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  1. This was posted on "New Decals by Lucas" facebook page. "I have 800 decals printed in stock. I will dropping from face book April 31 for good Rick Lucas" I've had good luck ordering from him in the past.
  2. Appears to be still on Facebook accepting orders. Last post was from 2016. I know it was back and forth for him for a while as to closing or staying open. Not sure what he decided on. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1677500802534462/
  3. Decals by Lucas had some. I have a copy of his sheets, 1 remember getting was for Gary Ostrich
  4. 1968 Bengal Charger

    Thank you all for the comments
  5. 1957 Dodge D500 Custom Royal

    Beautiful build. Love these Dodges. Thanks for sharing
  6. 1968 Bengal Charger

    Kids had snow day from school, really ice day so, I got some modeling time in while the kids played. Got this one finished. It is now in "Under Glass"
  7. 1968 Bengal Charger

    Kit: Revell 1968 Charger Paint: Scale Finishes 999 Orange Decals: Keith Marks Tires: AMT Parts Pack Redlines Wheels: AMT 1968 Roadrunner
  8. 1965 F/Stock Barracuda Golden Commandos

    Finally got something going on the fenderwell headers. Went to Hobby Lobby and purchase 1/12" solid brass rod and went to bending. Everything I had tried in the past wasn't working to good. Need to re-upload other photos in this thread
  9. Golden Commandos 1965 Plymouth

    Just ordered mine from Southern Motorsports Hobbies if anyone is interested. http://stores.smhracing.com/1231-golden-commandos-1965-plymouth-satellite/
  10. Colors by boyd rattle can

    Would this be the same, just in a new label? http://www.ebay.com/itm/MM-3oz-Pearl-Yellow-Spray-2978-/122748983295?epid=1100128899&hash=item1c9468d7ff:g:2sIAAOSwq4hZ3U~L
  11. 1969 Mod Top Dart

    Thanks for the comments guys. The Mod Tops are either love 'em or hate 'em. When I'm at a car show and see one, I always find myself drawn to them.
  12. 1969 Dart Mod Top

    Link to Under Glass
  13. 1969 Mod Top Dart

    Here is my 1969 Mod Top Dart. Started with the Revell 69 Dart, paint is Scale Finishes Bright Green., Mod Top material is decal from Ebay, Tires are hand painted redlines from AMT 1970 Z-28. Interior was painted Black and then shot with Semi-Gloss Clear from Tamiya. Top decal was a tricky to lay down, wanted to stretch, never had decal paper want to stretch like this before. The color started to come off the decal paper as well, so off it came and started fresh. I think it looks great next to my 1970 Mod Top Hemi Cuda. Next up will be a 1969 Barracuda Notchback with the Yellow Mod Top.
  14. 1969 Dart Mod Top

    Just completed. Will have pics in Under Glass section soon
  15. Revell '70 Charger

    Us Mopar people don't like to blend into the crowds. We are proud of what we drive