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  1. Hello, it has been a very long while since I posted any project here. I'm returning working on my first Alpha Model, a BMW M4. It arrived with the pillars crushed, but, nothing that could not be easily repaired, as I did. After I did the repair, I just airbrushed the sections where it was fixed and since this model is so perfectly casted that I didn't used any primer et all. For the color I have in mind I started with Finisher's gloss white, Finisher's Foundation Blue and ending with Finisher's Chrome Silver. In order to get the color I wanted, I custom mixed Modo Phantom Green and Clear Sky Blue. At the end you can see the results...
  2. Hello my friend, no, this one is to slim to fit my 3.2 carrera body and for what I have in mind. About that header I'm so sorry, I don't have that part. Thanks anyway for your effort. Simón
  3. OK Perry, will look for your answer. Will aprecciate it a lot! Simón
  4. Do someone here has a Fujimi Porsche 911 Carrera rear bumper to sell or share? Thanks!
  5. The turned rims from Detail Master can't be found any more. I'm working on do them myself...
  6. Hello, I would like to know if some want to sell, trade, or share these parts. 1-The intake manifold from a Fujimi Porsche Carrera. 2-Whal tail from a Monogram or Revell Porsche Carrera or Turbo. Thanks!
  7. Check your message box, I sent some pictures of the 914/6.
  8. OK my friend. Thanks so much for the info. Let's see when I finish model to share some pictures with you. Simón
  9. Thanks a lot my friend for your fast answer to my question. I think that I will do is, since I want to have a whole engine and include the axles adn not the rod that connects the wheels, will be to make a mold from either the Fujimi flatnose or the Tamiya 1988 911 Turbo and shave that bottom part and subtitute it with casted parts. Let see how it turns out. Actually, at present time I'm building the Historics Racing Miniatures 914/6 you designed and helped me to get one. In that one, I cut that part and substitued the oil returning tubes with Hobby Design stainless steel tubing. Here are a couple of pictures of what I did. What measure of plastic tubing you used for the roll bar and the engine parts?
  10. Excellent built...What chassis you used?...It looks like it has a built in lower part of both the transmition and the engine block. What size of plastic tubing you used for both, the roll bar and engine parts? ...Please, let me know...
  11. Thanks so much to all you guys for your nice comments and stop by and take a look on this nostalgic build... Simón P. Rivera-Torres
  12. Yes...like in the states. Some of my friends saw the pictures and told me the same. I wouldn't try that because I was afraid to damage the part and its real hard to get another model of this one.
  13. Hello, it has been a very long since the last time I posted any project here, but, definetly I had to show this one. This is a very rare 1/24 Nichimo model of the Mitsubishi Champ that also was known as Colt, Plymouth and Precis. To me is very special, because this one was one of the cars I could see on the steets of my Puerto Rico in the early 80's when I was in higj school. The low profile look together with the Supra wheels was very hot look then used not only on this one, but, in other Jaoanese cars like Toyota Corollas, Datsuns, etc. Also the Nissan Sentra center caps were fitted at the center of the Supra wheels without any problem and looked great by that time. I scratchbuilt the centers with plastic styrene. All these Japanses cars on the island has four Pioneer 8 inch woofers at the rear. These ones are also, like the model, very rare, because they came with the tower tweeter over. This one comes with just two but I casted them to have the complete four set. By that time it was also famous that Jesus Christ decals at the front lights. Those decals, like the front and rear plates, were computer produced. Front and rear
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