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  1. Very nice!!! Really like seeing someone build this as a street car. Most of what I see have been cut up for racing.
  2. Heys guys Thanks for the comments. I build for both the shelf and competition. The ones that I compete with are the ones that I struggle with on the level of detail. Knowing that if you see one on the contest table and it has fuel lines in the engine bay does that mean it has to have them all the way to the fuel tank? While I am capable of doing the work I don’t always feel like going that deep into it. Thanks Jon
  3. Hey Guys? When doing under hood detailing how do you decide when enough is enough? Example: If you add fuel line from the fuel pump to the carb. Do you then need to add the line going back to the tank? Thanks in advice for you input. Jon
  4. Anything else in particular you are looking for?
  5. I have a Torino stocker I would be will to trade for it. Jon
  6. I'm interested, are you in the US? What kind of drag?
  7. You could always use the big block that came in the 330 you are building.
  8. Very nice! One of my favorite Mopars.
  9. Very very nice!!! Looks great with the fender flares and big meat! Can't wait to see it finished. Jon
  10. Hey Snake: I will stay in with the Bronco if that is OK. Will post pics of where it is at later. Jon
  11. Very nice!!!! That is one sweet Chevy!
  12. I believe those are out of the 67/68 mustang.
  13. Hey Guys: Here’s my Bronco. I started this about two years ago for a group build and missed the deadline, so maybe I can keep this one.
  14. Hey Snake yeah I got a pro street Bronco I will be putting in.
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