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    Wish I could get the guys that I race with interested in doing something like that.
  2. Locking Threads

    It looked to me like it was becoming a pissing contest over what is and what isn't art, which had nothing to do with goofy-looking box covers. If you want to sit around the kitchen table drinking beer while eating crackers and cheese and letting the conversation drift, set up a separate thread for it.
  3. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Don't intend to restart this thing, but has there been any specific mention of Monogram models in this thing? Or is it assumed that they're part of the Revell product line?
  4. The era of gassers and street freaks

    Where did you get the Falcon?
  5. The era of gassers and street freaks

    I would say that the Gassers reached the peak of their popularity in 1965. Starting in 1966 the AWB match racers began eroding this popularity, and by 1967 the flip-top funnies replaced them in the hearts of the fickle ticket-buying public. What sort of cars? Jeez. Depression-era anything, post-war Anglias and the like. Coupes, sedans, panels, pick-ups, you name it. Rarely Fords, though, because 1) the carcasses of the other makes were cheaper and 2) the hot-rodders got to them first anyway.
  6. Divided by a common tongue

    Grunnion banjos. Imagine that. Little fish in a bluegrass band.
  7. Decal printing

    Joe - have you tried that paper? Also: does it matter what type of printer? Years ago I tried printing decals on an inkjet and they came out somewhat transparent (I don't recall what setting they printed at). Will decals printed on a modern inkjet be opaque, or is it better to use a laser printer (not that I know how those come out)? Thanks.
  8. Pet peeve of mine!

    Amen, brudda, Amen.
  9. Just a quick run at Monograms "Early Iron Series "

    Not a 1/24 person, but for these I surely would be.
  10. How Old Are You

    SfanGoch - Channel 9 was, is, and always will be lame.
  11. Thanks, gents. Stifling or stiffening or reinforcement ribs. I was probably trying to remember "stiffening ribs".
  12. What are the ridges in the floor pan called? For the life of me I can't remember.
  13. 1/32 Aurora

    Or with firecrackers.
  14. 1930 Ford Altered

    Was the driver the old Revell slot car "Smiley"?