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  1. Gauging interest - A Just-Whats-In-The-Box CBP

    I agree with Karl, if you are doing a out of the box build it should only be wants in the box. As soon as you start letting guys add things it gets complicated. I say we pick our own kit to build (more likely to get guys involved when they can just grab something off the shelves and build). Just my opinion! Jon
  2. Really great looking build! Love the color combo. Jon
  3. Mopar Valve covers

    Just looked at the ones on MAD and they are wrong. These look like the ones out of the street machine duster and the bolt pattern is not right. However I have corrected a set and got a buddy casting them for me. I will let you know how they come out and maybe i can get you a set. Jon
  4. 'Lil Coffin'; Dodge 'Lil Red Express Truck'.

    Let me know what kind of stuff you are into and maybe we can work out something on the truck. PM me if you would like. Jon
  5. 'Lil Coffin'; Dodge 'Lil Red Express Truck'.

    I sent you a PM on it yesterday.
  6. Possible Trade Gone Bad?

    I'm just waiting and will ship his once I have something in hand. As for contacting him, when I send a package out I always send something to the guy I traded with letting him know he has a package on the way. I have not received anything from him. I don't feel like I should have to ask an adult if they have done something. (Sorry if this seems hard). Jon
  7. Possible Trade Gone Bad?

    Good Luck Doc!!
  8. Possible Trade Gone Bad?

    I also should have a Comet coming from Blusy! Lucky I had told a buddy on here about the trade and when he went to find the listing it was gone. He let me know and after doing some looking all I could find out about the guy was he did a couple of small post and went right into trading. I decided I would wait for mine to show up or at least some more communication from him with proof of shipping before I did anything. As for Stockboresme, I did a deal with him in the CBP section where we swapped models for a build and while it took him a couple of weeks to ship he was up front about it and did ship when he said he would. I'm sad to hear things have gone bad with him. Hey Doc, sorry to hear that this guy may have gotten to you! Jon
  9. Pay It Forward-Round 2-Let's have FUN!

    I also traded with him and while he had a problem getting it out on time he was up front with me about it and did ship on the day he promised. I would not hesitate to trade with him again. Jon
  10. Swap-N-Build CBP

    Yeah those dudes can get annoying! Jon
  11. Swap-N-Build CBP

    Hey Tom I’m working on it just not much to show yet. Maybe after the holiday weekend I will have something picture worthy. Jon
  12. Revell 1957 Chevy "Pops Bumblebee"

    That's one tough looking '57! I too had several of those cars as a kid, never thought of doing this though. I think you manged to spark an idea in several of us. Jon
  13. 41 Ford Woody- Swap-N-Build CBP project

    Looks good Tom! I like the wood you did, we need more info on what you did. Jon
  14. Hey Anthony Great looking build you got going. I will like the stance on this one. Can’t wait to see more. Jon
  15. Swap-N-Build CBP

    Hey Tom Nice work on that roof rack. Jon