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  1. http://members.optusnet.com.au/pattosplace/home.html
  2. No, no, that's constructive criticism. It's been decided.
  3. "So lately I have seen some models posted in the Finished section that were obviously flawed but were given praise as though they could win at a model contest." Could you post a link to one of these flawed models and explain what the flaw is?
  4. I'd say you'd need a shore hardness up around 60, maybe even 70. You can color them with Tempera black paint powder. That's what I did when I was making slot car tires (I used Shore 30 and that was even too soft for slicks). IIRC Smooth-On has a "starter" kit. You get a pound of the stuff, so you can make plenty of mistakes.
  5. As per Richard Bartrop in the Tempest Kit topic: "The Tempest is one I would like to see get the Moebius treatment. Too bad they've been told by their new owner to get out of the model car business." Say what?
  6. BTW: what year was this frame used?
  7. 1960 Valiant SW Gold body, not green. 170 c.i. Slant Six, 3 on the floor
  8. But the lyric shoulda been: But parked in a rickety old garage is a brand-new, shiny red, Ramcharger Dodge Just to be accurate.
  9. Late to this discussion. Brilliant work, Ace, just brilliant. I love those old /MSP cars too. And kudos for the lesson re: "nose high".
  10. Among other things, AMT had a couple Offy roadsters. Monogram also had an Offy roadster.
  11. Common belief here in NJ is that turn signals summon demons.
  12. Reegs

    If I Ran Revell....

    Guess I'll never see that '39 Stude gasser. >sigh< I woulda bought two.
  13. I was going to suggest this mod to keep it pure Mopar, but iirc the NHRA wanted stock heads.
  14. It's in the food. Our food.
  15. Reegs

    If I Ran Revell....

    More Gassers, like a '39 Stude Businessman's Coupe. Two engine options (SBC and a 392) either blown or injected (builders choice), pie-crust slicks, the whole mid-'60s look. Oh, and please, keep it class legal - include two front seats and those damned splash panels. Yup, I prefer early iron. Then you can have all the dull-as-dishwater showroom stock kits you want.
  16. That's something that I'll proudly own up to.
  17. Yeah, I hear ya, Greg, blob undercarriage. That's why, back in the day, I could never get too worked up over the annuals. They were just unassembled promos - not that I knew what a promo was. At the time I couldn't understand why they did it, but now I do. But still ... Maybe if the weren't making kits for "the kids" ... Can't get worked up over the re-issues, either.
  18. The Krauts would start the engine (50 pulses per second) on the ground but needed a steam powered catapult to get it into the air. Makes me wonder what the poor slob driving the push car would be thinking ...
  19. I guess it depends on your definition of "nose high". I remember the Gasser Wars and, while my memory is admittedly poor, I don't recall any of the competitive cars having too high of an angle off the imaginary level. F'rinstance, to me, this is too "nose-high".
  20. I asked this question in another forum but I would like confirmation: H/G, I/G, J/G, K/G - only flatheads? As with all things drag racing, the wording (to me, anyway) is open to interpretation.
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