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  1. jjsipes added a post in a topic Colors by boyd rattle can   

    Would this be the same, just in a new label?
  2. jjsipes added a post in a topic 1969 Mod Top Dart   

    Thanks for the comments guys. The Mod Tops are either love 'em or hate 'em. When I'm at a car show and see one, I always find myself drawn to them.
  3. jjsipes added a post in a topic 1969 Dart Mod Top   

    Link to Under Glass

  4. jjsipes added a topic in Under Glass   

    1969 Mod Top Dart
    Here is my 1969 Mod Top Dart. Started with the Revell 69 Dart, paint is Scale Finishes Bright Green., Mod Top material is decal from Ebay, Tires are hand painted redlines from AMT 1970 Z-28. Interior was painted Black and then shot with Semi-Gloss Clear from Tamiya. Top decal was a tricky to lay down, wanted to stretch, never had decal paper want to stretch like this before. The color started to come off the decal paper as well, so off it came and started fresh. I think it looks great next to my 1970 Mod Top Hemi Cuda. Next up will be a 1969 Barracuda Notchback with the Yellow Mod Top.

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  5. jjsipes added a post in a topic 1969 Dart Mod Top   

    Just completed. Will have pics in Under Glass section soon
  6. jjsipes added a post in a topic Revell '70 Charger   

    Us Mopar people don't like to blend into the crowds. We are proud of what we drive
  7. jjsipes added a post in a topic Revell Foose Pick up   

    Clear it. Make it nice and shiny. A lot people like the suede look but shiny is the way to go.
  8. jjsipes added a topic in Truck Kits or Parts to Trade, or Wanted / Requests   

    Wanted American LaFrance Aero Chief Pics
    I am looking for reference pictures of the supercharged engine and chassis and anything else I can get my hands on. I have the AMT Aero Chief kit and am in need of reference pics. Please help if you got any. Thanks.
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  9. jjsipes added a post in a topic JULY 2017 Production   

    Love the Ford truck. I assume that's the Foose 56. I've been thinking about Blue on mine as well. They all look great but that Blue Ford truck is killer.
  10. jjsipes added a post in a topic Calling all MOPAR guys! I've got some eye candy for you! Chryslers at Carlisle!   

    Bill, looks like you had better weather that day than when I was there. My wife and I were there on Friday. Have been going for years. Always a great show. Thanks for sharing your pictures.
  11. jjsipes added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Moebius 1971 Ford Ranger
    Looking for something a little different, decided to go 2 tone Red on this. Started with Duplicolor Gray Primer, then Dulpicolor Burgundy Berry Metallic, then Tamiya Mica Red based with Tamiya Champagne Gold. I then spray Tamiya Clear over all.

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  12. jjsipes added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Moebius 71 Ford Ranger Bed Assembly
    For those that have built this truck, how did you handle gluing and painted of the pickup bed? I have been working on filling the injection markers on the inside of the bedsides and looking at how best to assembly the bed to be sure it is paintable. Have been leaning toward a 2 tone paint job. Any tips or suggestions?
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  13. jjsipes added a post in a topic 1969 Dart Mod Top   

    Interior completed. Embossing powder for carpet, Testors Black lacquer with Tamiya Semi-Gloss clear.

  14. jjsipes added a post in a topic Moebius - Now that the Comet is out, What's Next   

    57 Mercury could lead itself to street and NASCAR. That would be cool.
  15. jjsipes added a post in a topic 1969 Dart Mod Top   

    Tires had a goove molded in sidewalls and used Tamiya Flat Red