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  1. Got an email from them alerting me to a future pre-order. Anybody have an inkling as to which two engines are included?
  2. Oh, and nothing molded into place. Exhaust, drive train, suspension, gas tank, seats, wipers, brake reservoir, etc., etc. all separate. Let me decide what goes onto my model.
  3. First wish list of 2022. Hey Moebius, you're good at this. How about a '68 - '70 AMC Javelin with the Go Package? Maybe toss in after-market headers and a pair of cheater slicks? I think there's enough of us that would love a Javelin. There might be a desire for a '65 (okay, or '68) Barracuda with the Formula S package. Again, toss in after-market headers and a pair of cheater slicks. If the tool still exists, howzabout a re-issue of the MPC 1933 Chevy Panel truck? As always, I want a 1965ish FED with a 392 Hemi. But that's me. So many wishes, so many disappointments.
  4. Sorry, it should have read "Amazing work!"
  5. Ordered out of a Sears catalog? I'd love to see FedEx deliver a Henry J.
  6. Ahh, ya can't beat a greaseburger from anywhere in the tri-state area.
  7. I would have sworn that I already posted kudos for this project. I guess my mind is going. Anyway, I had those kits as a kid, and I went and got the re-issued ones. Thanks for showing us that there's more to them that meets the eye!
  8. 1. Does anyone know the wheelbase to the Adams& Enriquez Desoto-powered junior fueler? 2. As a matter of general inquiry, what was the average wheelbase for these cars during the mid-60s? Thanks.
  9. Up through 1966 the NHRA only allowed non-supercharged SBC (or equivalent) engines in short wheelbase cars like Anglias. 1967 and 1968 it was any size engine but non-supercharged. By 1969 blown engines were okay. The AHRA always allowed blown engines of any size (iirc). In the NHRA, frames were "stock automobile-type". I guess that could be open to interpretation. In 1968, since more and more teams were using modern bodies (too compete for eyeballs with funny cars), purpose-built frames were okay. Don't know about the AHRA - probably the same.
  10. A half-assed spreadsheet I put together a while back: flat 4 Ford w/Riley OHV AMT 29 Model A Rdstr Ford w/Riley OHV Revell 31 Model A Rat Rod Ford w/Frontenac OHC AMT 27 Model T Touring flat 6 Plymouth AMT 41 Plymouth Willys AMT 41 Jeep ohv 4 Chevy MPC 76 Vega Ford AMT 74 Pinto Ford MPC 77 Pinto Wgn. Opel AMT 70 GT Plymouth AMT 80 Horizon ohv 6 AMC AMT 76 Pacer AMC Johan 64 Rambler Chevy AMT 37 Chevy Chevy AMT 50 Chevy truck Chevy AMT 51 Chevy Chevy AMT 53 Corvette Chevy AMT 60 Chevy truck Chevy Galaxie 48 Chevy Chevy Trumpeter 63 Nova SS Ford Johan Maverick Ford 2.6 V6 AMT Mustang II Ford 2.6 V6 AMT Ranger Ford 2.6 V6 MPC Mustang II Mopar Slant AMT XR-6 Mopar Slant Lindberg 64 Dodge 330 Pontiac OHC Monogram Horn Toad Pontiac OHC Monogram Rattler Pontiac OHC MPC Firebird
  11. Now all we have to do is sit back and wait for Atlantis to clean up the tool for the Hawaiian FED that Revell was going to release in late '65 but didn't because of licensing issues. Oh wait, that happened in an alternate universe ...
  12. "But OTOH, maybe the decision to retool the kit was made without any consideration to the comments made on this forum." I was thinking the same thing.
  13. The AMT 1932 Chevy Cabriolet. Throw in a hard top option like they did for the '36 Ford.
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