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  1. 53 Chevy Panel

    Very sharp colour combination.
  2. 56 pontiac palomino

    Cool work, nice save dude. Cathedral rock makes a nice back drop.
  3. 1966 Falcon Gasser

    Always very rewarding to complete a project such as this. This sure is something to be proud of, nice save.
  4. Great stuff going on here. Good luck with the rest of this build. It's quite interesting how many plastics can be machined and formed like aluminium. Many of what works for aluminium can be brought over to many plastics. As you said, trial and error will find the way.
  5. Ferrari 275P/360M Restorod

    Great work on the fender feathering, good luck with the project.
  6. Cool set up. What temp do you set when using it in the summer and how accurate is the setting?
  7. The Pantera WILL have an engine!!

    Will it fit?😀
  8. Studebaker Atlantic custom concept

    I really dig this, love the lines. Well done!
  9. 2001 C-5R Daytona 24 hour

    It would be pretty easy to make up a mask stencil for the roof.
  10. Great result, super work on the engine detail. Very nice paint.
  11. The Pantera WILL have an engine!!

    Great start Dan. I'll be pulling up a chair. What engine source will you be going with? Kit bash or resin aftermarket?
  12. Stunner, fantastic work.
  13. Ferrari 288 GTO Fujimi EM

    Nice work. The pics are spot on, it looks real
  14. Looking forward to seeing this one on the bench.
  15. '60 Impala lowrider

    I have to agree, the flocking on the tape looks real nice, more uniformed then most glue methods. The interior is very sharp, nice work.
  16. Here I go again

    This project is looking great. Always enjoy watching these type of builds/creations come together.
  17. 10 years+ later 55 Bel Air

    A classic, looks good from here.
  18. 85 Buick Electra Estate wagon

    Great looking builds.
  19. 1977 1978 1979 Thunderbird progress

    This is really something, bravo, a real joy to follow. Makes me want to try this in order to create a 77-79 Lincoln MkV. Best of luck and continued success with this project.
  20. Lacquer clear coat

    I buy it from my local auto paint supplier. I buy the Valspar 2 part stuff. The draw back using this stuff is it is very toxic and requires ample ventilation and a good mask. Check with your local paint supplier you might be able to get the rattle can stuff which it was available a few years ago. Tamiya acrylic clear is also a good option, non toxic, lays down smooth, and my polishes up really well, just make sure to lay down a number of coats.
  21. Oh man a book, what a no brainer! This is such a great idea for so many other cutting tasks, thanks for posting this.
  22. Lacquer clear coat

    My 2 cents. Not meaning to throw a wrench into this discussion, but I would suggest polyurethane as a much 'friendlier' option. With poly-u you'll have no worries about it reacting to the decals or any other paint you may have laid down. Plus it is pretty hard to mess up the finish, it lays down glass smooth with a good wet look finish. I use it exclusively when I build, or paint helmet/goalie masks etc. The only draw back is it is hard to rub out a scale shell and get the original sheen to it if you happen to mess it up. Keeping this in mind It does polish up but never as good as untouched, simply because you can't put the pressure behind it without damaging the shell.
  23. Revell 60’s Beetle Baja Bug

    This is looking real cool. Who doesn't like these Baja bugs.