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  1. Sprayed Tamiya Black and then taped and sprayed Tamiya Silver Leaf. Had I looked at the Powerslide decals first, I would have painted the Silver first. Luckily it doesn't look like I have any bleed through into the Black.
  2. Just completed my 1989 Rusty Wallace Winston Cup Championship Kodiak Pontiac Grand Prix. Always liked the look of this car. Peak Antifreeze Pontiac, Testors White Lacquer, Powerslide decals, Pledge Floor Gloss. Everyone seems to be building his 2+2 from 1987 so I thought I'd build the 1989 car.
  3. Getting closer. Had one spoiler painted black but didn't fit the curve of the deck lid properly. Had to dig another one out, need to paint it.
  4. Working on prepping and body for another Championship car. Starting with a Dale Earnhardt Goodwrench Lumina kit. Purchased Powerslide decals. Working on front fenders alittle. From what I can tell in pictures it appears that the fenders should flow into the bumper cover better than the kit has molded. Slung alittle Tamiya Putty and sanded and primed.
  5. My newest victim. Peak Antifreeze Pontiac kit, Powerslide decals, Testors White Lacquer. No problems this go around with decals like my last 2 builds. No clear as of yet, debating on trying Pledge Floor Gloss on this and see what it does for me since it didn't go correctly the first time I used it
  6. jjsipes

    Petty RR

    Wow look great
  7. Finally finished. Had issues with this along the way. Tamiya Italian Red, Testors White, Tamiya Clear. Powerslide decals. The decals wouldn't stick, had issues with the pinstripe decals not laying down around the the top of the nose. Thought I would try the Pledge (Future) Gloss Clear to see if that would seal the decals. First time using it. Sides look great but the hood, roof and decklid didn't layout correctly. Windshield didn't want to fit , got another one and that was almost to small for the opening. Calling this done. Not fully happy with it.
  8. Had issues with he decals not sticking, not sure why. I thought I would try using Pledge as a clearcoat to seal decals. First time using it. Not 100% sold on it. Sides look great but the top surfaces, (truck lid, roof and hood) didn't go so good. Ypu can see in last picture of the hood that it didn't lay out smooth. Not sure if it was me or what. Going to finish it up and call it done later today.
  9. I have a model that the decals don't want to stick to well. Do you think that a coat of Future would help? They seem to lay down and seem alright but some of them a day later doesn't seem to have any glue on them. I go back and apply some MicroSet and they appear to lay back down. What Future do you guys use?
  10. Looks amazing. Great job. Love these Moebius kits
  11. Wow love these old Mopars. Looks amazing
  12. Hope they got the grilles straightened out. I remember back in the late 80's early 90's when they first brought this and the Talladega out, that they had the wrong grille in the 2nd run of the Torino. They had the Talladega grille which was to small for the Torino opening. I had a couple that never got built because of the wrong grille.
  13. Wow. Bet that stands out nicely on the shelf
  14. Great job. Looks amazing as usual.
  15. If I remember correctly, (I was only around 12 then) Hoosier was trying to get into the sport and alot of the times had a better tire but Goodyear with it's long standing with Nascar prevailed. Nascar finally required tire manufacturers to have enough tires at the track for all teams and Hoosier Hoosier couldn't compete at that level. I some teams ran and some didn't. I like when you see a car with Goodyear on the front fender but the car ran Hoosier during the race. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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