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  1. Thanks so much to all you guys for your nice comments and stop by and take a look on this nostalgic build... Simón P. Rivera-Torres
  2. Yes...like in the states. Some of my friends saw the pictures and told me the same. I wouldn't try that because I was afraid to damage the part and its real hard to get another model of this one.
  3. Hello, it has been a very long since the last time I posted any project here, but, definetly I had to show this one. This is a very rare 1/24 Nichimo model of the Mitsubishi Champ that also was known as Colt, Plymouth and Precis. To me is very special, because this one was one of the cars I could see on the steets of my Puerto Rico in the early 80's when I was in higj school. The low profile look together with the Supra wheels was very hot look then used not only on this one, but, in other Jaoanese cars like Toyota Corollas, Datsuns, etc. Also the Nissan Sentra center caps were fitted at the center of the Supra wheels without any problem and looked great by that time. I scratchbuilt the centers with plastic styrene. All these Japanses cars on the island has four Pioneer 8 inch woofers at the rear. These ones are also, like the model, very rare, because they came with the tower tweeter over. This one comes with just two but I casted them to have the complete four set. By that time it was also famous that Jesus Christ decals at the front lights. Those decals, like the front and rear plates, were computer produced. Front and rear
  4. Exactly a month before our great model car championship...are going to be there?...
  5. But, exactly like this one will be very hard to get. To me, who come form Puerto Rico since the one in 2005, the magic starts with the city itself. So many places to visit. In the last one in 2017, I even was able to visit the Kindig It shop and the Moab Desert who is featured in the movie Need for Speed and the Boneville Salt Flats aswell. I also ask myself, what's gonna happen with the museum?
  6. That are serious real sad sad news. A show like this one never shouldn't die!!...
  7. Big...big...time...I won't recommend this kit, even though it's a box stock model, to any inexperienced builder..
  8. Thanks for your comments too...The interior is Gunze Sangyo #61 acrylic light Gull Gray. The black speakers are circles I painted to simulate them....
  9. Thanks a lot guys for you kind comments on this build. I'm adding here an extra set of pictures that includes some of the hard masking painting on this one....
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