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  1. How did you paint the rims to have the colored inserts and chrome outer rings? RIZ
  2. My 10 yr old daughter and I started a model build today. We decided on the 55 Chevy Pickup kit. Tonight she painted the frame. I'll post pics tomorrow. RIZ
  3. Dave, I can only see the first pic... can you e-mail me the others? kevrock@comcast.net Thanks, RIZ
  4. What the hell! Count me in! I may not finish but I do love the lifted trucks ! RIZ
  5. It looks awesome so far, buddy !
  6. That bed looks awesome! I love the whole build so far! Keep up the great work ! RIZ
  7. Yo Cranky..... Did yiu ever get the surfboards I sent you? RIZ
  8. Here we go again..... I can't wait to see this one as it comes together! RIZ
  9. Looks great so far, Randy! Could you heat the vinyl a bit to make it more flexible? RIZ
  10. How do I post pics in the body of my post? I can't remember? Thanks, RIZ
  11. Ok, here's my work bench. Not the greatest but it works. RIZ
  12. Yeeeeeah, riiiiight, Cranky. LOL RIZ
  13. Yo Cranky, Did you get the surfboards yet? I would think by now you might. RIZ
  14. Absolutely awesome !!! I love it! RIZ
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