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  1. Hello my friends ! A lot of thanks for your comments and so positive feedback !!! that makes me very proud. so i have enough power for the next project. greets juergen
  2. hello my friends !!! thanks a lot for your so nice comments. greets juergen
  3. Hello guys ! I can also finished this built the days. I tried to built my friends camaro original but the front bumper doesn´t fit. it was to long and to big for this car so i must do the other bumpers. here are the pics: greets juergen
  4. Hello my friends ! Now i can finished the built and here are the fotos from this day : I hope you like it ??? greets juergen
  5. Hi !!! You do a great job for your first model after so long time. i hope we can see more models from you the next time !!! Here you can see my interpretation for the chevelle: greets juergen
  6. Hello from Austria ! The last day are good for working on the pontiac. Only little parts to do and the built goes to the end. greets juergen
  7. Hi ! Your first steps looking great. I love the body color. can you tell me what color you used? greets juergen
  8. Hello !!! UNBELIVABLE !!!! Your detailworking and your work with the metal is amazing !!!! Absolut great !!! greets juergen
  9. Hello my friends !!! THe last days was good for working and so i can sho you the next steps. the interieur, the motor and the body gets the place. also i can fixed the wheels. greets juergen
  10. Hello guys ! Thanks for your comments. This inspired me to continue to build quickly. Yes i made the deep cragars on my lathe about aluminum. greets juergen
  11. Hi ! Many thanks for your compliments. Yes the headlights are parts of the kit and really good quality. greets juergen
  12. hello guys !!! after long time i can show you next steps for this built. i do the interieur: after drying the paint i can see any mistakes so i do it a second time. after sanding and polishing here is the result: the frontend i can also finished: i hope i can find more time now for modelling and can you show more results. many greets to all of you juergen
  13. hello guys ! thanks for your comments. because the plate - our plates in austria are to big for our us cars greets juergen
  14. hello guys ! thanks for your kind words they made me very proud. the last days i can finished the rear. i do the muffler about aluminum with my late. the number plate is correct for my friends car - is an austrian number plate. i hope i can finished the car the next days??? greets juergen
  15. Hello !!! A lot of thanks for your explaining and your answers. greets juergen
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