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  1. Looking at the cars that the decals are made for, I'm guessing the Lance Sellers Indy kits are no longer available?
  2. Yeah, I remember that Christmas, too.
  3. NASCAR inline 6s. Who'da thunk it?
  4. The great thing about the old /MSP class was that it didn't have to start out as a real car. Just like on the road courses, you could hammer out a few garbage cans, throw some cycle fenders on it, and as long as it met the other class specs you could call it a sports car.
  5. Correct, Espo, Valiants dominated, taking 1st through 7th.
  6. You can never have too many altereds. Great work.
  7. Speak of the devil. https://www.ebay.com/itm/155063123112?hash=item241a7b7ca8:g:fbsAAOSwG8xfCcDG
  8. From back when almost everybody that made model cars had a line of slot cars. Completely forgot about Renwal. Were there pics of the underside?
  9. I thought that his Junkyard Gold show was terrific. But I'm old, not part of the Roadswill generation.
  10. Even with their one-size fits all chassis' I'd take 'em. Probably not them, though. The '68 Cougar XR-7?
  11. The NHRA knew that advertised HP was just for the insurance companies, so they came up with a more accurate chart. The NHRA was weight divided by HP. The AHRA went even deeper - called "Formulas", they factored in cam, lifters, two or four bbl, upholstery; all kinds of arcane sub-divisions. "Stock" was more-or-less based on what was offered in the showroom. No trips to the parts counter, no aftermarket goodies. That would have (should have) put you into the wild and wooly Modified Production class. "Stock" more often than not was a matter of opinion.
  12. Terrific build, Tim. And you correctly have fenders on all four corners (which the class required - Gassers, too).
  13. The "4 carb manifold" for the Caddy: I can't tell. Is that a Man-A-Fre manifold?
  14. I have the Ram Rod version still in the box down in the basement. Got it many many moons ago. IIRC the slicks were kinda mashed. Taken from the mold a bit too soon maybe?
  15. Thanks for the model, the write-up, and the tip about the SGA.
  16. Now take a pic of each and every one of those beauties ...
  17. As per the rule book, the wheelbase had a minimum length of 100" (at least through 1969). No mention of maximum.
  18. Thanks for noticing that. I'll need to search for it.
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