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  1. 20 hours ago, David G. said:

    Thank you Curtis. No, no plans for a dio, at least not in the immediate future. I do have enough plexy lying about to fashion a custom display case for it. If I go that route I will make a proper base. I guess that that would serve as a diorama of sorts.

    David G.

    Totally, even something simple with a back drop can add a ton to the visual. It's a great piece not to have some sort of base. 

  2. Once paint design and the final colour is laid I like shoot a few coats of clear. Wait until the paint is fully cured. Once the paint is fully cured you can start the colour sanding and or polishing. Top coating with clear helps to avoid burning through the colour coat when wet sanding and or polishing. If I happen to burn through the clear top coat no harm done, I just shoot clear over the effected area. 



  3. 1 hour ago, David G. said:

    Well done!

    It's also nice seeing the Futura and Batmobile side by side. It really reveals the changes made by Barris.

    David G.


    Real nice looking builds. 

  4. I started back on this last night. The wheels from the big rig kits were too big for the tire's, causing them to be stretched, plus the rears were too wide for the tire's. 

    New ones had to be fashioned out of two sets of wheels. A combination of 1/20 and 1/24.

    next up is the repainted of the shell. I've decided to ditch the chrome. I'll be going with the burning ember look similar to how the Batmobile looked at one stage, expect I'll be painting this shell with intent and planning. 


    Sorry for the split post, I have no idea how this happened. 

  5. 12 hours ago, iamsuperdan said:

    Looks like Bruce had a tough day at the office! Looking forward to seeing this one completed.

    Lol, more like a rough month. 

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