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  1. Bill whn is the next show in STL?
  2. Before i buy this kit do any one have a pic of the body because if it comes out the boy wit the t-tops pre cut i dont wont it lol...thanks for your help Phil...
  3. Hands down killer work TP I have a rookie question lol... can we have a rundown of the aftermarket parts list from all manufacturers? Only if u hav time away from a killer build....shop to clean backgroundI miss like my first girlfriendwho let me get past 3rd base
  4. Lol love tht turbo satup comon tp lats see thm turbos u got. I jus now u got somthng up your sleeve. If u need a turbo nbox me i got u one homie...
  5. Wats goin to power it Tyrone? An gr8 ztart like allways...
  6. I nev sean an oob model look so gud man it looks fast killer work man i wont one lol....
  7. TP wat happened to your backgrounds in your pics man i love lookn n the back of yo pic to c wat coming up next your shop is too clean now lol....
  8. I forgot the date wat is it? Im getn old lol
  9. Allmost time but i have modelblock lol....
  10. Well its allmost ready for the show on the 4th
  11. X2 man if it was not for tyrone i could not do wat i do today he is the man
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