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  1. Looking good, best of luck with the rest of the restore.
  2. Not sure why or how the system atteached images from another post in here, not my doing. Anyway quick update. Still at the shell clean up stage, it is going in for the white base coat this morning. The breather and carbs have been sorted out. Change of plans on the carbs and velocity stacks, the dominators were just too big, plus the stacks just look wrong. The white dominator is the one I cast. The traditional scoop and Carter AFB 650cfm carbs on a tunnel ram are my final choice. As for paint, my head is swimming with the paint lay up steps and ideas. My original lay up had me at about 25 steps if you include the light wet sanding between the 5 different colour coats and all the masking. If I go with what I have come with this morning adds a few more steps that are mostly tedious cutting and laying of the masking tape. Then of course all the normal final clear coat steps. What ever I end up doing will be colourful, and definately OTT in appearance. :18: Thanks for looking in.
  3. Good stuff Craig. No worries on it not being the exact car, it's the spirit of the build that counts. Where in Ontario?
  4. You are never too old to start building again. Things have really advanced since we were kids assembling a bunch of plastic parts. Hope to see some of your work soon Michael.
  5. The colour combo is real sharp.
  6. I've been doing this ever since I was a kid. Decalling can be very stressful and very overwhelming to many. You spend countless hours honing your skills and building a kit you are "Hoover Dam" proud of. Everything has gone great or you have been able to correct any problem you have had. Then comes the dreaded decal laying. Sometimes they never get done and we make ourselves feel better by convincing ourselves the build look fine without them. Or we put the kit aside with great intention to work up the courage to do them. Sometimes they never get done. So you've gone and said to yourself "Hoover Dam it I am going to do this" , you get all set up. You put the decals in and you get on with it, then things start to go off the rails, you loose a decal in the water. The problems just snowball from there. I started doing this. The sponge insures you never loose a decal in the water, and you can have many decals on deck soaking. It makes the whole expireince mush less stressful. I also use tiny paint brushes to manipulate the decals. I fill the container just below the sponge. Happy building.
  7. I have always found it some what unnerving when stripping small parts in your fav chemical stripper then having to rinse it off after, until now. Two things I do. First I put the parts in a reusable K-cup them toss the whole thing into the stripper, I also place have one of those drain mesh thingies over the drain. I usually just rinse the part right in the k-cup. Hope someone finds this useful.
  8. I have decided the body needs WAY too much work. So it's been boxed, I pulled another shell from the stash. In order to move this build along velocity stacks and carb detail will be added to the hood opening. I really didn't want to do any real filling and sanding on this project, I just want to get on with the painting. A mold will be made from the carb found in the parts box and a second carb cast. I use reusable coffee cups when putting small parts in stripper. It just makes life easier. Sorry for the '41 Merc images, something screwy with the site. They just appeared during an edit and now I can't delete them. Thanks for checking n.
  9. Good stuff Bill, thanks for the explanation.
  10. Sorry for the confusion with the first couple pics. Not exactly sure why I posted those, I guess I just wanted to share what could have been. Regardless, it is o lay a true curb side now. Mitchell, totally, that is what was going on. I had the from clip as it is in the pic, then I torn it off to redo it, of course that lead to having to remove the engine/tranny and strip the chrome on and on. Dave,Joe, thanks for your interest and encouragement. I will redo the original concept with that engine in another '41 Willy's build. I answer your question, ya unfortunate this will be a true Curbside. There were just too many issues with the current state of the project to continue. It's all good, I get a do over.
  11. Great finish on the paint, nice detail through out.
  12. Love it! Fantastic imagineering.
  13. Rider

    BRE 240Z

    Good start, I'll be following this one.
  14. Great build and detail! Nice snout on the blower. Did you lay down the graphics?
  15. Gorgeous, the wheels really look great.
  16. This was started 7-8yrs ago. I had heavy modified the chassis, I had used the engine set up from the Matt and Debbie Hays Thunder Bird. Over the years I revisited it a couple of times, I ended up getting too picky on what and how I was going about the mods, somewhere along the build I lost my way. Upon my final attempt to finish it I decided it was going to take WAY too much work to get it where I wanted it. So out came the motor and tranny. The body will need lots of filling and sanding before the painting imagination starts to take hold. This is how it started life. The last pic is the paint colours that will be used, still working out the layout. I will be using some type of fabric media as a stencil pattern.
  17. Ah, I did misunderstand, thanks for clarifying that. 👍🙂.
  18. Thanks Mike, that is what I did, less the separate blue masking. I will definately try the suggestions you guys have put up here and work towards a method that works for my style. I use a mix of latex and tape when building. Thanks guys for input on this.
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