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  1. Looking good. Can't wait to see the finished product.
  2. Just getting into this kit a little. Looks like a very good kit with great parts count. Has anyone built one of these NextGen Camaros yet? What did you do where the roof rail stops short of where it should? Was going to glue a plastic strip there but to match it up, it is very thin.
  3. No, I haven't finished it yet. Have been sidetracked with some other projects and life.
  4. Thanks everyone. Will look into the paint i was looking at for a project.
  5. I am looking at using some Tamiya AS line of spray paints. I am not familiar with them and was wondering if they can be sprayed right over bare plastic or should it be primed first? If so, what primer, the usual Tamiya Fine Surface Primer or something else?
  6. I never had one of those. May need to get one this time around.
  7. "Hudson Hornet #35 is... well, it's a long time coming" Well, it takes time for car to become weathered and left for dead. I could never do that to a model, just enjoy looking at others that people turn out. Looks great Chuck!
  8. Directly from Salvino JR Models
  9. Got a tracking number for the Roll-out Camaro that I had pre-ordered. Shouldn't be too much longer
  10. Looking great Mark! Glad you got the paint issue squared away.
  11. Hey Mark, it just hit me and I went looking in my pictures from past car shows. Back in 2014 I seen this restored car at the Ford Nationals in Carlisle, PA. I have attached pictures in case you are interested in them.
  12. Looking good Mark. Keep it.
  13. That is a real beauty. Love these old Mopars. Simply amazing work.
  14. Thanks. I don't get much time to scroll thru internet or forums and just happen to see it mentioned. Just took me by surprise when I seen it.
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