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  1. Junior Johnson #3 Dodge?

    The Powerslide sheet had for the red and white version I believe. https://www.mikesdecals.com/jimmy-pardue-1964-belvedere-powerslide-p-153.html
  2. 1977 Richard Petty Monte Carlo

    I then turned my attention to the chassis after seeing on my fathers build how narrow the chassis is compared to the body. I have added .100" x .156" strips to the chassis sides to fill the gap. Have filled the gap between the 2 chassis halves after once again seeing what my father had for wheelbase, about 6/32" I believe it was. Next onto the wheel tubs and trunk floor but, that's another night.
  3. 1977 Richard Petty Monte Carlo

    With all the talk about the Salvino Monte Carlo stock car kit, I thought I would see what I could do with it. I'm no expert but do enjoy building. My father is currently working on to replicate Cale Yarborough Busch Monte and complaining about how poor a kit it is. I started looking at the body after reading what others have done. I sanded the body lines on the quarters and front fenders, I worked on the trunk by added some plastic to reduce the quarter extensions. Opened up the quarter windows slightly. Want to prime it to see what I got now.
  4. Harry Gant All Green Monte Carlo

    Tamiya Racing Green TS-43
  5. Harry Gant All Green Monte Carlo

    I used Tamiya Racing Green on mine.

    Great looking build. Got me thinking about a couple myself.
  7. Couple other 80's Stockers

    Since the weather was nice in Maryland thought I would take a few minutes at work and get these 2 out and clear coat them. First one 1986 Harry Gant and the second one 1989 Daytona 500 winner of Darrell Waltrip
  8. Couple other 80's Stockers

    Yes I do as well and not just because it's easier to replicate in scale, lol! Need to figure out the inside color. I have seen pictures that appear to be black and some that appear to be green. Anybody know?
  9. Bobby Johns 66 Chevelle

    Wow that looks fantastic. Great job
  10. Joe Weatherly Pontiac

    That looks great. I've got one in my stash to build. Need the time to get to it. Too many others on the go. In the meantime I'll just look at yours. Thanks for sharing
  11. Bobby Allison Early 80's

    With the Daytona 500 upon us and my 69 Hurst Olds fighting me, I thought I'd get these out and work on them a little. Had painted and decaled a couple years ago but never gotten around to finishing them. Chassis's are painted and then cleared with Tamiya Semi Gloss Clear. Looks better than Gloss or Flat to me on the chassis. Tired have been delettered and decaled and shot with Flat clear. Looks great but they seem to want to stick to everything. Don't even remember what Flat Clear I used
  12. Bobby Allison Early 80's

    1982 Daytona 500 Winner just about completed. Need to do the exhaust, which is drying, and a window net.
  13. Bobby Allison Early 80's

    Nothing on TV tonight, wife working so, I pulled 1988 Daytona 500 DVD out put itin player and got the 1982 Daytona 500 winner out to work
  14. Revell 1970 Boss 302

    Finally got this completed. Scale Finishes Calypso Coral Enamel. No clear. White and Black interior. Basically box stock.
  15. Bobby Allison Early 80's

    To my knowledge if I remember correctly, it was Testors Orange enamel but it was painted 2-3 years ago
  16. Bobby Allison Early 80's

    Here's a peak at another one Bobby Allison cars I have in the works. 1988 Daytona 500 winner
  17. Bobby Allison Early 80's

    On to the 1982 Daytona 500 winner
  18. Dan Gurney Ford

    Looks amazing. Very clean build
  19. Revell 68 Chevelle availability

    Like other have stated, I just picked one up at Hobby Lobby this past weekend for my father's 65th birthday.
  20. Bobby Allison Early 80's

    1981 Hardees Buick pretty much done except final touch up, window net and clean up. Cut the exhaust dumps and replaced with aluminum tube for a better appearance. I just noticed the padding on the top bar has slid to the passenger side, need to fix that and glue it.
  21. Bobby Allison Early 80's

    First attempt at using heat shrink for tall bar padding. Not to bad but tough to cut.
  22. Bobby Allison Early 80's

    Been working on the chassis for the 81 Hardees Buick. Been a while since I had built one of these. Been looking for some reference pictures and building. Had a tight squeeze getting the engine in with the headers installed since I had the firewall and roll cage glued together prior to paint. I know the kit headers are wrong but just feels good to get something accomplished.
  23. What would be the correct colors for this car? I have seen pictures from A blue that looks close to Corporate Blue to B5 Blue? I've seen anywhere from Red to Orange as well. Any idea guys?
  24. Revell 1970 Boss 302

    I did cut the front glass from the rear so that I didn't have the "runnners" running front to back. Thanks for the comments. Not to bad for a Mopar Man I guess