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  1. Reegs added a post in a topic Why no cycle fenders?   

    Mainly because:
    - the old /SR rules mandated fenders (although the rules were pretty minimal)
    - I just think that they look good
  2. Reegs added a post in a topic Models in films(movies)   

    A discussion re: The Giant Gila Monster (technically, The Giant Beaded Lizard):    
  3. Reegs added a topic in General   

    Why no cycle fenders?
    The original AMT '32 coupe and roadster had cycle fenders. The Monogram Black Widow has cycle fenders. I'd guess that there was one or two more kits released in the early '60s that had cycle fenders.
    Revell releases a new kit of a '29 hot rod designed with a late '50s/early '60s look - no cycle fenders.
    All these re-issues over the years - no cycle fenders.
    Sounds like something that an eager, forward-thinking, get-in-on-the-ground-floor no-grass-grows-under-his-feet resin caster might investigate. 
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  4. Reegs added a post in a topic Jet Dragster that really works!!   

    We had a blast with those back in the late '60s. I mounted one to an old Russkit inline brass chassis and spent many an hour attempting to set the land speed record.
  5. Reegs added a post in a topic Just updated with JoHan/Lindberg/Moebius B-Body Comparo Pix - detailed review of second round test shots of the new Moebius '65 Belvedere Sedan kit...   

    And, when came time to drive the car into the quarry with the dead body in it (make it look like suicide) alls ya had to do was reach in and push 'D' ...
  6. Reegs added a post in a topic Potvin Blower - Why?   

    Another reason to abandon front-supercharging: on those occassions when the intake valve would hang open all the fuel in the runner would ignite.
  7. Reegs added a post in a topic Let's take the "DRAGSTER TEST"   

    9 of 11. Yup, them lesser knowns ...
  8. Reegs added a post in a topic Monogram from the begining   

    I received the '36 as a present back in the day. I guess I was like twelve or thirteen and the kit had been out a few years.
    I was (quietly) disappointed.
    First, it was a 1/24 scale Monogram model, not a real 1/25 scale model like from AMT or (boy oh boy) Revell. Also, I was pretty underwhelmed by the competition parts (everything I built was for the strip, Clyde). Who goes drag racing with carburetors?
    Of course, now my opinion is different. I'm no longer that opposed to it being in 1/24 scale (yup, still think that Monogram backed the wrong horse, but they've stuck to their guns for nearly sixty years, so what do I know). As far as the competiton parts, the kit holds a 1961 copyright, and in the ensuing years I seen pictures of what was run on the local strip around that time, and carbs were still very much in the equation.
    I can't see them reissuing that kit, though, other than taking a gamble that there are enough of us old farts timers who think they could still do something with that kit.
    And feel free to suggest kits to be cranked out again. I enjoy seeing the boxes of kits that me and my buddies built (and subsequently blew up).
  9. Reegs added a post in a topic Sources for 4 and 6 clyinder engines   

    > Tamiya Lotus 7 comes with an inline 4.
    > The XR-6's companion - that AMT '27 T aka My Mother The Car aka Hillbilly Hauler - had the inline Ford 4-banger with Frontenac DOHC conversion parts.
    > Ross Gibson had a Slant 6 (and I think a Hyper-Pak version, too)
    > Moebius Fabulous Hudson Hornet 6
  10. Reegs added a post in a topic Sources for 4 and 6 clyinder engines   

    The AMT Opel - the original, anyway - comes with the inline Opel 4 and a fuel-injected Buick V-6.
  11. Reegs added a post in a topic What if Monogram had done 1/25?   

    Don't know the sales figures, but I suspect that back in the '60s Monogram would have moved more units if they were 1/25 scale. Sure, the kits were pretty simplistic and lacked detail, but they would have been good starting points for projects - especially at the prices being asked ( I know I would have been more interested).
    Was the scale difference really a moot point? I did build the Slingshot dragster and the Yellow Jacket '30 Ford roadster and I remember (to my eye) that they were somehow vaguely kinda-sorta "bigger".

    Now, if you wanna get into "if only" - if only AMT had NOT molded seats into the interior tub and NOT molded the stock exhaust system into the frame - nah, change that to NOT molded anything into the frame.
  12. Reegs added a post in a topic Name That Tune....   

    A gimme gimme dat ding
  13. Reegs added a post in a topic AWB Edsel   

  14. Reegs added a post in a topic The absolute worst kit ever!   

    Palmer models - eeyuch . Those were the kind of kits people without a clue gave you as a present.
    I do NOT remember Premier kits at all. Can someone point me to a history?
  15. Reegs added a post in a topic Round 2 wants to know what you want!   

    There are a number of AMT kits that were released in the '60s that I'd like to see, but if they re-issue any of these kits please please please de-AMT them first.
    De-AMT? That means:
    NO molded in seats, whether it's the rear seats in a four door sedan or the front seats in a two passenger roadster. Let me decide how and where my scale people are gonna sit.
    NO molded in exhaust system. What was the point offering zoomies or dump tubes for the "drag version" when you molded in the exhaust pipes and muffler?
    NO molded in suspension and NO molded in drive train.
    Okay, the last two are (kinda sorta) acceptable for the annual kits; if you're handy with a detail brush you could make them look ... acceptable. Still ...
    I know, I know, we're talking about re-issueing, not re-working. But a decrepit old man can dream, can't he?