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  1. Some good news, great to hear. Hope I'll be able to find a copy up here somewhere.
  2. Use a round file the same size of the tubing you are using.
  3. I used it all the time through and AB, thinned 2:1 with 90%+ ISO Alcohol. It will dull Alclad. Both of these were cleared with Tamiya Acrylic clear.
  4. Yup, and any one of us pushing the issue are seen as trouble makers. We just want feed back status, it's either dead or dying, prierty simple questions to address. I bet the folks who laid out all that money for the life time would like to now where it's at.
  5. We're all adults here, why can't memebers post up serious questions asking about an update on the current situation of the mag? A product many put up good cash for. If this was any other product a thread would be up flaming the owner and it would be pages long. Many members here stepped up to help Gregg, and now there is nothing but silence for Greggs camp. Other then locking threads and taking down simple polite requests, that's the only interactions we see now. Issue 206 has been talked about as far back since at least Jan 2019, perhaps longer. Is it dead, and many mamnbers are now cash, or is it still treading water with a slime chance for survival. From the non comments on Gregg front I"d say it's sadly a dead issue. If this get locked its clear that Gregg has given directions to lock and ignore any requests about the status. Makes one wounder much how longer until this forum is floating belly up too. 3 2 1 Lock.
  6. Wow, that girll work is amazing. Nice job on the build.
  7. I'm really interested in getting my hands on it. I love the contest issues, they offer great inspiration. Latest post was it was going to press, IIRC that was back on Oct7ish. . Any updates from anyone, no response or postings updates on the fb page or here. Although the MCM fb page is alive with banter and speculation. Can we assume with no response from Gregg that it's dead? I know he's having issue and struggling with taking care of his parents. I'm curious to know what's going on. I'm glad I didn't jump at the life time subscription offer. It seems many of you apprear to be out money,☹️. Are any of you life timers or general subscribers who have missed past issues getting an update?
  8. I'm really digging this Dann, stellar work as usual.
  9. Very nice build, it looks real. Great work on the build and the photography.
  10. Rider


    Impressive work.
  11. Love it, can't get enough of low low paint work. Well done dude.
  12. Good luck, it's not difficult, you just have to build up the layers.
  13. Thanks Sam, but it is too dark. I have to keep reminding myself this build is as much about the process as the end result.
  14. Thanks man. Painting has begun. Should have put a white base down over the blue, the red is too dark.
  15. Excellent build, can't wait to see paint on it.
  16. This is really shaping up now Guy. Can't wait to see it complete.
  17. Not my original idea, I think I picked it up in the tipsNtricks page in MCM. It is sooooo versitle, especially masking under the hood around moulded in washer bottles and batteries, etc. Actually anywhere taping would be too difficult.
  18. Wheels done. I use silly putty to 'mask' off the rims This stuff is great for hard to tape areas. The downside is it can only be left for a few hours before it begins to sag into every crack and crevice. I also got the shell painted white and the first colour laid down. Thanks for looking in.
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