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  1. A friend of mine has a used car business that his grandfather started in 1956. He has been very helpful over the years and thought I might try and do a model with his company logo on it for him as a surprise. I decided to start with Revell 1956 Nomad and going to do semi custom delivery wagon out of it. Sanded the side rear windows smooth and glued them in place for a logo to be printed on decal film and placed there. I am looking at Tamiya Light Blue Blue Metallic and Tamiya Pearl White for colors. Looking for a few ideas as to what to do with trim. Right now of course it has the Bel Air trim but not sure whether to leave it? shave it all off? leave just the curved bottom portion and reshape the front end of side trim? Also been thinking about whether to leave or shave the tailgate? Any thoughts or suggestions?
  2. 1956 Nomad Custom Delivery

    Making progress after a long hiatus on the workbenches. Got the interior done, engine installed and chassis just about completed.
  3. Revell 1971 GTX Rear Bumper

    I am in need of the rear bumper for the Revell 1971 Plymouth GTX. Chrome does not need to be perfect. Anyone have an extra one laying around?
  4. 1967 Shelby GT350

    Got my first coat of primer sprayed. Got alittle work yet. I've lost my panel separation lines but I dont think I'm gonna worry to much about them I've got the deck lid fitting better, I just glued it shut and worked on it.
  5. 1967 Shelby GT350

    Caught up at work so, I pulled this out to get ready for some paint. Man, I think Round 2 should do alittle work on there molds or something. The fit of the nose is not good. The rear body panel was to wide for the body. The deck lid spoiler doesn't align with the spoiler ends on the quarter panels. The fit of the nose and tail panels leave alot to be desired. Have spent about 4 hours on this already in trying to get the nose and tail to work.
  6. 1967 Shelby GT350

    I took the time and drilled out the scoops to hopefully make then look better
  7. Looking at getting a model of the 53 Corvette and was wondering, whose kit is better? I know the Revell/Monogram is molded in White and Red and the AMT will be Grey. Who is better detailed?
  8. 1970 Buick GS

    So, in trying to get some models painted before winter sets in in the Mid-Atlantic and thought I'd dig out my Buick GSX kit. Found a picture of a GS that I liked and thought I would try to replicate it loosely. I ordered up some paint from Scale Finishes and and Photetch set from Model Car World for badging and set to work. Used half round strips for vinyl top trim and seams. Filled the hood tach recess.
  9. 1970 Buick GS

    Photoetch grille pieces installed
  10. 1970 Buick GS

    The kit grille had the GSX logo molded into the grille so I opened it up and used my Molotow pen to touch up opening prior to installing photoetch grille pieces
  11. 1957 Bel Air

    So nice out here in Maryland the past few days, thought I would get the airbrush out and spray some Dusk Pearl from Scale Finishes. Need to let dry and clear it. Have the top painted white. Interior will be Black and Silver. Not sure if I want to use stock wheel cover or go with a custom wheel.
  12. 1970 Buick GS

    While I was spraying Clear on my 57 Bel Air, I thought I'd clear my GS.
  13. 1957 Bel Air

    Much better results this time. I used Scale Finishes Super Gloss Clear and so far no issues. Went ahead and cleared my 70 Buick GS while I was airbrushing Clear
  14. 1957 Bel Air

    I used their enamel base coat. I know it's a compatibility issue between them but, this is the way I've been doing them but, wasn't lucky this time.
  15. Revell 1964 Impala

    I thought I would take advantage of the little warmer weather here in Maryland this week since I've been working what seems like non-stop and try and get my 64 Impala painted. Primed with Tamiya Gray Primer and then a couple coats of Tamiya Maroon. Did go as well as I had hoped. Paint ran off high spots and panel seams. Guess I'll have to wait the cooler weather out and scuff and repaint. I like the color though. I started a 50 Oldsmobile with this color but after the first coat it looked like it was going to be purple looking but i was determined to see this one through for the color.
  16. 1957 Bel Air

    I used Tamiya TS13 Clear like I have been but I have since and recieved Scale Finishes Clear to use with the paint so hoping that this doesn't happen again.
  17. 1957 Bel Air

    So I had to start over. When I cleared my Bel Air, the trunk and hood looked flawless, the passenger side didn't look to bad but then the driver side wrinkled all up. I guess I got to heavy with my clear and it reacted badly. So I stripped her done to bare plastic and have started the painting process again.
  18. 1956 Nomad Custom Delivery

    Hard to believe it has been this long since I've worked on this. I need to finish this up before something happens to it
  19. Revell 1964 Impala

    Looked around and found another AMT Tire Pack that had narrow white walls that I think suits better. Did a quick mock up.
  20. Revell 1964 Impala

    Went looking for wheels and tires and came up with this. Wheels are from Moebius 65 Bevedere I and the tires are from AMT Tire Pack.
  21. Iconic cars not kitted

    Couldn't agree anymore. Tucker
  22. Revell 1964 Impala

    Started working on the interior. Grabbed my Champagne Embossing Powder and did the carpet on the floor and door panels. Need to finish trim on door panels and clean up the carpet a little.
  23. Shelby Thunderbird

    Looks interesting. Traditional colors - Blue with White strips of White with Blue strips
  24. Revell 1964 Impala

    Dug out my Tamiya Champagne Gold and sprayed my dash and steering wheel. Not to sure about this. I also dug out my Champagne Embossing Powder for the carpet that will work great. Need to foil door panels first then apply the embossing powder to the lower portion of the door panel and kick panels
  25. Revell 1964 Impala

    That was my thoughts as well.