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  1. Among other things, AMT had a couple Offy roadsters. Monogram also had an Offy roadster.
  2. Common belief here in NJ is that turn signals summon demons.
  3. If I Ran Revell....

    Guess I'll never see that '39 Stude gasser. >sigh< I woulda bought two.
  4. '41 Plymouth Special Deluxe G/Gas

    I was going to suggest this mod to keep it pure Mopar, but iirc the NHRA wanted stock heads.
  5. WW III, the war on plastic.

    It's in the food. Our food.
  6. If I Ran Revell....

    More Gassers, like a '39 Stude Businessman's Coupe. Two engine options (SBC and a 392) either blown or injected (builders choice), pie-crust slicks, the whole mid-'60s look. Oh, and please, keep it class legal - include two front seats and those damned splash panels. Yup, I prefer early iron. Then you can have all the dull-as-dishwater showroom stock kits you want.
  7. I suffer from CSBM too!

    That's something that I'll proudly own up to.
  8. Promo style chassises

    Yeah, I hear ya, Greg, blob undercarriage. That's why, back in the day, I could never get too worked up over the annuals. They were just unassembled promos - not that I knew what a promo was. At the time I couldn't understand why they did it, but now I do. But still ... Maybe if the weren't making kits for "the kids" ... Can't get worked up over the re-issues, either.
  9. Some talk on car movies.

    Read my mind. Mike.
  10. Pulse Jet LSR

    The Krauts would start the engine (50 pulses per second) on the ground but needed a steam powered catapult to get it into the air. Makes me wonder what the poor slob driving the push car would be thinking ...
  11. Gasser class designations

    Ya gotta love Gassers.
  12. But ya just gotta love them Gassers.
  13. I guess it depends on your definition of "nose high". I remember the Gasser Wars and, while my memory is admittedly poor, I don't recall any of the competitive cars having too high of an angle off the imaginary level. F'rinstance, to me, this is too "nose-high".
  14. I asked this question in another forum but I would like confirmation: H/G, I/G, J/G, K/G - only flatheads? As with all things drag racing, the wording (to me, anyway) is open to interpretation.
  15. whats the rarest model you own and did you build it?

    So where exactly do you live? And when exactly are you not home?