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  1. Thank you all for the comments
  2. Dug through my stash and found this. Painted it with Scale Finishes Grabber Green Enamel back in April 2019. Will be basically box stock like most of my builds. This will be build #13 since this "Pandemic" started.
  3. just completed my 1970 Plymouth Superbird that has been painted for awhile now. Testors Hemi Orange (Tor Red in Plymouth colors) Lacquer. Wheels and tires were from Revell 1971 Plymouth GTX. Pirated rear shocks from the Revell 1968 Charger, cut down drag shocks. Keith Marks decals since the kit didn't have any Roadrunner decals for the wing or nose. I know have both of my wing cars built. This #12 since this whole virus "pandemic" started.
  4. Well that didn't take long once I dug it out. Will get pictures outside when I can.
  5. You can tell the origins of this kit dates back to the 80's. Interior not that great in detail but atleast it doesn't show too much when installed in the body.
  6. Thanks. It's molded raised up, i taped along the each and brush painted it, untaped and done
  7. I got my Charger Daytona finished, thought I might as well get my Plymouth wing car out and see about completing it. Testors Model Master Hemi Orange lacquer. This is another one that has been painted for a few years now.
  8. Thank you all for the comments. I hate not having any work to do but, I am grateful for the time for modeling. It's been a while since I've been sleeping to get much time for models. I do want to get back to work though.
  9. Testors Model Master Lacquer Italian Red from spray can
  10. Just posted in Under Glass Section
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