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  1. The 4x4 conversion was produced by accupro years ago. When they folded their products were bought by Randy Frost of Perrys. I'm not sure if it is still in his product line or even if you can still get it. Hopefully this Helps
  2. I bought the Ford N from him too , even got it fairly fast.. I ordered the f750 from him several months later, never received it. Also never heard back from him after I filed a complaint. Finally got my money back from Ebay.. Buyer beware Cary Foster
  3. I ve gotten several things from them great quality and service Cary Foster
  4. The amt 1960 kit is a long bed . They turn up on the big auction site regularly There are several casters doing resin short beds. Cary Foster
  5. Any year works for me (might even get a couple finished) Cary Foster
  6. Nice pictures as always George, and thanks again to Arnold for setting the meeting up. Cary Foster
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