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  1. 50 Olds kustom

    Very clean mods, I really like where this is going, real clean work dude.
  2. RTS Caravan 71 Roadrunner

    Cool project, nice work on the extension.
  3. Batmobile

    Another small update. The next step is to fill and shape.
  4. Rauh Welt Begriff tuned Meyers Manx

    Wickedly wild and a very unique idea.
  5. Swamp Rat 33 1/43rd

    Wow, never seen this kit. Looks cool.
  6. Funky Red Wagon

    This is looking killer.
  7. Porsche 904 Indy

    This is going great, really dig it.
  8. Super job all round. Very nice work on the hood louvers.,
  9. Batmobile

    Now that I have a working bench some what sorted out, as promised, the Batmobile is now back on the bench. The small side port windows have been closed off, the gas cap holes will also be filled. I also changed the turbine intake, the bulbous nose cone thing on the original just look goofy. I decided to do the lower kick outs on the right fenders different then how I did the left side. Pictures explain. Thanks for lookng in.
  10. Hey all, I'm back into building again, been away for the past 9months or so due to life getting in the way and nullifying my mojo to build. As usual this site is always full of inspiration to keep building. As per what seems to be the normal model building MO most of us get a shot in the arm when new project idea hits us. Today the Jeep M-715 project build came across my fb feed and caught my eye as something I would like to try and replicate as close as possible. Not wanting to buy yet another new kit I went searching on evil bay and was lucky to find the old release of the Jeep Honcho for $15. A quick google search has revealed a ton of photo's. This project should hit the bench in a few weeks.
  11. Camaro/Corvette

    Real interesting Dan. I am looking forward to seeing where this goes.
  12. Porsche 904 Indy

    Very enjoyable to watch this come together, great engineering/imagineering, love the door hinges.
  13. McLaren MP4-12C GT3

    Fantastic build, great photos.
  14. If you used PayPal you will get a full refund. You have 180day window to make a claim.
  15. Model Cars Magazine, The Future Ahead Of Us

    Good question.
  16. Model Cars Magazine, The Future Ahead Of Us

    I agree 100% . That was my point in posting my comment how I did. A well written post pointing out the downsides to this plan and past posts on fact previous posted by Gregg on publication costs where included and pointed out and explained. That post was taken down. Still we have to remember, this is Gregg post, his mag, and his business plan, he never asked any of us for opinions just money for his idea. Who are we to inform others of our bad experience of missed issues, certianly not my place. I respect Gregg and his plan to continue to push on with his business and wish him great success. It truly is a great publication when it does get out.
  17. Model Cars Magazine, The Future Ahead Of Us

    I was a subscriber.
  18. Model Cars Magazine, The Future Ahead Of Us

    Facts blur the issue. I got a PM too. In all fairness, this is Greggs thread, posting his ideas and thoughts on how to regain a foot hold, not an open forum to offer opinions and facts.
  19. Lamborghini Reventon...onto the body

    I always injoy seeing builders detail these limited detail engines. Great work.
  20. Model Cars Magazine, The Future Ahead Of Us

    Never said it was. Regardless, it's still over $300 cnd for a hit and miss publication. I'll buy from a retailer when I see an issue on the shelf.
  21. Model Cars Magazine, The Future Ahead Of Us

    Thanks Bruce, I am aware of the exchange rate on 150. Follow the link and look at the cost for non us subs, you'll see where the $300 comes from, I won't be investing that kind of money. . That $150 cost is for US subs, there is a different cost for subscriptions out side the US.
  22. Model Cars Magazine, The Future Ahead Of Us

    WOW, the price for Canadians/foreign subscriptions with the exchange works out to $300, I'll be passing.
  23. Porsche 904 Indy

    This looks like a great project. The lines of that car are beautiful.
  24. Hemi Cuda

    Looking sharp.
  25. Lamborghini Reventon...onto the body

    Awesome work Dann. I have to say I"m really enjoying this build, nice looking fans.