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  1. Tamiya AMG GT3

    Couldn't agree more. Plus it's always a nice touch when you can build something out of the main stream offerings.
  2. Three Cars - One Roof

    Absolutly amazing and impressive how some of your guys get so far into correcting these imperfections, very admirable, bravo. Me, I just slap a fancy paint job on them and call them done. You sir, and anyone else who takes the time to research and do all this work are craftsmen and technicians.
  3. 60 Chevy Impala

    Sounds like a dogs breakfast. Good luck with it, looks pretty good so far.
  4. Tamiya AMG GT3

    Looks like great livery, I like the colour. I'll follow along on this one.
  5. 29 Model T bucket

    Good to know. To me they're all little hot rods waiting for our imagination. Thanks for the info.
  6. Batmobile

    Thanks Dann, I have to agree. So it looks like about 5-7 coats got me this far, plus a shot coat of the grey. The rough edges will be smoothed over.
  7. 67 Chevelle Late Model Short Tracker

    Cool mash up. It's always cool to see what can be done with a NASCAR chassi and what ever our imaginations can dream up. Looking forward to the progress on this one.
  8. Batmobile

    More styling mods. The rear fenders always looked unfinished to me, too flat. In an attempt to tie the rear fenders in with the rest of the car I have added a styling lip. I used .015x.080 for tha base of the lip, then laid .020 hex over that, I tried round .020 but it looked to baulkie. Pictures pretty muchh speak for themselves. The last pic was taken after a few coats of primer filler, which was laid down after a minor scraping of the lip to give it a bit of an angle. As the filler dries it will naturally set in a radius shape. No idea how many coats this will take but I have all day. Thanks for looking in. All comment welcome good or bad.
  9. New for 1953

    Both stunning examples or two great cars. Very nice work.
  10. BUCKY'S Meyers Manx

    Very cool, love the paint job. It gives me an idea for a technique I have been trying to replicate.
  11. under glass? Not hardly

    It really does look the part of being neglected and sitting for those 20yrs.
  12. Post pics of your fave paint jobs!

    That is incredibly wild Dann. How much of that is paint, or is it all paint? Looks like most of it is painted.
  13. Very enjoyable and inspiring to watch, fantastic work as usual. I admire all the engineering and thought you clearly have put into this. You have the engineering part of my mind reeling on how the master brake cylinder is going to be actuated. I am very intrigued after studying your photos and noticing that little port in the frame in relation to where the foot pedal will be once the body is on the frame. I can only imagine what you have come up with. Great stuff John.
  14. 72 Olds Cutlass Camino..aka El Suprimo

    Whoa! This turned out great, it looks factory. Great work on the wheels, I dig that you actually did the tiny chrome accents. Motolow pen?
  15. AMT '59 El Camino-Paint-09/18

    Nice looking project, you're off to a good start, good luck with the build.