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  1. 32 Ford A/SR

    Hi Chris, I think I found those holding tools at Micro Mark many years ago...I think they still got them. Thanks for all comments guys... I have looking for some nice headers for this build for a while now, but I have not find any that fits spot on. The space between the frame and the engine heads are very very tight. I´ve been looking in evrey signle model kit , part box whitout finding what I´m looking for...so I decided to make my own headers the same way that I did on the "Skunkworks Pro Mod Nova"... from electrical installation cord.
  2. 32 Ford A/SR

    Thank you Scott This is how the gas pedal turned out. / Rick
  3. 32 Ford A/SR

    Throttle gas pedal time / Rick
  4. 32 Ford A/SR

    The trunk upholstery finaly in place.... / Rick
  5. 32 Ford A/SR

    Hi Tim, yes I notice my previous uploaded pics don´t work. Photobucket want me to upgrade my account to get "unlimited 3rd party hosting"...and they expect me to pay $399 for that.......haha . Instead I will re-upload all pics in this thread from page one soon. If some one want to chek out my old stuff on Photo bucket I´ll put the link below http://s172.photobucket.com/user/RickHedlund/library/?sort=3&page=0 It´s time for a small but nice update I finaly got the gold base on the body. I used a IWATA HP-BH1 PLUS airbrush for the basecoat/clearcoat...everything went well this time, The clear coat (Sikkens Auto Clear 2K) was spayed in 4 thinn coats and the results turned out just great /Rick
  6. 32 Ford A/SR

    Small update. Primercoat complete. Not easy to get the paint in every corner on the inside...and even harder to sand the inside before the semi gloss black. / Rick
  7. 32 Ford A/SR

    small update.
  8. 32 Ford A/SR

    Thanks Brad. The acorn nut was THE perfect tool to get the right shape. I wraped a small plastic bag aruond metal surface so it would not stuck in the bondo. / Rick About the primer failure, All I can say it was a mix of human error and murphys law. / Rick
  9. 32 Ford A/SR

  10. 32 Ford A/SR

  11. 32 Ford A/SR

    Thanks for all comments guys, I´m glad you like this build. Some progress on this one. The second primer layer went terrible, so I spent many hours to get the surface back on track again. Once the body was ok I decided to make a neat hinge for the trunk. I made the hinge from brass rod and tubing. / Rick
  12. 32 Ford A/SR

    Hi guys. Trying to get into modeling again after some years of restoring my house. i´m just charing some pics whats in progress so far on this 32 Ford, and I hope I got some time to finish this project soon. enjoy, /Rick
  13. P/M 63 Corvette

    Thanks for all comments. I have not modeling for about 2-3 years now...so I hope the inspiration will last for a while. @ Håkan : I´m almost done,..almost just the kitchen and dinner room left. Soon I´m gonna move my model workshop to another room...a more permanet installation. Here´s some new pics. on the injector hat. Linkage and fuel lines added. hope u like it / Rick
  14. P/M 63 Corvette

    Small update. Injector almost done. Mockup pics. soon. Hope u like it. / Rick
  15. P/M 63 Corvette

    2 years since i worked on this project...hmm...time passes quickly. I coated the carbon injector whith a flat clear and started work on the Enderle barrel valve.