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  1. Thanks for posting the site. What a trip down memory lane. Buried in all those issues is an article about a rear-engined sprint car (subsequently banned). Gotta find it.
  2. So, has this big shot announcement been made already and I missed it?
  3. I used to work for a company that sold crappy off-shore made polyester clothing by mail. A trailer full of our goods was stolen. They never found the trailer but did find our stuff by the side of the road.
  4. Either the AMT 1932 Ford roadster or coupe. Black plastic. I was probably nine years old.
  5. In the early '60s Freeport Stadium had a "Sedan" class full of barges like that. 1/5 mile, too.
  6. Good idea, but until an ev recharges as quickly as it takes to fill a tank with fuel I can't see them being any good for long trips. Assuming there's a recharging station.
  7. I could always find everything with XP. But then they made it better.
  8. And just as soon as they get the technology to work we'll all be driving cars powered by cold fusion.
  9. Looking at the cars that the decals are made for, I'm guessing the Lance Sellers Indy kits are no longer available?
  10. Yeah, I remember that Christmas, too.
  11. NASCAR inline 6s. Who'da thunk it?
  12. The great thing about the old /MSP class was that it didn't have to start out as a real car. Just like on the road courses, you could hammer out a few garbage cans, throw some cycle fenders on it, and as long as it met the other class specs you could call it a sports car.
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