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  1. Christine

    My fastest build yet. I can't take any credit for the idea. Someone did a way better version then this, but I wanted to build something and not have the project to drag on. 30min build time whoo hoo I got something done. First build of 2019. I hope this puts a smile on your face.
  2. '67 Camaro vacation project

    Great interior work, love the colour.
  3. Formula1 Hot Rod

    Wicked build and execution.
  4. Batmobile

    Who doesn't like this car, an iconic redo of the classic TV car. I will be doing is up with bright orange pinstripes like the TV car. My wife's niece who I had given one of these kits to built it up in her vision which was the orange/red strips like the TV car. . She is a high functioning special needs person with a great imagination. She's 22, yet has the mental capacity and understanding of someone between the ages of 8-12 depending on the task and complexity. I won't be bothering with the interior, windows will be tinted out. So right off the hop the side panels need to be tweaked to fit properly. The first pic is of Sara's build, my inspiration.
  5. Refurbish of Merit Lotus XI, 1/24

    Really great work on scribing the panel lines. Good decision to not spend time fixing the broken rims, seeing as they can be hidden up in the wheel wells.
  6. '32 Deuce Built from Rat Roaster

    Keep it coming.
  7. 1930 Packard Club sedan

    Good progress Pat. I've pulled up a chair.
  8. Dukes of Hazzard Diorama

  9. Tamiya1/18 Lola T-160 TS

    Man is that ever looking great! Really fantastic work going on here.
  10. A Lot of 14 Palmer Kits Can Be Yours!

    LOL, good one.
  11. 32 Ford Hiboy MADE IN BRAZIL

    Man I really like the look and stance of this, nice work.
  12. Tamiya Alfa Romeo #7 Nannini

    Really sharp looking build Tony, nice little video too.
  13. 61 Impala SS 409 done.

    Real clean loooking, nice build.
  14. Porsche 959 Paris Dakar, and Speedster

    Looking fantastic.
  15. DECO-DENT, LFA-Powered Auburn Speedster Hardtop

    Can't wait to see more of this. I really dig how this is looking.
  16. '32 Deuce Built from Rat Roaster

    Looking really great.
  17. 1930 Packard Club sedan

    Looking good dude.
  18. You should be ok. I don't think it is as strong as Super Clean, which some casters recommend.
  19. Revell '49 Merc Custom-Re-Build/Tweak

    Thanks for the interest guys. Small update, I am back on this while the filler dries on the Batmobile. Wheels have been detailed and mounted, the imperfection will be hidden in the wheel wells.
  20. I built this car about three years ago, although I am happy with how it turned out it is in dire need of some chassis goodies such as fuel and brake lines, and e brake cable. I think I will also put lake pipes on it. The body will remain as is and untouched. I'd like to also add in some interior detailing, window cranks, dash bezels, etc, a colour change to something richer/classier looking is needed, gone will be the in your face blue/orange. Another idea I have is to build a hood hinge configuration that will allow the hood to flip forward. With the current configuration the hood does not allow much light or viewing of the engine details. I will use one of my other 49 Merc kits as the mock up build mule to achieve the end result for this shell. I know this may sound ludacris and perhaps I should just build something else but that paint took soooo long to do and it really is key to the look. The process has been started.
  21. Batmobile

    Thanks Dann. I'm excited to start the paint. The masking is going to be very labour intensive. Small up date, lots of filler and shaping going on, and left to complete before paint. The last pic is what I am attempting to replicate with the rear fender flares.
  22. George Barris Villa Rivera and RTS RR

    Whoa! These are looking wicked.
  23. Revell Williams Renault FW19 F1 1997 Champion

    This is great, I have never seen this built up. Keep it up, looks like you're in the home stretch. I had this kit and it looked like a struggle, you're knocking it out of the park.
  24. Post pics of your fave paint jobs!

  25. 1977 1978 1979 Thunderbird progress

    Brilliant, simply brilliant Paul.