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  1. Nissan 370Z

    Dear friends, I finished this model for the theme of which was GPBH Japan I wish all other models were like a Tamiya ... in two weeks managed to finish the model. I hope you enjoy .. Hugs
  2. 1970 Mustang Pro Stock

    Dear friends, Thanks for the receipt of all as a new member of the forum. I hope I can always contribute something to the growth of the hobby. From what I could see this forum and found it very interesting, is the participation of all, asking questions and answering questions about the techniques used. I find it very important not only for the topic to be nice to read but also to help those who are starting. Please continue this way, it is gratifying to know that I'm helping someone. Thanks Mike, Dave, Bill, Harry and Modlbldr - Thanks for the compliments and regards. Soon new updates. Romell - To grow we need to be criticized. Only then will we know if we are on the right or wrong. Glad you're liking it and soon I will post updates, ok? Boss - And that, my friend! Glad to be here participating with you too. Look at the guy saying that I'm super modeler. Can not you see yourself not .. :) Thanks for the compliments. As for the Camaro, so have a little time shooting the pictures and made for staff to see. Thanks Brow Niko - Thanks for the compliments. I try the best, make parts as real as possible. Researching long before starting a project, so that is not at risk of giving something wrong. Glad you're enjoying it. Brief updates. Len and Jody - Thanks for the compliments. As for the chassis, we used a scrap of camaro LAPD Revell. Half the structure was rebuilt with styrene, and styrene also redone floor and some pieces of sheet aluminum. The change that had to do was the distance between the car. The Camaro from Revell is the distance between minor and had to stretch to get the wheels centered on the body. I did it in front of the chassis, so that helped me also to position the engine without having to cut the body where would the carbs. In an upcoming update will make appointments to make it clear what was done. Currently it is only shortly and post the updates, okay? Thanks
  3. 1951 Chevy Fleetline

    Jeff, Charlie and Jonh - Thanks for the approval and praise. Glad you enjoyed the model.
  4. 1940 Ford Convertible

    Thanks to everyone for approval as a new member of the forum. I hope to match as closely as possible with you. Glad you enjoyed it too from this model. Thanks Bernard - The air filters, oil, pulleys I usine here. " I have a lathe and do my part. I'm no expert, but for my purpose is very good. Thanks Skip, Jim, Kodiak, Donald, Ralph, David, Rob, Steve, Slapshot, Don, Brian and Jeff - Thanks for the compliments and the considerations. Crazyjim - On the topic of the Fleetline I explained how and where to buy. Any doubt, make the ask, ok? Dennis - Thanks for the compliments. The set was really cool. I would do more details, but here is restricted to materials. Prefer not to do if you are out of scale. Here in Brazil we have a hard time finding the parts you have in stores. They charge too much. Just to give you an idea, a kit that you buy there for $ 9.00 it cost me $ 35.00 here. I'm trying to do a direct import and maybe open a shop here. I think the deal is good and will help everyone. Charlie - It really is not that we always use large wheels. It has to be well studied, because she stays looking like a toy. Thanks
  5. 1951 Chevy Fleetline

    Thanks to everyone for the compliments and for visiting. Glad you enjoyed it. Ledsled - The 90 degree plug wire boots myself did. Soon I will make a step by step explaining, ok? Thanks Roadhawg - I'm glad you liked the engine too. I always like to drill these parts. When the boots for spark plug wires, did not know what he was doing and just now saw that his website has more pieces. I will be contacting him to buy direct from RB Motion. Parts of it are very good. Monty - Thank you for consideration and praise. Did not know much deserved. Surely we will soon be putting new updates and other models that are underway as well. As for your question about the paint used, the colors are as follows: Fleetline - HOK BURPLE. Not the Candy, they have a paint with the mixture ready, ok? And the Mustang was painted with polyester paint base on it and little silver candy Apple Red HOK's. If you need any more information, please ask. I will be happy to respond. Raul - Thanks for the reception. By chance you are the friend of Ariel. If you have news of him? Thanks Crazyjim - Thanks for visiting. As the mesh filter, bought here in Brazil this screen and some others too. Besides screens so photoecthing usually do when I find the size you need. Mr. Model filters have similar screens. Maybe you can help?
  6. 1940 Ford Convertible

    Here the model with the award Again, thank you all.
  7. 1940 Ford Convertible

    Dear Friends, Plus a finished model Hope you enjoy Hugs André Siqueira
  8. 1951 Chevy Fleetline

    Dear Friend, See below photos of the finished model and an event I attended this past weekend. Big hug to everyone and others. André Siqueira
  9. 1970 Mustang Pro Stock

    Some photos of the engine mount That's it .. new updates soon. Criticism and suggestions and positive or negative are welcome.
  10. 1970 Mustang Pro Stock

    Some machined parts such as oil pump, pulleys, starter, oil filter, sub tank .... The body already painted and polished Wheels and tires already mounted, traced, sanded and painted Four Link ready for painting
  11. 1970 Mustang Pro Stock

    Dear friends, This model was doing with the intent to terminate to the GPC, but it was not possible. Here some pictures of the model as it stands right now, because I did not take photos of the walkthrough. Try to do from now on, okay? Get to the point A bit of the chassis, interior, floor and details