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  1. Chopped T is down to fitting the cycle fenders, headlights, and some details. Next up is a Studebaker Avanti. I'm building it as if it were racing in the '66 Trans-am series.

  2. Oh, just what I need -- another project.. But this os Ford month at the model car club, so I'm going to build a chopped T w/ the engine from the Dragula. It's either gonna be cool, or WAY over the op.

  3. Primer problems with the Jag are solved. It's ready for some gloss white. I changed my mind on the Surfite's color. It's going to lime gold metalflake. It's Roth. It must be wild. :-)

  4. Ugh. This Jag is going to kill me. Looks like I used the wrong thinner and none of the primer adhered. Strip it off and switch to enamels. Goodbye acrylics -- again.

  5. Patio cleared enough for painting. Primed the surfite, and added another coat of primer to an Aurora Batplane that has been WIP for way too long. XJR-9 gets its second coat of primer tonight.

  6. I can't paint until we get more of my daughter's move-back stuff off the patio.

    So, I'm doing what any decent model car builder would do -- start another model. I picked up a Surfite at the Lower Left Coast NNL. I'm going to paint it Pearl Blue with a Burgundy interior/accent color. I'm also going to try embossing powder on the floor and headliner.

  7. Have two cars under construction; a Jag XJR-9 and a Surfite. Does that get me the "eclectic" badge? :-)

  8. Thanks for stopping by.

    I like to model all kinds of cars; hot rods, customs, dragsters, race cars, even the occasional airplane or spacecraft. Am getting back to building after a longish hiatus.

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