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  1. That is one well used patrol car. Nice work all round.
  2. Once paint design and the final colour is laid I like shoot a few coats of clear. Wait until the paint is fully cured. Once the paint is fully cured you can start the colour sanding and or polishing. Top coating with clear helps to avoid burning through the colour coat when wet sanding and or polishing. If I happen to burn through the clear top coat no harm done, I just shoot clear over the effected area.
  3. Looks great David, I really like the weathering on the wheels.
  4. Agreed. Real nice looking builds.
  5. Awesome work, that dash is killer.
  6. Great results Kurt, really fantastic looking weathering.
  7. Thank you Cliff. Thanks Carl.
  8. That looks the part very much, great job.
  9. Fantastic job on the front wheels.
  10. Absolutly beautiful.
  11. This is cool, some really great looking work going on here.
  12. Steve dude, the engine and valve covers ROCK, really nice work man.
  13. You're welcome, and thanks for looking in Terry.
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