat back.
  2. Took advantage of the nice weather and got some paint squirted yesterday and today. Testors Bronze and Testors Root Beer. Need to get some clear on it next after a little clean up work on paint line.
  3. Just a little something I've been working on the prep for paint before weather turns to cold to paint. Started with AMT 1950 3100 Chevy Pickup. Grabbed my Revell 1937 Ford Coupe and took the front suspension, small block Chevy and taillight housings to use on this. I grabbed an extra AMT 1979 Superbee kit for the 4 link bars and center section for the rear. I hopped on Ebay for an extra set of rear fenders and cut them for tubs in the bed. Wheels are Pegasus. Rear tires are front the AMT WagonRod kit. Need to look at the interior yet, need to decide what I want to do with it.
  4. Does anybody know anything about this kit? Model Roundup says they have it in stock. Was looking for parts layout and what is enclosed. I'm more interested in it as a stock kit more so than the movie car.
  5. No real reason other than testors is easier to get in my area. Hobby lobby has Tamiya primer but no paints, they do have Testors though
  6. Got my interior sprayed with Testors Flame Red and Semigloss Clear.
  7. Got some color sprayed over the weekend but need to scuff and resort. Need to figure out interior color. Thinking a red but not sure what shade. Looking at either Testors Italian Red Lacquer or Testors Flame Red Lacquer which is darker.
  8. Just started thinking about this in my stash and what I wanted to do with it. Filled the gas door and found some Pegasus wheels, some tires in my stash that had just alittle bit more sidewall then the Pegasus tires (I personally think there tires need to have some sidewall to them but, that's just me). Got a 2010 Camaro and pulled the engine out and going to try and place under the hood. Thinking about Testors Bright Platinum Metallic for color with some sort of Red interior and convertible top.
  9. jjsipes

    '71 Duster

    Nice. Great looking car
  10. Tamiya white primer under the testors white. The chassis was just Tamiya gray primer with Tamiya semi-gloss clear over it.
  11. I've built 2 55 300s. One painted red and the other as a Lee Petty Nascar
  12. Sand, prime with Tamiya Grey Primer, Tamiya Black and Tamiya Clear all out of spray can
  13. Since my wife is busy working this evening, I thought I'd dig this out. Has been in the works for a few years now. Had to dust it off. A while ago, I crushed the body after it was painted and I contacted Moebius and ordered a replacement body. Since the weather had changed here in Maryland, I thought I'd get it out and prep and paint the body.
  14. Haven't had much time lately to work on any models with trying to get kids ready for distance learning and making room at home for them. I did finally get a little time and got the Bare-Metal work done on my Charger 500
  15. The old MPC kit is alright but, if sit down and compare with the newer Revell mold, its years advanced. The molding is not as crisp, the seats are molded to the console, some of the suspension is molded to the chassis. Some trim is missing on the body. Injust prefer the Revell Charger kits.
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