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  1. I'm assuming since I didn't receive any messages that everyone can register now without issue.
  2. Sorry, guys if you're having problems registering. We have insanely tight registration requirements to keep spam at bay. And yes the contact feature is only for members, sorry. FYI, we get about 500 attempted spam registration every day. Sometimes 50+ a minute. Try the below and if they don't work then PM me here with your attempted Username email and IP address and I'll look into why your being blocked. 1st off No numbers in the username. Spambots use numbers allot so it was removed as an option. 2nd try disabling your ad blocker or DNS trap. Both can cause issues with the Human Verification system. 3rd clear your cache and try again. This should actually be the 1st thing you try. 4th If you were denied more then 10 times the system will block your IP for 30 days. I know that's rough but again the spambots are to blame. 5th About a week ago I changed the physical location of the registration code to again try and block spammers. Try again and see if it works now. Lastly, the only other thing I think of is the reCaptia server may have been down while you tried to register. I just checked it and it appears to be working now. Again if you're still getting blocked message me here and I'll look into it.
  3. I know allot of SMC members are also members here so I wanted to post a quick update about the site. ( I hope thats ok) To be completely blunt, SMC has outgrown its hosting package and the host has shut down the site until I can either upgrade to a larger package or move the site to another host. Unfortunately last years funding goal was a complete failure and there's no money to pay for either. Once again Im doing the best I can to raise the money on my own but its going to take some time. Hopefully the site will be back up by mid March, maybe sooner. If you have questions please reach out on the SMC Facebook page.
  4. Scalemotorcars.com is back online. Thanks for everyone's patience during the move.
  5. Updating urls and re-installing a few features. Not much longer guys.....
  6. At least SMC has free hosting for an entire year with unlimited usage. Not really enough if you ask me but its a start. Still goofing with the editor issues. Once thats fixed we'll go live again.
  7. We're back, kind of.... Here's the deal... SMC outgrew its hosting and we had to move the entire site to a new dedicated server with more speed and an updated version of the core code. As of Friday most of the move was complete but a goofy tech at our host made the monumental mistake of completely deleting the entire site and its database as well as nearly all the backup databases. I just finished restoring the site to the same status as of Friday morning. Tomorrow Ill get back to work finishing some loose ends. Ill be up front and let everyone know that we did loose most links to the SMC gallery. Honestly at this point theres only one way to fix it but we'll jump that hurtle when we get to it. Otherwise all other functions, posts and attachments are working as they always did, just ALLOT faster.... More updates shortly and thanks to MCM for letting us post this thread. Now back to building.....
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