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  1. Rider


    Impressive work.
  2. Love it, can't get enough of low low paint work. Well done dude.
  3. Good luck, it's not difficult, you just have to build up the layers.
  4. Thanks Sam, but it is too dark. I have to keep reminding myself this build is as much about the process as the end result.
  5. Thanks man. Painting has begun. Should have put a white base down over the blue, the red is too dark.
  6. Great work on a dog of a kit.
  7. Excellent build, can't wait to see paint on it.
  8. This is really shaping up now Guy. Can't wait to see it complete.
  9. Not my original idea, I think I picked it up in the tipsNtricks page in MCM. It is sooooo versitle, especially masking under the hood around moulded in washer bottles and batteries, etc. Actually anywhere taping would be too difficult.
  10. Wheels done. I use silly putty to 'mask' off the rims This stuff is great for hard to tape areas. The downside is it can only be left for a few hours before it begins to sag into every crack and crevice. I also got the shell painted white and the first colour laid down. Thanks for looking in.
  11. Thanks Bob. Here's the link to the Group 25 page. You'll find a number of show listings there. There are two shows on the 19th. Not sure which one I will go to. http://www.group25.org/2019/2019_upcoming_shows.htm Got the tire logos painted.
  12. Since the original photo's have been lost in the PhotoBucket BS here are a few new ones.
  13. Beautiful build Randy.
  14. Rider

    '51 Chevy Koupe

    Amazing craftsmanship, it looks flawless from here.
  15. Really nice looking build Randy. The dash is awesome!
  16. Spent today working on a bit over everything. I re-scribed panel lines and crsiping up much of the sculpting of this old kit. Scrapped down the thick windows to help with distortion. Polished the front windshield. Got the shell in primer, it needs some TLC before paint. Also got the tire's race weathered. They might have a couple hot laps left in them, lol. The link to a tutorial on the tire's.
  17. I'm liking what your doing with this. Good luck with the rest of the build.
  18. Nice work on the interior
  19. This is really shaping up nicely.
  20. Sucks about the paint. Good luck with the recovery.
  21. Beautiful looking paint. Very interested in seeing this come together.
  22. Thanks Dann I have the original release of the 1/12 Jaegermeister version. The 1/12 stuff just takes up sooo much room, I'm including the boxes and the finished kits in that statement. Dave I'm heading to a show,in a couple weeks, Oct 19. I would be happy to pick one up for ya. Most Tamiya kits go for 20-50. Message me if you'd be interested in me picking one up for ya and shipping it out to you. If I find one.
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