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  1. Making some progress. Chassis about completed.
  2. While the weather has been nice, I thought I'd get somethings painted in preparation of winter. Dug out my 1967 Nickey Camaro to get ready. Sanded, primed with Tamiya White Primer, interior primed with Tamiya Gray Primer. Body and interior airbrushed with Scale Finishes Emerald Turquoise enamel. Primed the interior gray in hopes of a shade difference in the color. Have been told it looks Blue and no turquoise to it but when I place my 67 hood with my 69 Lemans Blue hood you can really see the color differences. Hood pictures were taking inside and appear to be different color than the body but, I assure that the hood are same color as body.
  3. Wow! That looks amazing.
  4. Took a few minutes today and primed and sprayed my interior red after rescribbing the door panels to reflect the pattern. May shoot some Semi Gloss clear once dry depending on the sheen when dried.
  5. That Tamiya Champagne Gold is what I have been using for my interiors. I can find all kinds of pictures of the AWB but not many of the 2% car. I have read it only ran the 1 race I believe before being converted.
  6. So according to the book "Maximum Performance Mopar Super Stock Drag Racing" the Winternationals had 4 - 2% A/FX cars. States that they were hard tops with the Tan L1T Suoer Stock interiors installed from the donor sedans. Guess the interior panels are incorrect in the kit?
  7. I am working on getting things together for the Moebius 1965 Melrose Missile Super Stock kit. Was wondering if anybody had an idea for the interior color? Thought I had seen Gold for the interior but I am not sure where or if I had seen it now. If it was, was it the stock door panels that looked like the attached photo or were they the stripped down door panels like the A990 cars? Guess the same question for the Golden Commando car as well.
  8. Beautiful Comet. I think it's a great kit. Looking good
  9. I'll be watching. Would love to have one of these to built the Hurst Edition. Cannot wait to see what you do with it.
  10. Took advantage of the beautiful weather here in Maryland and resprayed my 69 Copo Camaro. I had ordered LeMans Blue Lacquer from Scale Finishes and airbrushed it. Didn't really like the result and put it to the side for awhile. Looked like the lacquer etched and all sorts of "marks" showed up in the paint, not sure what they all were. Decide to respray with LeMans Blue Enamel from Scale Finishes and love the look now. The lacquer looked to dark to me but the enamel looks closer in my eye. I know some from what I have read talk about not liking the enamels stating that they never dry but, I prefer them. I found an older set of Fred Cady decals with the "DX1" Strips. Not sure if I want to use the Black or White stripes or none? Lacquer Enamel Enamel Lacquer Enamel Lacquer
  11. Wow that is one beautiful Fury
  12. Love the box art. No pre-paints please. I can take molded plastic as long as it's not in the Red Family. Gonna have to get a few of these.
  13. Looks great. Love these kits. I seen Carolina Thunder and I thought it might be a Ronnie Sox car but his had Thunder in Carolina on it. Looks real good great job
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