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  1. I loaded up the gun and clear coated a few car bodies. Some you have seen some you have not first up is 50 Olds 66 Impala 58 Impala Ed Fluck gave this to me. Somebody painted the color and did not like the paint job so I wet sanded it a little and clear coated it http://images61.fotk...DSCN1476-vi.jpg http://images16.fotk...DSCN1477-vi.jpg 62 Buick. I did a test paint job to show somebody how to air brush but, I don't like the car or color so I don't know if I will ever finish it. I just thru some wheels under it for photos http://images54.fotk...DSCN1479-vi.jpg http://images61.fotk...DSCN1480-vi.jpg http://images16.fotk...DSCN1478-vi.jpg that's it
  2. I think Ed is charging 18.00 but, you need to email him for the price. Sorry I don't do the reverse rake......... I have a reputation to uphold.
  3. Got some paint on the Olds, Black golds BC265 white solid base with PBC46S Kopper Pearl with Dupli-Color silver flake roof. Ed Fluck at Drag City Castings just cast a new tuck and roll interior for this kit. I got one of the first ones around and it is incredible! 2 door panels with separate door handles and arm rests. Rear seat and front seat. I have some separate shots of the castings
  4. This was a drag racing slot car body I made and I am converting it back to a model car. Curbside, just mocked up the tires and wheels
  5. update 11/5 I have the Olds in primer and I flaked the roof. I am not sure which way I am going. I am thinking black with silver flake roof with red and white tuck and roll enjoy!
  6. I am not an Olds guy but; I bought one on a whim. Nice tooling minimal clean up on the body. I was missing a few trees on mine but, Revell send out my missing stuff promptly. I am using 57 Corvette wheels and tires with the "ARTERAKE" added Bob Dudek side pipes, Spots, shaved hood,trunk and doors. I don't like the way the fender trim spreads into the headlights so I shaved it back to looks like it stops on the fender. I also shaved off the taillight holes and will be using a small taillight on the rear. This will be a curbside car no motor. Thats it so far
  7. nope all stock, just cut the holes in the frame out and straight down it went.
  8. I actually built something. It's a snap kit! I lowered it, painted a few details. I actually added red piping to the seats and after I stuck in the batman and robin figures you can't see them. enjoy!
  9. I had to buy my own too. I only had enough money for a 3 speed not enough for a krate. The fastback bikes you have you are correct on the years. You can tell by the style of the shifter which changed slightly every year
  10. here is the link for all the photos http://public.fotki.com/IrvinArterJr/1970-schwinn-3-spee/
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