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  1. Reegs added a post in a topic Divided by a common tongue   

    Check out Wheeler Dealers on Velocity (if you can). You'll get to hear the differences in action (and understand pretty quick). 
  2. Reegs added a post in a topic WHAT BUGS YOU   

    Anything molded in. Exhaust system, drive train, suspension, front end, fuel tank, seats ... Hated it on the 'annuals' (yeah, I know, they were really promos, but come on - why include zoomie headers when the exhaust system is molded in place? Because the kids won't notice? They coulda been smarter). Totally inexcusable for the Trophy Series-type kits. That's why re-issues don't thrill me.      
  3. Reegs added a post in a topic Anything in 1/24th or 1/20 you want in 1/25th scale?   

    Probably everything Monogram made from Day 1. Maybe even Lindberg (including their make-it-fit-the-box scale). Pyro? Y'know, come to think of it, not making it in 1/25 scale should have resulted in a long prison sentence.  
  4. Reegs added a post in a topic Finally! Nice Headlights!!   

    Finally! Nice Headlights!!
    I said the same thing when she came back from the plastic surgeon.
  5. Reegs added a post in a topic Classification question   

    I suspected answer # 1, but ya never know. Thanks.
  6. Reegs added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Classification question
    The mid-60s NHRA rules stipulate: G/Gas and H/Gas were for non-supercharged pre-1960 flathead V-8’s, in-line six cylinder and straight eight engines with stock production-type heads and pre-1960 unblown 4-cylinders with any type head.
    To me it could be read two different ways.
    Did it mean V-8s but only if pre-1960 flathead, OR any type (OHV or flathead) inline 6 or straight 8?
    Or did it mean only pre-1960 flathead engines: V-8 flathead, inline 6 flathead, or straight 8 flathead? 
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  7. Reegs added a post in a topic Awful Altereds Website?   

    Sources for pictures, nothing technical.
  8. Reegs added a post in a topic Cars of American Graffiti   

    If memory serves, the 1:1 car had that crazy Man-A-Fre 4-corner manifold while the kit had your standard one (or two?) 4-bbl set-up.
    That's IF memory serves ... 
  9. Reegs added a topic in General   

    Just something to read...
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  10. Reegs added a post in a topic Where is Round 2 manufacturing their kits?   

    Agree, Art, and aware. That's why it's a fantasy. >sigh<
  11. Reegs added a post in a topic Where is Round 2 manufacturing their kits?   

    The AMT stuff is in China? There goes my fantasy about Round2 correcting the unfortunate tooling decisions that AMT made back in the '60s - you know: Hey kids! Parts to build a gasser! Just ignore the stock exhaust system and gas tank that we molded into the frame! 
    And don't get me started about the annuals with that blob undercarriage (okay, originally they were promos, but AMT could have been smarter about it). 
  12. Reegs added a post in a topic Monogram 1/8th Scale Drag T   

    But wouldn't something that large crowd out the fish?
  13. Reegs added a post in a topic Airbag recall... giant PITA!   

    OK. Howzabout I T-bone Rodan when it fell from the sky after being blasted by JSADF F-86s?
  14. Reegs added a post in a topic Airbag recall... giant PITA!   

    2010 Versa's are part of the recall - BUT - mine isn't because it was sold in the northeast, where humidity is low. Sure. Right now it's so humid that I'll have to swim to my car to go and buy rolls.
    So if I t-bone some a..hole who runs a light and subsequently lose my face, all I can do is blame the weather?
  15. Reegs added a post in a topic '60s Drag Racing...a real deal reference   

    Amen to that (except that they have gotten safer. Some of those rollbars are practically non-existent).