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  1. Love these LR paint jobs. This really jumps off the screen at you, I dig your design and colours.
  2. Tamiya putty still soft

    Unfortunalty the issue has been self inflicted, either from wet sanding or thinning it. I have been using Tamiya putty for as long as it has been available in Canada, never have I had an issue with drying. In fact just the opposite, it dries too fast. I agree with David, scrape it back and start over.
  3. Hello all, I never know what the editcate is for a long absences from a forum, I tend to build in blocks of months at a time then not for months at a time. I figure I'd stop in here and say hello to you all and say how much I dig this site for ALL the mad skills and experienced builders on here. I am on a hand full of other sites and a few fb model pages, I always end up back here. The dynamic nature and broad variety of this site is hard to beat.
  4. Realistic Speed Racer Mach V - Completed!

    The visual changes you made to this really make it a much better looking car, not so cartoonish, great stuff. The wheels and side pipes help bring it all together. I really like this.
  5. AMT 89 Batmobile

    I'll be following this, good start so far. A note on the paint of the movie car, it was actually painted a very dark green. The car was painted the very dark green simply because black is the most difficult colour to capture in a photo and on film as it plays havoc on lighting.
  6. That turned out great Adam, really great work all round, the tire's look fantastic.
  7. 1930 Ford P-51 Inspired

    Really sharp looking build. Nice work on the seats and belts, I really like the added rivets.
  8. Real "Period Correct" Speed Racer Mach V

    Very cool looking, I like all the changes you have made to it.
  9. Batmobile

    Who doesn't like this car, an iconic redo of the classic TV car. I will be doing is up with bright orange pinstripes like the TV car. My wife's niece who I had given one of these kits to built it up in her vision which was the orange/red strips like the TV car. . She is a high functioning special needs person with a great imagination. She's 22, yet has the mental capacity and understanding of someone between the ages of 8-12 depending on the task and complexity. I won't be bothering with the interior, windows will be tinted out. So right off the hop the side panels need to be tweaked to fit properly. The first pic is of Sara's build, my inspiration.
  10. 1976 March 761

    Wow, this really looks great.
  11. 1993 Texaco Havoline Lola

    Really great looking build. Nice work.
  12. Now I think this is silly

    Someone had fun building it, if you look close there are a number of very creative artist touches. I would think if the front of the cab was stretched to the engine it would drastically change the look. Regardless, it's an individuals creative vision and labour of love.
  13. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Thanks Jesse for the suggestion. I have, they're too small. The rear tire's from the MPC 1/16 Cobra kit look about the right height, but the fronts are too tall.
  14. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    The tire's are about as close as I can figure for this shell.
  15. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Man there are some great finds here great stuff everyone. So after CrazyRick posted his 1/24 scale completed Road Coach. I reached out to him for find out where he got it. Turns out the guy who 3D printed his version also had a 1/12 version, so I jumped at the chance,. It's something I have been thinking about for the past 8yrs. The sad news, it is no where near 1/12, those are 1/12 scale F1 tire's. This shell appears to be closer to 1/16 scale. I am now on the hunt for the Revell 1/16 Big Bad Van kit.
  16. Great progress. I dig how you fit and prebuilt it before painting it.
  17. New to the forum

    Welcome aboard and back into the Hoddy. . Which acrylics are you using? Some are fickle some are a dream.
  18. New to the form

    Welcome aboard fellow Canuck. It's great to see kids your age taking an interest in this fabulous hobby. Nice looking build.
  19. Large kit found

    Agreed. Great find Dan, but ya it's 1/12. With your talent Dan you'll be able to build up the one with the missing parts into your own creation.
  20. This a joy to watch come together, some great fabricating going on here.
  21. I built this car about three years ago, although I am happy with how it turned out it is in dire need of some chassis goodies such as fuel and brake lines, and e brake cable. I think I will also put lake pipes on it. The body will remain as is and untouched. I'd like to also add in some interior detailing, window cranks, dash bezels, etc, a colour change to something richer/classier looking is needed, gone will be the in your face blue/orange. Another idea I have is to build a hood hinge configuration that will allow the hood to flip forward. With the current configuration the hood does not allow much light or viewing of the engine details. I will use one of my other 49 Merc kits as the mock up build mule to achieve the end result for this shell. I know this may sound ludacris and perhaps I should just build something else but that paint took soooo long to do and it really is key to the look. The process has been started.
  22. Revell '49 Merc Custom-Re-Build/Tweak

    Thanks guys for checking in. I do appreciate your interest and kind words, they help the progress. I have been messing around with this some more. I have started to scratch build some rear leaf springs. I am not sure if I will use them on this or not. It was more of a need then a want, I find building parts from scratch very relaxing. Relaxing is the hardest thing for me to do, especially when sitting at the bench. The wheels/tire's will be switched up. The original rear wheel/tire combo never actually fit properly. They were literally stuffed in place and held with sculpting expoy. The new wheels, being an open design and slightly narrower make it worth the effort and time to install brakes and rotors. The brake/rotors are from a 90's 1/20 F1 kit. The calipers have been narrowed and fitted for clearance. The kit rear axle has had spacers added for the rotors and a locating pins added. Again I may not use the new springs, they simply may end up taking more effort then I want to put into this rebuild. The main spring and the frame pick up points and bolts still need building. The last picture is just a fitting/mock up for the wheels/tire's.
  23. Esci Ford Escort Mk2 Ken Block Hoonigan

    What a cool build, nice work.
  24. 1967 Cougar - Modelhaus

    WOW, what a great looking build.
  25. 1971 plymouth satellite

    Really nice looking build. Nice touch with the exhaust tips.