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  1. Zbuckster added a post in a topic NEEDED : Challenger I, 1959 UN-SUPERCHARGED engine pix   

    You are welcome.
  2. Zbuckster added a post in a topic NEEDED : Challenger I, 1959 UN-SUPERCHARGED engine pix   

    I am doing the same build. I sent you a PM with a link to my Photobucket account. I have many pictures of this car. When I was at the Biklletproof in 2011 I found an old book with 20 pages about the construction of the car. I scanned it in and all the photos are there as well as the text. Also when I had te front and rear wheel covers made the modeler that made them for me on his lathe made a blueprint that is there. You are welcome to any on the info you might need. I didn't know the car had rear wheel covers unbtil PeteS made the wheel covers for me. He found a picture of the car that Showed them. I was pleansantly surprised to see them and very happy when he made them for me while making the fronts. Hopes this helps some. Also tons of pictures fro my build.

    here is the linkl again in case you didn't get the PM.


    You are doing a fine job on this I am really enjoying watching you build the same car at the same time I am.
  3. Zbuckster added a post in a topic My Little Red Wagon   

    You don't see many of this model. Your work is very clean. Super nice.
  4. Zbuckster added a post in a topic Sad News... Bob Paeth   

    Hello All. I am with another online model site. One of the members posted a link to this thread and I couldn't believe it. I have known of Bob since I was a small boy. 11 or 12 years old. I meant him then by reading all he wrote in Model car Mags. I have known Bob personally for 5 or 6 years. It is 11:45 am pdt here. I just had a phone call form a fellow modeler. He said that Bob has not past yet but things don't look good. I have had dinner with him and Jan many times. I am really tore up by this news. Bob is a one of a kind person. This picture was taken in his model room about 2004 or 5.

    Here is a link to some pictures I took in his model room. It shows some of his builds. I always loved the floating car.

    Visit My Website

    My thoughts and prayers have been with him all day.